Business Friendship and The Growth of OSI Industries

Listed by Forbes magazine (2011) at the 136th position as one of the private American companies in terms of size with $ 3 billion, OSI Industries has come a long way. Started by Otto Kolschowsky, an immigrant from Germany in 1909, OSI group began as a meat market supplier for Illinois families in Oak Road. Otto’s business expanded and relocated to Maywood in 1917 becoming a meat wholesaler and changing its name to Otto and sons, its reputation as a provider of quality meat was also soaring.


However, OSI Groups success can be attributed to a friendship with Roy Kroc, founder of McDonalds that began around 1955. Then a small startup, Kroc approached Otto and Sons and they agreed to supply him with beef patties, a handshake was enough to formalize the deal. Soon Otto and Sons core business became supplying McDonalds local restaurants with meat, their position was further cemented when McDonalds later made them one of its only 4 meat suppliers following the emergence of fresh food preservation through the Cryogenic processing, which rendered about 200 of McDonalds suppliers jobless. Otto and Sons growth then grew proportionately to McDonald’s geographic expansion since it supplied all its outlets. Otto and Sons was changed to OSI Group in 1975.


OSI Group has plants located in Illinois, California, Wisconsin and others in Fort Atkinson, West Jordan, Iowa and Utah, offering animal products such as meat patties, fish, pork and other dough products.


OSI has presence in 17 other countries and obtained a controlling stake in Baho Food last year, Baho Food has branches in all of Germany and Dutch land and provides food to 18 European countries. It also took over Flagship Europe’s production. Flagship Europe deals in production of pies, condiments and also frozen poultry, this has opened for it market in Europe. OSI Group also spent $7.4 million in the acquisition of Tyson Foods that helped it acquire the businesses production lines that has poultry, vegetable and beef products such as hamburgers, pork and meatballs.

Keys to Success

OSI attributes its success in the face of global expansion to maintaining a close relationship with their local customer base in the countries they operate in. Tastes vary and cultures differ, thus the need to have close ties with them in order to produce each country’s preferred taste. They have also standardized their products in terms of food safety and quality. OSI Groups future looks bright.

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Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva – Founder of MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is one of the few practitioners who are showing great commitment to making the dentistry industry successful. Being the founder of the MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has a vision of enhancing both the sole-practitioner and the organizational or corporate sides of the dental industry. When he founded and launched the company, he made sure that absolute support was available to the workers so that they could get the best working environment for the sake of supplying quality services to the clients.

Work Achievements

Today, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva has achieved great excellence in his company by being the leader who recognizes the art of supporting, empowering and coordinating with the workers. Presently, the MB2 Dental operates in not less than 72 associated locations and with at least 533 employees. Through his rich managerial and leadership skills, Dr. Chris is now seen as a CEO that other leaders should emulate. Many practitioners have access to the support from the MB2 Dental, and this has escalated the dental industry within a short duration.

How the Idea of MB2 Dental Solutions came through

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva reports that when he was a fresh graduate from the dental school, there were slim chances available for people like him to explore their skills in the real world. They could only join a large pool of practitioners or rather start their private dental clinics. That is the reason he thought of a solution. The solution was to create a platform where one could get both worlds; getting the chance to augment skills while handling patients to help build the dental industry. That is how MB2 Dental solution came into existence, says Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva.

Sources of leadership ideas

Dr. Chris Villanueva does recognize the power of surrounding oneself with people with the same mindsets. He leverages the opportunity that he has to get in touch with individuals who share the same interests and have equal potentials. That said, Dr. Chris has tapped into his admirable leadership and managerial skills by taking advantage of the positive influence that he gets from his peers who constantly coordinate with him.

The MB2 Dental Solutions has been able to bring the positive change to the dental industry, and it keeps doing so. Through Dr. Chris’s amazing decision-making strategies, patients have been able to get access to quality medical attention from the modern practitioners who have gained handsomely from his support.

Neurocore Encourages The Fact That Depression Is Treatable And Help Is Available

Throughout the years there have been a variety of opinions and ideas about major depression as a mental disorder. People who have or are suffering from this illness knows it not something you can shrug off or get over. Depression affects over 6% of the worlds population and many people never seek treatment or help because of the taboo nature of the mental illness. With some awareness and public education we can shift this stigma and help the public understand that depression is a treatable illness and help is provided.

Depression can have a negative physical effect on the body. Not all symptoms of depression are mental. Some of the physical ailments include headaches, tension, stomach issues, shortness of breath, panic attacks, and under the proper equipment depression brains look different. When a person is depressed their brain processes information and its structure is quite different from someone who doesn’t suffer from depression.

The second most prominent case of death for people aged 44 and under is suicide; depression is one of the major causes of suicide. A person suffering from depression feels like death is the only way out of their symptoms and feelings of hopelessness. In the U.S. alone, every 12.3 minutes, is a death by suicide which averages to nearly 43,000 Americans every year. It’s a positive sign that there were also a reported 250,000 suicide survivors around the globe. Don’t take signs of suicidality for granted, if you must contact someone call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. The leading source of disability for people between the ages of 15 to 44 is Major Depression, according to the World Health Organization. People suffering from depression are debilitated by many of the symptoms of depression, and it’s a problem they have to battle every single day. This in turn also effects the economy which costs the United States approximately $80,000,000,000 from health care and lost work output.

Neurocore Brain Centers provides extensive help in the prevention, treatment, and recovery with Major Depression illnesses, including personalized treatment plans, brain scans, and the opportunity to work towards more treatment options and helpful research. Besides Major Depression, they can also assist with and produce research towards ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Stress, and a few other mental illnesses.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Hosts Events with NFLA and LabCorp To Raise Awareness about Prostate Cancer

Cancer Treatment Centers of America recently published an article with PR Newswire titled, “The National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp Team Up to Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings Starting in September”.

The article is a part of the campaign which started in September where the three companies help raise awareness about prostate cancer. This particular cancer affects nearly one of every seven men and the American Cancer Society expects there will be more than 160,000 new cases diagnosed in 2017 alone.

Each company is seeking to do its part in raising awareness. LabCorp is providing free screenings to 2,000 men and they will offer discounted screenings through mid October. Their specialized Prostate Specific Antigen screening is available at any of their locations across the U.S.

The NFLA will be hosting the Prostate Pep Talk Campaign, a public service announcement with hosts like Bill Cowher, Dick Vermeil, and Herm Edwards. Many of them have watched friends and colleagues go through the pain of diagnosis and treatment, which makes them all the more dedicated to raising awareness.

CTCA will host a variety of events which feature former NFL players across different cities to help bring awareness to the communities and provide encouragement to the cancer patients.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of hospitals around the U.S. who are dedicated to cancer treatment. They provide precision cancer treatment, which uses the latest technology to take the fight to the molecular level. Through advanced genomic testing, immunotherapy and targeted therapy, they are able to focus on the characteristics that promote the tumor growth.

They also have a team of experts. Their nurses, oncologists, and physicians are all highly trained in treating a variety of cancers. They understand the process from diagnosis all the way to survivorship and managing the side effects. The team provides personalized treatment plans tailored to each cancer patient, helping them retain their energy and strength while also helping them manage the side effects of treatment.

IDLife Hydrate Keeps People Hydrated Through Workout’s

Peoples biggest problem when trying to lose weight and stay healthy is that they often drink stuff that is not only bad for them but is also filled with sugar. Many people fail to realize that water or sports drinks are the best thing to drink when they need to stay hydrated instead of indulging in coffee, soda, and other bad drinks. Many people give up on exercising daily because they feel tired or often sick after exercising. What most people don’t notice is how much water or hydrating liquids they should be consuming daily so that they can help combat feeling fatigued when or after workouts.

IDLife is a company that has not only made a product line that can be personalized to fit customers daily needs and goals with nutritional products but it’s also a company that strives to provide hydration to those who need it most. IDLife has a wide range of products just to keep people hydrated daily but not only are their drinks hydrating but they are filled with electrolytes to keep people hydrated even longer than the average glass of water does. IDLife’s hydrate also is made with coconut water to give a refreshing taste to it.

People who drink IDLife Hydrate products before and after workouts can get through workouts not only faster but they can work out for longer than those who do not stay hydrated during, after, and before workouts. IDLife along with hydrate products offers products for many other things such as kids nutritional products, weight management products, shakes, and even sleep strips. People can find IDLife products for sale on their website and if they are unsure of what products are right for them they can even consider IDLife’s free health assessment to determine what products would work best for them and the goals that they have for the health aspect of their life. Prices for all IDLife’s products can be found on their website and all products come with a 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase in order to keep all customers happy.

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The Evolution of Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is what many people today may call a Renaissance woman. She knows what she wants, and she makes attempts to go after what she desires. This is essentially the way that she lived her life. This is also the way that she has developed her app. Bumble is the app that puts women in the driver’s seat when it comes to dating. Whitney Wolfe created it like this for a reason, and it has become a very well-known app because of her desire to change the dating app industry. There are also quite a few people that are looking at the way that she has managed to live her personal life as well. The dating app was just the start to getting to know about Whitney Wolfe. Now people know about her in a completely different manner.

Whitney Wolfe has become someone that has managed to thrive in the world of technology because she was persistent. She went after what she wanted. many people may say that Whitney Wolfe has been successful in finding love and getting married because of this same persistence.Whitney Wolfe has definitely managed to gain a great level of respect in the world of dating apps. She knows that women have been looking for a change, and she wanted to do something that would actually give women a greater sense of comfort when it came to dating. This is why Bumble is connected with Facebook. When people sign up for Bumble they have the chance to actually connect through their Facebook account.

This is a great way for Whitney Wolfe to use some quality control to actually verify members and cut down on the amount of spam that comes through Bumble.Many of the other dating apps have been created with no types of filters so lots of spam gets through on these dating apps. Whitney Wolfe is persistent enough to know that she wanted to create change in the dating app community. She wanted to be able to cut down on things like this and also minimize the amount of sexual harassment and bullying that often occurs through dating apps. Whitney Wolfe was all about creating lasting change for Bumble, and it may be the thing that keeps her connected with her fan base. Wolfe has become a very intricate part of the dating industry, and she is bound to bring more changes.

Jason Hope- impact of Internet of Things on businesses

We are living in an Internet of Things Era. This is an era that is being driven by new technological innovations that are popping up every other day. Technological innovations that have been created by the concept of the Internet of Things are coming in thick and fast. It is also creating a revolution in the manner in which business is carried out. New business ideas and business models are taking shape every other day. So, with this biggest technological advancement taking place, how is the business sector supposed to benefit. To help discuss this issue, we will look at the arguments of passionate tech futurist, Jason Hope and more information click here.


Jason Hope has been predicting the trends in technology for some time now. As a commentator on the Internet of Things concept, Jason feels that the business sector will be the biggest beneficiary of its implementation. For example, he cites a case where the IoT is used to monitor and control temperatures in food factories. It means that a business that has invested in this type of IoT technology will have saved a lot of money since it is very unlikely that they will suffer unexpected losses. In the same case, customers get to enjoy quality food that is not stale or foods that are almost going bad.


Jason Hope continues to say that, the application of IoT is not only limited to temperatures control. It is a technology that can be applied to almost every single task that human beings carry out. From making coffee to switching lights to opening gates and learn more about Jason Hope.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope a futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Out of these four, he is known for being a passionate technology enthusiast and a generous philanthropist. Jason was born in Scottsdale and grew up in Tempe. He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and masters in business administration from the Arizona State University. It is therefore clear that he is well endowed regarding business skills. His educational background has enabled him to invest in startups that have great potential of growing into big companies and Jason’s lacrosse camp.


Jason started his journey in entrepreneurship by creating a mobile telecommunication company. He later moved on to his current businesses in philanthropy, startups investment and his free time, Jason goes around schools in Scottsdale mentoring student. He also develops business management programs to help startups entrepreneurs manage their businesses effectively and follow his Twitter.


Besides his entrepreneurship and philanthropic life, Jason Hope has interests in the local politics in Arizona and

How Vinny Parascandola Has Utilized His Leadership Talent

Vinny Parascandola; the Senior Executive Vice President at AXA Advisors, LLC, is responsible for recruiting, development of new and experienced professionals, employee retention, sales, and overall productivity at the company. He has a broad experience of over 25 years in the financial industry. He began his career in 1987 by serving as an agent at Prudential Financial; a company that offers annuities, life insurance, mutual funds, investment management, and retirement services. Before joining AXA Advisors in 2004, Vinny served at MONY Life Insurance Company where he held several local and regional field leadership positions. Initially, he was the co-manager of AXA Company’s New York Metro Branch.

With several leadership awards throughout his career in recognition of his excellent performance including GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards, Vinny is also a well-known public speaker. He has spoken at various company and industry conferences including the distribution conferences of LIMRA and LAMP Meeting of GAMA. Vinny is also a member of GAMA and the former President of Florida Chapter. Additionally, he is a former Chairman of LIMRA’s the Field Officers Committee. Vincent Parascandola earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University, New York. He visited his former University in 2014 to give a commencement speech to the graduating class. For more details visit Pocomuseum.

AXA Advisors LLC that has realized tremendous achievements due to Vinny’s visionary leadership is a financial advisor company that offers guidance and customized strategies to clients. It is also a broker-dealer and retail distribution channel of AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company; a leading financial insurance firm and one of the United States’ major providers of life insurance and annuity products. AXA Advisor’s network of over 6,000 financial professionals offers strategies and products for financial insurance and investments. It also offers asset allocation, retirement, college, and estate planning to help its clients with their financial needs throughout their lives. You can visit his Facebook page for more.

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The OSI Group’s Growth Agenda

The OSI Group was founded in 1909 and since its establishment has been consistent in delivering leading food solutions for most of the world’s chief food providers. Most of these organizations depend on the OSI Group to provide solutions that offer quality, value, and streamlined processes while optimizing cost. The company has enjoyed commendable success over the past few years, launching seven new production facilities over the world. The OSI Group partners with its clients in producing the products they need to grow their businesses.

The OSI Group is regularly engaged with equipment manufacturers to come up with technologies that help in food safety and quality which are important in the food industry. Such technologies include machines with built-in X-ray equipment that detect foreign particles. They are also heavily involved with the agricultural suppliers to monitor how the products are grown. The OSI Group offers these services to world leaders in the food industry such as the well-known McDonald restaurants.

The OSI Group has witnessed immense growth in recent years. This is seen by their continued acquisition of food companies which share their values and company goals. The company’s president, David McDonald, also expressed the company’s desire for development in capacity as well as in the variety offered to customers. The OSI Group inspires its reliable suppliers to assist the company to heighten sales. Through this partnering process, they are able to provide the clients with what they want. The company’s president acknowledged the CEO, Sheldon Lavin, for creating energy in the company that has enabled the immense growth. The company targets to operate in sixteen nations in other parts of the world.

The OSI Group recently acquired a Flagship in Europe to help with their expansion efforts in the region. The Europe line of production entails a range of foodstuffs such as frozen poultry and pies. Baho Food which is a Dutch company is also instrumental in the expansion of OSI Group in Europe. Baho subsidiaries have facilities in Germany and Netherlands which help the expansion plan of OSI Group. Despite the immense growth witnessed at OSI Group, the company has maintained its headquarters in Aurora but keep the focus on expanding globally.

The man behind all this growth, Sheldon Lavin, has a background in finance. He was heavily involved in developing the very first plant for processing meat for the Kolschowsky family, which he now owns. The man prides himself on having innovation in his DNA and this, he says, has been helpful in his career at the OSI Group

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George Soros the Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager with a Hearth for Civil Liberation

George Soros is a man who is loved and hated in both quarters. However, for a man of his worth and influence, the love outweighs the hate. George has left a mark of impact in every sphere of life he has been involved in. He is one of the greatest hedge fund managers, philanthropists, and civil rights activists of our time. To understand this man better let us delve deeply into the tiny aspect of his life and learn more about George Soros.


Mr. George Soros was born and brought up in Hungary. After experiencing the Nazi war first hand, Mr. Soros fled his country for greener pastures abroad. His quest for education saw him go through Economics degree at the London School of Economics where he would single handily finance his education and stay by working a waiter and railway porter. Both Soros’ experience and dedication saw him commit to his education and excel and read full article.


After excelling in his Economics degree, Mr. Soros was employed as a merchant in a local bank. Despite this job being better than the previous one, George was still not contented and wanted to do more. His pursuit for career advancement would see him relocate to New York City where he started working on the famous Wall Street. It didn’t take Mr. Soros long to establish himself as an elite Wall Street investor a fact that saw him start his hedge fund of $12 million in 1969. The fund that was later renamed to Quantum Fund was a great success helping Soros earn the reputation he commands in the industry and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Political involvement

George Soros is a man after civil liberation. Having lived through the Nazi era, Mr. Soros has seen the first account of how political infringement can affect the social and economic well-being of the society. It is for this reason that Mr. Soros has dedicated his time and efforts in helping champion political causes he deems fit. Up to date funds political movements that seek to give freedom to oppressed societal class. Despite some of the causes he champions being seen as controversial George Soros and forever remained sober-minded in the causes he picks and what George Soros knows.

Philanthropic works

When it comes to philanthropy, George Soros leads the pack at the front. Through his Open Society Foundation which he established in 1984 George has been giving back to the society and empowering them in the best way he knows possible. Open Society Foundation is founded on the principle of fair representation of people’s voices. Some of the most common and impactful activities the Soros organization has undertaken is giving a scholarship to South African students during the apartheid period of the 1980s. The society has also facilitated exchange programs in the Soviet society thus empowering them and more information click here.

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