Whitney Wolfe Takes On Dating Apps In India

In India, many women are hesitant to participate in the world of online dating due to the excessive amount of attention that they get from male suitors. With the help of Priyanka Chopra, Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe hopes to change that by bringing her female-centric dating and networking app to the country. With a launch date predicted later this year, Chopra came on board to Bumble as an adviser as well as an investor. Visit this article at techcrunch.com to know more.

Whitney Wolfe believes that with Chopra as a partner, they will be able to empower the women in India’s dating world to take charge of their romantic lives and feel safe on a dating platform. Bumble puts the power of starting communication in the hands of women which allows them to avoid unwanted sexual advances much more than with other apps. Whitney Wolfe thinks that women all around the world want to feel empowered but they also need to feel safe when they are making connections.

Bumble is the second tech company that Chopra has invested into during her career, the first being a coding school. Wolfe states that Chopra has been a strong partner for the last 9 months who has been “deeply involved” with the project when it comes to marketing and strategy. Whitney Wolfe believes that her insight will be invaluable to Bumble’s success due to the hesitancy of so many women in India to use dating apps. On apps like Tinder, men outnumber women by a large amount which is partially due to cultural stigma that seems to affect men more than women in the country.

Chopra and Wolfe believe that their novel approach of “women first” will help to warm up their user base to the idea of online dating more than with previous dating apps. Chopra has made it clear to Whitney Wolfe and the team at Bumble some of the many concerns that women in her country have when it comes to online dating. This is why the version of the app in India will contain safety features to help protect the identity of their users such as not using their full names.

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Susan McGalla Helps Women Advance in the Business World

Susan McGalla is attempting to break the standard mold of men leading in the business world. McGalla’s research supports the idea that diversity in the workplace can truly help the company to be more successful overall. According to the article, “Gender-diverse corporations have a 15 percent chance to out-perform businesses that do not have such a policy.” McGalla discovered that although women holding executive positions are increasing, it’s still a challenge for women to hold these senior roles globally. Susan’s experience being the daughter of a football coach and sister to two brothers showed her that being a girl doesn’t cut you any type of breaks in the real world. McGalla delved deeper into her research to take a closer look at why these women support groups and initiatives are unfortunately largely ineffective. She offers the idea of sponsorship opportunities to help women achieve higher positions around the world. Susan believes that these sponsors could lead to women having increased credibility and help them get promoted to senior positions just as she did in her career. McGalla also offers incentives to these sponsors so everyone gets something positive out of these situations. McGalla’s hard work, positive attitude, and her research greatly broadened her knowledge of these issues. Susan continues to look for effective solutions to gender discrimination and the lack of women in senior roles. McGalla is facing the harsh realities of the global business world where men have dominated for years, but that doesn’t stop her drive and determination to find solutions, and to help women be successful in the business world, just as she has been.

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