Stream Energy

Stream Energy is an institution that provides wireless, home, energy and protective services to customers. The institution has expanded over the years and currently has offices in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York.

Dallas Patch

Stream Care was featured on Dallas patch in 2018 for its philanthropic efforts. Stream Energy formed the Stream Care Center as a way of being socially responsible. Stream Energy, through the revenue they earn per year funds Stream Care to help people affected by natural disasters in different parts of the globe. The core aim of Stream Energy forming this initiative was to create a better world and get rid of homelessness and poverty. When people in Houston were hit by a hurricane, Stream Care provided emergency assistance and relief to the people. Stream care provided finance to the people as well as basic needs.

Other Charitable Efforts

Stream Energy is not new in giving to charity, and over the years since its founding, they have participated in some charitable efforts. They have partnered with various non-profit organizations that are involved in charity to improve the living standards in the country generally. Some of the organizations that they have partnered with are:

  • Habitat for Humanity: the Habitat for Humanity is a charity organization that strives to eradicate homelessness in neighborhoods. This they do by building and repairing homes for people by providing free labour. They also offer affordable mortgages to people to ensure they can afford to house and get off the street. Stream Care partnered with them and helped in providing free labour for the repairing and building.
  • Operation Once in a Lifetime: this is an initiative that helps veterans in Dallas. Stream Care partnered with them to provide transportation services to an event. Stream Care also catered for the event.
  • Salvation Army: this is an organization that provides emergency assistance to individuals, and in 206 when North Texas was hit by a tornado, they chipped in. Stream Care partnered with them to help those affected by the tornado and provide financial assistance.

Guilherme Paulus and His Love for Hotels and Resort Businesses

Guilherme Paulus has built a name for himself as a prominent entrepreneur in Brazil. Together with Carlos Vicente Cerchiari, Paulus founded CVC also known as Operadora e Agencia de Viagens CVC Tour Ltda in 1972 when he was 24 years old. Guilherme Paulus has been part of the growth of CVC to become one of the largest tour companies in Latin America, earning the Entrepreneur of the Year award in the process.

Guilherme Paulus started off as an intern at IBM at a young age. Since then, he has demonstrated high level of entrepreneurial skills and passion to succeed and make his company a worldwide tour operator. The company now earns about $5.2 billion per year, thanks to his efforts that saw the company start trading publicly. The company looks to continue with its growth efforts by opening 100 stores per year.

CVC plans to expand to less populated areas in an effort to expand its market base. Additionally, the businessman is looking for ways to use Omni Channel Concept to integrate online vendors with physical agencies.

He has been recognized widely for his efforts to promote the economy of different countries through creation of employment opportunities and establishment of hotels, tours and airline businesses. Paulus won “Personality of the Year” award by Viagem e Turismo as well as “Revolutionary Consumer Relations” awarded by Modern Consumer.

Guilherme Paulus pursued business administration in college. He has an ability to come up with contemporary packages that put CVC ahead of its competitors. He is a council member of the National Tourism Council. The businessman’s outgoing personality helped him connect easily with partners and at one point, he purchased Webjet and established it to become one of the largest airlines in Brazil.

GJP Hotels & Resorts, founded in 2005, is another lucrative venture Guilhereme Paulus has indulged into. The hotel network started as a small venture and grew rapidly to control over 15 hotels and resorts in Brazil. His reputation was boosted higher by the Entrepreneur of the Year award he won in 2017. This came just after he had been featured on a prestigious magazine cover and after he had spent over $600 million investing in new hotels around Brazil. The chain of hotels has created 1900 employment opportunities in Brazil.

Paul Mampilly Indicates That The Internet Of Things Will Continue To Be A Solid Investment

Paul Mampilly has been encouraging the readers of his newsletters to think about investing in the future. When Mampilly makes suggestions, such as this, people listen, and part of the reason for that is the fact that he worked on Wall Street for many years. A much larger reason is that he was able to retire at the age of 42 due to his own successful investing strategies. The reason he did so was because he was tired of making the ultra-wealthy wealthier and wanted to help regular Americans to become better investors. This is exactly what he is doing today, and he has teamed up with Banyan Hill Publishing to do so. Paul Mampilly has been clear when he has said that the future he is talking about is related to the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT is a term that refers to internet-connected devices or anything else that is improved or that offers extras due to its being connected to the net. Some of these devices include household appliances, cameras, and sensors, but the IoT also includes smart homes, vehicles, and more. While a lot of what the IoT can do sounds like something from the future, it is very real and happening today. Paul Mampilly referred to a specific use of IoT technology, which is taking place inside of Pratt & Whitney PW1000G plane engines where thousands of sensors are providing much needed information.

These sensors are already improving the efficiency and safety of the engine and saving money during its operation, as well. Mampilly has also indicated that the green industry is using the IoT to make lighting more efficient and to improve irrigation systems to lower the amount of water they waste. He is positive that the IoT will be expanding into many other sectors and that companies who manufacture sensors or that store the data from sensors will be making plenty of profit. Paul Mampilly has always told investors that their portfolios should include investments from a range of sectors, and the IoT is a good tech investment that will surely pay off in the future as well as today.

Malcolm CasSelle Advances the Operations of Virtual Asset Markets

OPSkins is not only the most reputable organization in merchandizing in-game virtual properties but also the leading bitcoin seller globally. Since its launching, OPSkins has experienced tremendous success leading to the expansion of its operations. Now, OPSkins’ creators are working towards establishing the latest blockchain designed to facilitate virtual property trading operations known as Worldwide Asset eXchange. WAX was architected to boost the trading operations in different ways including permitting the sellers and buyers to trade efficiently. As such, WAX solves two main problems that virtual asset industries face, fraud and fragmentation. WAX achieves this in a straightforward procedure, which incorporates block chain-enabled widget that allows consistent merchandising of virtual products without clicking off the game. Additionally, the blockchain technology uses a sophisticated consensus algorithm that is the quickest, as well as, most decentralized.

Besides working on the challenges the market encounters, WAX enables reliable and new user type operations. In this way, the creators of Worldwide Asset eXchange intend to benefit trading communities given its decentralization strategy. WAX supports particular needs presented by the virtual video asset industry offering optimal trading exposure to its customers.


WAX achievements are attributed to its President, Malcolm CasSelle. Malcolm CasSelle’s success trajectory stems from his previous exposure. Before founding wax, Malcolm worked at New Ventures as the corporation’s President and CTO. His expertise at tronc, Inc generated from his experience at Digital Media of SeaChange where he served as the company’s Manager. Besides pioneering famous enterprises, Malcolm CasSelle is recognized for his diligence in helping startup agencies. Throughout his professional life, Malcolm has participated actively in venturing into organizations such as Zynga and Facebook among others.


Malcolm CasSelle attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he attained his bachelor’s degree. He advanced his studies at the University of Stanford where he was awarded a Computer Science masters degree. Malcolm is a gifted and talented entrepreneur whose leadership attributes are intrinsic. His communication skills in the sector supplement his exclusiveness as he speaks different languages including Mandarin and Japanese. Moreover, Malcolm CasSelle is a super expert team player, as well as, informed across various segments including venture capital and the western culture.


All About Ricardo Tosto’s Law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho, the founding partner of Leite, Barros and Tosto law firm, is positive that law 13,254 which was dated on 13th January 2016 will create a pathway for technical exchanges between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers. Gil Vente Gama agrees with Ricardo and says that technical partnerships can hasten procedures between two or more countries as in the case of the asset regularization project abroad which involve Brazil and the resource host country. This project of repatriation of resources took long before it was approved by the Congress. Ricardo Tosto remembers that at first the income tax and fine was 17.5% each which was to be levied on the current exchange rate. However, both income tax rate and fine reduced to 15% after discussions.

Ricardo Tosto also in his law 13254 highlighted the possibility of clearing crimes such as tax evasion, misconduct and money laundering. He says that amnesty will not be granted to serious crimes cases like corruption, drug trafficking. The partnership between Brazilian and foreign lawyers will homogenize laws and depict those who intend to keep resources hidden. Ricardo Tosto Tosto denotes in this project that it’s unlawful to keep resources abroad without the consent of the Brazilian tax authorities and so this project will ensure regulation of such cases. He adds that the close ties between these advocate professionals in multiple countries will ensure resources do not divert unlawfully outside Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto studies bachelor in law Mackenzie University of Presbyterian and has extended Business Administration from the AAPF. He is among the greatest entrepreneurs and strategists of law in Brazil. He has defended people and companies in which some cases have had a national effect. He is a quality lawyer who clearly knows limits that he should not pass while working. He is experienced since he has advocated for governments, transnational groups, for politicians and pro- bono for non-governmental organizations.

Ricardo Tosto through Leite, Tosto e Barros has made a very significant contribution in Brazil as a certain client who works in a certain company says that it’s the first on their list when they are taking a legal action since it increases the value of their strategies.

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Sheldon Lavin – Award Winning CEO of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin Before OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin attended both the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business from Roosevelt University in Illinois. After college Lavin began his entrepreneurial business in finance consulting by creating his own company, Sheldon Levin and Associates, Inc. located Chicago. He later joined the Otto & Sons, Inc. before his current position.

Sheldon Lavin’s life as CEO of the OSI Group, LLC.

Currently, Lavin is amongst the innovative leaders holding the reigns at the OSI Group, LLC. His is the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He oversees the OSI International Inc., OSI Industries LLC and OSI International Foods LLC. He is responsible for OSI’s international investments, which includes an investment portfolio in India.

Under Lavin’s innovative genius, OSI has become a meg billion dollar global food conglomerate. OSI services over 15 countries with deliciously ready made meals to consumers. Lavin’s leadership seems to have no bounds in Europe and Asia, the corporation is consistently showing promising profits. Sheldon Lavin truly believes in quality standards, maintaining a great report with the employees, expanding and diversity; when it comes to the company’s growth financially and internationally. Not only does he believe in OSI, he is also a charitable giver and long-time supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sheldon Lavin the Award Winner

Because of Lavin’s innovative accomplishments, he was honored in 2016 with the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. He was noted as being an exemplary member of OSI’s executive team for his commitment to the company and his strong leadership abilities. Lavin is the driving force behind OSI’s international growth in Europe and Asia. Lavin plans to expand even further, making OSI not only internationally renown but globally.

During Lavin’s tenure the OSI Group has received a multitude of environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin hope to encourage and inspire the new leaders coming up after him. He plans to infuse his innovative ideas along with theirs and take OSI to higher heights. He also wants to inspire the current employees in career growth as well as community responsibility.

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Louis Chenevert Provides Insight and Advice on Business

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Louis Chenevert has worked in industries like, aircraft manufacturing, assembly line production, and formally served on the board of Cargill Inc. Louis Chenevert was educated at the University of Montreal, where he earned a bachelor of business administration. He is also the recipient of awards like the Honor Award, which was given to him by the National Building Museum. Aviation Week & Space Technology named Louis Chenvert Person of the Year in 2011.

Now retired, Chenevert shared his methods of success in an interview, which was conducted in February of 2018. He decided to let loose of some of his business methods, secrets, and tips.

During the interview, Louis Chenevert explained where United Technologies got its ideas from and how these ideas were carried out. Using small groups instead, UTC and Louis Chenevert was able to understand customer needs and display passion in the their industry. “That approach would drive profound change combined with making acquisitions that would strengthen the portfolio,” Chenevert said.

“It’s difficult to name one,” Chenevert said, after he was asked about a productive habit. Chenevert argues that being productive is all about having all the necessary qualities needed to get things done. Passion, optimism, and pushing your agenda are just a few of the examples Chenevert provided to the interviewer.

The interviewer proceeded to ask about the worst job Chenevert ever held. “My first job as GM as a first line supervisor in an assembly plant on 2nd shift,” Chenevert responded. Even though this job was extremely difficult, Chenevert cites it as the reason for his willingness to listen to low level employees. During his time working the assembly line, he heard a variety of great ideas, but management would never listen to mere assembly line workers.

Louis Chenevert concluded the interview by explaining that in order to be successful you need to make sure the risk is worth the reward.

Forex Algorithm Developer Jordan Lindsey

There are several adjectives used to describe Jordan Lindsey, entrepreneur, innovator, and investor, just to name a few. If you’re not already familiar with Jordan Linsey, he is the Founder of JCL Capital, a Forex exchange company. The impetus behind JCL Capital, according to Lindsey, is to give everyday investors the opportunity to leverage the power of foreign exchange trading to generate monthly income.

Founded in 2004, JCL Capital prides themselves on their ability to simplify rules and methods, making it possible for nearly anyone to thrive in forex markets. For example, JCL Capital routinely hosts live online chats, which enables investors to confer with one another and to receive real-time help from other investors as well as Lindsey himself.

As an innovator, Jordan Lindsey regularly has his sights set on investment strategies, which explains his involvement with bitcoin, a cryptocurrency/worldwide payment system. According, Lindsey created an algorithm designed to trade bitcoin on the forex platform. This algorithm, which was a first of its kind in the cryptocurrency space, proved to be very successful and further lends credence to the overall mission of JCL Capital, which is to streamline the investing process for all investors.

As far as Lindsey’s background is concerned, he is a businessman who has a penchant for working in the financial sector, specifically with regard to asset management, blockchain technologies, and equities. Lindsey began his career in 1999 when he joined Maximum Capital Management, a global real estate and equity investment holding and concierge services advisory firm, serving as Vice President.

Needless to say, Jordan Lindsey, at his core, is an entrepreneur; therefore, it wouldn’t be long before he would set out to become the founder of his own company, leading to JCL Capital, in 2004. While still involved in the day to day operations with JCL Capital Lindsey also serves as an advisor for Energia Global, a company committed to ensuring that everyone has access to reliable, sustainable, and, most importantly, affordable energy. Lastly, Lindsey took on the role of CEO with Prive Information Services, in 2012, and to this day, he continues to juggle all of these various endeavors fastidiously.

Barbara Stokes Talks About Her Company’s New Facility In Cullman, Alabama

Stokes Development, LLC, is the parent company of Green Structure Homes Delivered. This company announced in January 2018 that they would be opening a new manufacturing plant in the city of Cullman, Alabama. This manufacturing plant will be used to build green homes which will be used to house people in areas that have been declared as natural disasters. When it first opens it will hire 80 people who live in and around Cullman. Once this manufacturing plant is completely up to speed, which will take three years, upwards of 300 people could be working at it. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The chief executive officer Green Structures Homes Delivered, Barbara Stokes, said that she and her husband love Cullman and the work ethic that people there exhibit. While her company is headquartered in Huntsville they knew that once they were going to build a new manufacturing plant they would place it in Cullman. Barbara Stokes husband is Scott Stokes and he is the chief operating officer of Green Structures Homes Delivered. She said that the money to start this plant came from the Alabama Center for Foreign Investments. Among the investors were some from South Korea and China.


The building they chose for this plant is located in the Cullman Industrial Complex. It had been a building used by the city and county and they sold it to Stokes Development in late 2017. It has 99,000 square feet of space which will mostly be used to assemble homes.

Barbara Stokes says that they plant build somewhere between 500 to 600 homes a year in Cullman. These will be Katrina-style homes built of light-gauge steel. The homes are designed to be resistant to things such as vermin, mold, and mildew. They can resistant hurricane-force winds. Because these homes are built of steel there are also fire resistant. Each one can be built inside of two days.

As for where the materials they are using are being sourced from, Barbara Stokes said that it would all come from either local places in Cullman or the would come from Birmingham and/or Decatur. Altogether the homes will contain 60% recycled materials.

At the present time their homes are smaller cottage style homes. They are presently in the design stage for larger buildings. These will be buildings that can be as tall as four stories high. Barbara Stokes said that they could be used as either condos or hotels. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.