The Mission of Thor Halvorssen

Thor Halvorssen, the leader and founder of the Human Rights Foundation, has protested the actions of Nicki Minaj who accepted the opportunity to perform a concert that is financed by the President of Angola. This action has broken several human rights violations as Angola is an oppressed country under the President of Angola. Mr. Halvorssen has spoken out against Nicki Minaj’s actions due to the fact that the company that is financing her concert is funded by the President’s family. This offense has been repeated by international pop-singer, Mariah Carey who accepted payment to perform for an African regime just a few years prior to this offense.

The Human Rights Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen in 2005. This particular foundation was created due to several horrific events that happened to his family in 2004. Though the Human Rights Foundation is fairly new, Mr. Halvorssen has extensive experience with fighting for universal rights. One example is his involvement in campaigns that were against the South Africa apartheid.

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan and Norwegian mix that has dedicated himself to the complex political issue and controversies of global human rights. His one goal is to fight against oppressive regimes through mounting campaigns, implementing activists within the country, or inviting dissidents or journalists from other countries to discus the regimes. Through his actions in fighting for human rights, it is easily noted how fiercely he fights against oppressive regimes such as the regimes noted in the 20th century in South America.

Though his contributions to society have been great, his humble earnings of only $85,000 per year do not match up with the successful leaps that he has made with regards to improving human rights. The goal with this investment is to inform the public in order to gain more members in the human rights movement.

One of his biggest commitments is to fight for the individual rights for an education. As noted, this particular right is not to be seen in Angola due to the rigged election. Instead, it is pretend democracy with a convenient vote that elects the same oppressive leader each time it is time to elect a new president.