Jeunesse’s Commitment To Offering Products Based On Scientific Principals

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse in 2009 to share their youth enhancement products, which they would market via direct selling. A half a million distributors across the world enjoy the financial rewards of selling exclusive products that promote youth and vitality.

The ZEN line of weight loss products compliments the rest of the line. There is ZEN Prime for total body cleansing and ZEN Shape for jump-starting weight loss with an appetite suppressant. Staying on the plan is easier with protein-rich ZEN Fuze protein shakes and ZEN Fit fruit punch with amino acids.

Popular celebrity fitness and nutrition guru, Mark Macdonald endorses ZEN Project 8, an eight-week program divided into three phases. The first phase is a week of detox to stop bloating. The second phase is called Ignite; products encourage fat to melt away. The final phase is Thrive; participants learn about healthy meals to maintain their weight for life.

Jeunesse’s Luminesce uses stem cells, which may generate new collagen. Dr. Nathan Newman, a Beverly Hills dermatologist uses stem cells in some of his procedures and he devised an at-home topical treatment for Jeunesse that can offer the same results. The Luminesce line features cellular rejuvenation serum, daily moisturizing complex with SPF 30 and an advanced night repair cream. Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is the line’s best seller.

Before using Jeunesse’s Luminesce products, the company suggests that you take a selfie. In two weeks, notice that your skin looks more radiant than it did before and in four weeks, your skin should appear younger-looking.

Besides Dr. Newman, Jeunesse’s Scientific Advisory Board has a board-certified plastic reconstructive surgeon, a stem cell researcher, a teacher from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing and a specialist in anti-aging medicine. There are others, however, this sample shows that Jeunesse is serious about promoting safe, effective products.