The Life of a Legend Alastair Borthwick

Borthwick was born in 1913 and attended Glasgow High School. At the age of 16, he quitted his High school studies and secured employment with Glasgow Evening Herald as a telephone boy. After working with Glasgow Evening Herald, he left to Glasgow Weekly Herald as a writer and editor of the women`s page, Children`s page, Film review, and other duties

Through his vast experience, he gained much popularity in the broadcasting field. He joined the broadcasting team in 1934, after being interviewed by James Fergusson, a producer at BBC. Alastair Borthwick had part-time jobs such as running a press club where he performed a commentary at the top of the Exhibition tower during a rainstorm wearing a top hat and a morning coat. When the Second World War began, Alastair became an intelligence officer, and he was assigned to the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. Borthwick was bound to see more action than he had ever seen.

During the El Alamein battle, Borthwick and his fellow military group traveled for about 3,000 miles through North Africa and Europe. When Rommel faced defeat, the Seaforth invaded Italy and Normandy. They also secured the canal area of Holland afterward his army was attacked in German soil while crossing the Rhine. As per Chronicle Week, Borthwick life appeared to be charming, but according to him, his idea was not to involve the enemies to war but to get through in Holland without necessarily fighting.

After demobilization, Borthwick and his wife Anne relocated to the Isle of Jura. Here he combined both broadcasting and smallholding existence, presenting for BBC a show which examined the country`s assets and liabilities after the war. After living for seven years in Jura Borthwick left to the Island of Islay doing less journalism. He was co-opted by the Secretary of State for Scotland to organize a festive party of Heavy Engineering at Glasgow`s Kelvin Hall.

For the last 30 years, Borthwick lived in Ayrshire doing cultivation on a hill farm near Barr village. Borthwick will be remembered as a journeyman writer who presented his job on time meeting the deadlines, and the jobs were always printable. Grab your copy of Always A Little Further here.

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