Paul Mampilly Indicates That The Internet Of Things Will Continue To Be A Solid Investment

Paul Mampilly has been encouraging the readers of his newsletters to think about investing in the future. When Mampilly makes suggestions, such as this, people listen, and part of the reason for that is the fact that he worked on Wall Street for many years. A much larger reason is that he was able to retire at the age of 42 due to his own successful investing strategies. The reason he did so was because he was tired of making the ultra-wealthy wealthier and wanted to help regular Americans to become better investors. This is exactly what he is doing today, and he has teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing to do so. Paul Mampilly has been clear when he has said that the future he is talking about is related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT is a term that refers to internet-connected devices or anything else that is improved or that offers extras due to its being connected to the net. Some of these devices include household appliances, cameras, and sensors, but the IoT also includes smart homes, vehicles, and more. While a lot of what the IoT can do sounds like something from the future, it is very real and happening today. Paul Mampilly referred to a specific use of IoT technology, which is taking place inside of Pratt & Whitney PW1000G plane engines where thousands of sensors are providing much needed information.

These sensors are already improving the efficiency and safety of the engine and saving money during its operation, as well. Mampilly has also indicated that the green industry is using the IoT to make lighting more efficient and to improve irrigation systems to lower the amount of water they waste. He is positive that the IoT will be expanding into many other sectors and that companies who manufacture sensors or that store the data from sensors will be making plenty of profit. Paul Mampilly has always told investors that their portfolios should include investments from a range of sectors, and the IoT is a good tech investment that will surely pay off in the future as well as today.

End Citizens United Doing Good Work For The 2018 Midterms

I think every American can agree that we need campaign finance reform in this country. Things have really been going off the rails ever since 2010’s Citizens United decision. The government now considers all businesses and corporations to be people. That’s right, McDonald’s is now a single US citizen. And, as a US citizen, McDonald’s has the right to free speech. But how does a corporation express free speech?

The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision down party lines, decided that these new people, a.k.a. corporations, could only express their freedom of speech through spending. Now businesses are allowed to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence America and her voters during every election. This will continue in perpetuity until Congress steps in. Of course, we could sidestep Congress with a constitutional amendment.

End Citizens United was formed in 2015 in order to end Citizens United. It’s a simple mission, but the group has a complex approach. They are currently working on the local level to change campaign finance laws while they endorse Democratic candidates who promise to fight against the decision. That’s why they are currently endorsing Beto O’Rourke in his bid for Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in 2018.

End Citizens United is also serving as financial watchdogs. End Citizens United has turned its sights on Governor Rick Scott in Florida. They are working with the media and law enforcement to enforce campaign finance laws while keeping a close eye on Rick Scott’s Senate run.

They recently caught him taking millions of dollars in donations from equity executives that he helped out as governor. Somehow, he used his powers as governor to change the state’s pension in order to benefit certain executives. Now these executives have been caught giving him kickbacks to the amount of $3 million.

I don’t believe for one second that the people of Florida will elevate the corrupt Rick Scott to the Senate. And I am especially pleased to learn that End Citizens United is in Florida to fight him. I am also rooting for their ally, Beto O’Rourke, in his bid to unseat Ted Cruz.

Infinity Group Australia Started with the Motive of Helping Customers Solve their Financial Challenges

Infinity Group Australia is a financial organization that was found by Graeme Holm in 2013 with the aim of helping customers to manage their debts by ensuring that they pay them within the shortest time possible. The principal objective of the organization is to help everyday Australians to have a better life, especially when finances are concerned such that they can secure their futures. The company adopts money management policies such as debt reduction in the industry. Infinity Group Australia has adopted a customer approach that ensures the company is customer focused and is geared towards providing the best services to those individuals who need them.


In one of the interviews where Graeme Holm was interviewed about business, life, and money management, he highlighted that the company was founded out of necessity. According to Holm, customers were neither advised nor supported when they wanted to access services in the Australia mortgage market. Families did not get someone to help them when selecting different financial products which made them select some products that would later cause them to experience financial challenges. Holm decided to form a company that will help individuals to manage their finances, get the best mortgage product, and to pay their loans quickly so that they can attain financial stability.

Infinity Group Australia reviews show that it facilitates individuals with their monthly reports as well as helping them to formulate and monitor their budgets so that they can be able to achieve financial prudence. The strategy has proved effective with Infinity Group Australia helping families to pay their home loans within the first three months after securing such loans. To cater to its customers, Infinity Group Australia concentrates on assisting its clients to manage debts and reduce them within the initial months so that they can have some money to secure their future. By doing this, the company helps its clients to create wealth and plan for their retirement solutions.


According to Holm, customers appreciate the services offered by this company because it makes them have a better life where they do not suffer from financial stress by knowing that somebody is taking care of their bills. Customers have consistently highlighted how staff members working at Infinity Group Australia are friendly and how they offer services to their clients with care and professionalism. This customer-based approach helps the clients seeking services from this organization to feel comfortable and have a feeling that somebody is working hard to solve their financial problems. Learn more:

Guilherme Paulus co-founder of CVC

Guilherme Paulus the co-founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. studied business during his time in college. Mr. Paulus would go on to become one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil. Named Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017. Guilherme is renowned for his forward out of the box thinking and the application of innovative strategies to business dealings. Over his 45 years professional career, Guilherme Paulus has had a huge influence on the economy as one of the largest job creators in recent history.

In 1972, Guilherme Paulus and Carlos Vicente Cerchiari founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. together with the intention of providing traveling solutions in Brazil. In 1974, Carlos Vicente Cerchiari decided it was in his best interest to leave the company he co-founded and leave the company to by Guilherme. From this point, Mr. Paulus took it upon himself to continue to expand the company and grow it into what it is today. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes for more info.

Today CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. has operations in South America, including 23 states in Brazil and Europe, and has 209 points of sale. CVC Brasil is responsible for providing employment for more than 3,200 people and providing business for 1,000 suppliers and serving over 8.5 million passengers in South America and Europe. In October 2013, Guilherme Paulus joined the board of directors as Chairman.

Always seeking ways to innovate and expand, Guilherme Paulus founded GJP Hotels and Resorts in 2005. Currently, GJP controls more than 15 hotels and resorts, with plans to being the implementation of an expansion strategy to include construction of hotels near airports. In 2009, the private equity firm, Carlyle Group purchased 63% of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. for an estimated $420 million. There are plans in the works to take CVC Brasil public this year. Learn more:


Upwork  Platform That Provides Tons of Work to Freelancers

With time, the work culture across the globe is changing rapidly. The traditional jobs are getting replaced by freelancers who work on a project basis. The number of freelancers around the world is increasing with time and if you are a freelancer as well, makes sure that you stay organized and punctual. Upwork is an online platform that you can trust as a freelancer to get you to work regularly. Upwork is an online job site where there are millions of clients and freelancers, and it helps the freelancers stay bust with tons of work that is made available for them. Irrespective of what your skill sets are, rest assured that you would find a job that requires your skills on Upwork. The world of digital marketing and culture is transforming rapidly, and Upwork is helping the freelancers and clients connect and interact with ease.

Upwork is an online platform that aims to encourage the freelancers to stay on schedule and organized. One of the recent articles that Upwork posted on its site talked about how important it is for freelancers to stay organized and disciplined to become successful. Without being organized, it is difficult to keep the clients happy. One of the first tips in the article by Upwork talked about the importance of maintaining and following a to-do list religiously. It helps in keeping and completing tasks in order without delay, which is essential for the freelancers to win the trust of the clients. It is also necessary for the freelancers to regularly re-visit their to-do list to make sure they do not forget any critical task and complete all the tasks on time without delay.

The clients are always worried about freelancers not meeting their deadline and thus, maintaining a to-do list is essential. The freelancers should also ensure that they attribute the timetable and different degree of priority to tasks. It would help the freelancers to stay ahead of their schedule and remain organized. Dividing the tasks into smaller tasks and completing the most critical tasks first is always important. Tons of freelancers get complacent with time, but having a to-do list would help you stay active and disciplined.

Kevin Seawright’s Various Development Plans Over The Years

Kevin Seawright is a business and civic leader who is full of action and never content to sit with the status quo. Seawright at one time worked directly in the mayoral office and was also a campaign financier for a candidate, but now he’s the leader of a company known as RPS Solutions. RPS Solutions is all about developing homes in peaceful neighborhoods in Baltimore, while also giving people an opportunity to buy a home who may have been rejected for financing or cannot afford newer homes. Seawright said he felt it was time to make the process easier for first-time home buyers as well as creating more diversity in the community through this company. Visit to learn more.

Kevin Seawright has spent most of his career in public accounting and managing city funds. He ran the Baltimore parks and recreation department for several years and during that time even cut the budget deficit by over half a million dollars. He also managed the city’s public school systems and then introduced CitiStat to council members and the mayor. Through this software, Baltimore was able to discover which departments needed to improve performance and also which areas of the city needed critical emergency response.

Seawright would later move to Washington D.C. where he became the financial manager and quality assurance officer for Tito Contractors, a development and construction company serving commercial, residential and government-based clients. In 2014 Seawright was chosen to become the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Newark Economic Development Corporation in New Jersey, one of the state’s biggest urban development groups. During that time he had several downtown marketing events hosted that drew large crowds, including the 2015 Lincoln Park Music Festival. In 2016 he returned to Baltimore to assist with the city’s housing program.

Seawright holds several notable credentials including an MBA and Executive Leadership certification from the Notre Dame University Mendoza School of Business. He’s also listed on the National Forum for Black Public Administrators and American Society for Public Administration. Seawright also has sat on the board for the Babe Ruth Museum, and is also married and has a young daughter named Tia. Visit:


Paul Mampilly Says Look Out For Amazon’s New Health System

Amazon already is a leader in most e-commerce and digital entertainment categories, and their partnership with Whole Foods has had a lot of speculation on the future of supermarkets. Paul Mampilly, a chief editor at Banyan Hill has informed readers about Amazon’s new partnership with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase and how this is funding a new way to buy prescription drugs that is causing a major disruption to the pharmaceutical industry. Many healthcare stocks have seen their margins go down, so Mampilly warns investors to take care when considering buying cheap stocks or ETFs. He does have words of optimism in that there have been companies such as Netflix and Kroger who have found ways to beat Amazon’s systems, and he says some drug store chains like CVS just might do the same.

Paul Mampilly had the understanding of the markets to see the dot-com crash of 2000 and the real estate bubble of 2008 happen before they did. He spent years lending his knowledge of the markets and offering top advisory services as a manager at several large banks including ING, Deutsche Bank and Banker’s Trust. Paul Mampilly was also a featured financier in Barron’s magazine in 2006 when he took over asset management at Kinetics International Fund, one of the top hedge funds at the time. He grew that hedge fund from $6 billion to $25 billion, and a couple years later he won a competition run by the Templeton Foundation in which he bought stocks with $50 million during the real estate crisis, and then made 76℅ in gains without shorting or buying high risk stocks. In 2012 Mampilly made news for predicting the boom of Sarepta Therapeutics and saw its stock grow very large.

Paul Mampilly eventually left Wall Street because he was never truly happy with his long work hours and only making money for the wealthy 1℅. So he began writing newsletters for Banyan Hill that readers from all backgrounds have been able to understand and learn how they can build wealth without needing a professional broker. Mampilly also writes free posts in Banyan Hill’s Daily Investor Sovereign.

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A Little About Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital is a financial institution based out of Connecticut. They are not your ordinary financial institution. The company does not offer loans or financial planning as part of their every day dealings. Southridge offers assistance in debt management. The motto at Southridge is that if you can get out of debt and stay out of debt you will build a better and more sound financial future on your own.


Southridge Capital is a company that will offer couples and individuals advice on their debt situation. They will take a couples debt situation and assess it one person at a time. Southridge also assists individuals and corporations with debts they might have. When, thinking about getting out of debt most people need a place to start. That place should be Southridge. They have helped thousands of people and corporations get their finances back on track. When our finances get off track we tend to let it interfere with our personal and professional relationships.


Southridge Capital opened its doors in 1996. They have since helped more than two hundred fifty publicly traded companies balance their books. The company specializes in helping companies with their balance sheets. They have also assisted many individuals and couples. The company has many specialists on staff to assist companies and individuals with finances. They will not be satisfied until a company or the individual they are assisting is back on track with their finances.


Southridge Capital knows the hardships that can be faced when a company or individual has their balance sheets out of wack. The company specializes in assisting those companies and those individuals with getting back on track. When, the company opened its doors they opened them with the expectations of helping not to hinder individuals and companies get back on track with their finances. You can visit their Facebook page for more.




The Investment of Natural Resources with Matt Badiali

Among the many investments that are life-changing is the natural resources investment. Unfortunately, only a few people know about it. The Banyan Hills Publishing has been working hard to educate their readers on the matter. Matt Badiali has gained a vast audience for his educative and expertise on the topic. It is no surprise because he spent years in the university studying on the subject. He also has an additional knowledge of finance which helps him in understanding the financial markets.

Matt Badiali has a regular schedule that he follows in his work life. He says that he wakes up every day at 6:30 a.m. to see his daughters off to school. He then watches the news in the Bloomberg and Weather Channel. He also reads the headlines to know what’s trending.

Matt Badiali ensures that he is in the office by 8:00 a.m. He utilizes his first hours to write a few pages because it is during this time that he is most productive. After his writing session, he replies to his emails and checks on the progress of the firms they are working with, as well as the firms they are planning to add on their list. After having his lunch, Badiali writes for an hour or so, and uses the remaining of the time for meetings, returning calls and reading. He also works out during the afternoon.

Every person has ideas of something they could want to try. Something they believe is a good idea. The problem is that many people are not able to bring the dreams to reality. Badiali says that it is hard to write on something you have never seen. This is why despite exclusive research on the sites, and the minerals, he prefers to travel to a site to understand it well before giving any information to the reader. That is how he brings his ideas to life; by traveling with the reader around the world. Fortunately, he had a chance to travel the world as a geology student, which helped him gain a lot of experience on what he needs to check when he visits a mine to know whether it’s worth it.

The success journey is one full of potholes. We have moments that we consider as our worst experiences. Matt Badiali says that for him it was his work in Miami as an environmental geologist. The work involves taking the samples of dirty work and contaminated dirt. It was demanding, and most disgusting. He is, however, glad that it happened because it encouraged him to get his degree, which landed on the job that he truly loves.

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OSI Group: The Best Food Product Processing Company

OSI Group is a globally recognized meat processing company. Its headquarters are strategically located in Aurora to coordinate its international businesses in the worldwide food services markets. The company started as a small family business in Oak Park back in 1909. OSI Group was initially known as Otto & Sons in 1920s. During this time, the firm gradually grew and earned high reputation amongst the locals before it started to supply fresh meat to McDonald’s by 1955. By the early 70s, OSI Group expanded into a high-volume meat plant that was equipped with advanced patty-forming equipment and liquid freezing machines. During the same period, the company established a separate unit dedicated to meet the demands of the local restaurants and area supermarkets.

OSI Group, drastically prospered and grew in size by expanding its markets and partnering with reputable firms such as General Corporation and an Alaskan based Milk Corporation. OSI is a global company that understands every local market that it serves. It has branches all over the world across the United States, China, Europe, among other countries where it ran customized operations with international standards. OSI has served the Chinese market for more than two decades and has contributed immensely to the country’s economy. It has established the largest poultry farming projects across China to satisfy the ever-growing poultry demand in the nation. Recently, OSI has been modernizing its facilities across the world and is expanding into new plants across Europe.

For example, the Poland beef processing firm broke grounds by drastically expanding its capacity. The plant staff was increased to over 30%, and its production increased in two-folds. It also opened a new food processing plant in Geneva and Hungary with massive capacity line and state of the art cold storage mechanism for storing and transporting the products. The expansion has seen the company triple its production capacity of the best quality processed chickens to over twenty-two thousand tons every year. The Company’s Chairman, Sheldon Lavin, has always worked hard to inspire the whole team to work towards offering the best food products services to all our clients across the world. He always encourages the team to increase not only the company’s production capacity but also its product development and global network integration.