Eric Lefkofsky Is Using Technology To Aid In Cancer Treatment

People are stricken with cancer each year all around the world, and in recent reports, there are more than 15 million individuals in the United States that are diagnosed with cancer today. It is thanks to the work of individuals like Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus, that technology advancements are coming to the medical industry and a much faster rate than ever. Tempus is a tech company that uses software to analyze and collect data to help fight cancer in the future.

Tempus is a platform that is going to change the way doctors are able to operate on their patients. For the longest time, patients and clinical data has been widely disorganized, and even the data that is organized is hard to use in any effective manner. This is especially true when considering that each individual is different and must be handled differently when it comes to their treatment. But there is no structure to notes that have been made on subjects and certainly no effective way to find and use that data. Tempus is fixing this problem by creating a structure for all data specific to each patient, which could potentially be life-saving for people all over the world.

Thanks to the impressive success of Tempus thus far, the sequencing process of molecular and genomic data has continued to decrease in cost. This allows it to be available to many more people, which is a great thing as everyone is entitled to live a healthy life free of harm.

Ever since graduating from college in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky has been driven to not only change the world but improve it. Eric has found many successes in his life through his business efforts, but whats more important than what he has achieved is what he does with it. Not only did Eric and his wife start up the Lefkofsky foundation, but they regularly donate to organizations and various charities working to make the world a better place. They have donated millions over the past decade, and they even plan to donate upwards of 50 percent of everything they gain to help people all over the world.

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Oncortarget Feature a Hopeful Study on Aggressive Cancer as They Sponsor More Researchers For Cancer Discussions

A recent research featured by Oncotarget has revealed that an aggressive breast cancer cell, which has estrogen receptor beta (Erβ), specific proteins can respond to hormone therapy. Most breast cancer cells contain diverse estrogen or progesterone hormone receptors that enhance normal breast functioning and growth. Aggressive cancer type such as triple negative breast cancer (TNBC), lacks specific receptor proteins, which secure estrogen and progesterone hormones preshent on normal breast cells. When these receptors are absent, these cancers are resistant to the hormone treatment administered. Patients with TNBC have poor prediction due to the likelihood of cancer spreading to other organs. Watch this video on Youtube.

Findings from a research conducted by Mayo Clinic Minnesota revealed that growth of TNB cells lacking estrogen receptor alpha (Erα) but have estrogen receptor beta (ERβ), can be subsided by being treated with estrogen or estrogen-like chemicals. They also noted that patients with TNBC with Erβ and lack Erα, have higher survival rate and a higher likelihood to become cancer free. After further evaluations, Erβ activation drugs may be designed in future to provide therapeutic benefits to such patients.

Oncotarget Travel Sponsorships.

Oncotarget is an oncology peer-reviewed research journal that is committed to maximizing the dissemination of scientific research. Towards the end of 2017, Oncotarget gave travel grants to four biomedical researchers, enabling them to attend the conference on Frontiers in Cancer Science 2017, which was held in November in Singapore. Through these travel sponsorships, the discussion about cancer discoveries was motivated to take place. Check Oncotarget journal at

As stated by the editor-in-chief of Oncotarget, Mikhail Blagosklonny, Oncotarget has in their heart the desire to see scientific advances spread across the globe to improve understanding and stimulate future findings. With top experts in cancer from all over the world, being the attendees of the Frontiers in Cancer Science, it was the pride of Oncotarget to provide the four international institutions a chance to share their new research there.

The four researchers were; Mohd Anas Shansi, Rajna Kumari, Ruhi Sandeep Deshmukh, and Vladan Milosevic, all presenting research on different topics.

More About Oncotarget

The oncotarget was first established in 2010. It covers all oncological researches, though it has subsections of other medical topics. They have two open access publications, published by Impact Journals on weekly basis.

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Clay Siegall: Whether or Not the Seattle Genetics Founder Digs Football, or not, He definitely Digs Making Inroads on Cancer Research and Obtaining the Money to do it.

Today, via the Internet and it’s array of highly accessible, ‘do it yourself’ portals into the thoughts of the socially, intellectually and financially elite, it’s never been easier to get a glimpse into the worldview of the rich and famous. So, what, for example, does Clay Siegall, Doctor, Ph.D. and co-founder of Seattle Genetics have to share to the world via his WordPress page? A quick glance reveals news stories, with scientific and medical bias, proving that topics germane to Siegall’s career continue to consume his off-hours.

There’s a link to North Country Public Radio and a story about brain research into better concentration. A second NPR link asks whether monies required for stem cell studies will be allowed to flow, or be stymied, by state politicians. One can appreciate why a world-renowned geneticist would be interested in such a decision.

A third link goes to an ESPN story, assuring fans of rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson, that his torn ACL is recovering ahead of its anticipated timeline. As a medical practitioner, Siegall undoubtedly appreciates the trauma and recovery process of a torn anterior cruciate ligament more than most. But it’s also likely he’s a football fan.

The recipient of a B.S. in Zoology, from the University of Maryland and a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University, Siegall has since put the greater part of his work emphasis into cancer research, both in the realm of developing therapies, and in the area of funds accrual, successfully obtaining more than 300 million from investors and philanthropists.

Siegall’s professional resume reads like a who’s who in big-time medical compsnies, encompassing Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals, Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics Inc, just to name a few. Today, Siegall is where he’s been since 1998, firmly at the helm of Seattle Genetics, where he reigns as president and CEO. However, Siegall isn’t one to rest on his laurels, which include nine patents and more than fifty scientific texts authored. Under Siegall, his company continues to create a wide-ranging portfolio of new drug and treatment candidates, with a strong focus on antibody technologies.

The World as a Better Place with Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer, being a scourge that no one can even wish on their worst enemies, creativity and entrepreneurship on how to handle or deal with it is paramount. That is why, it is good to have dreams, but something better to make those dreams a reality. Imagine the dawn of cancer freedom. One individual that has contributed a lot towards this gesture is Eric Lefkofsky.


Eric Lefkofsky, who is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, is a man who makes this world a better one. Born in Southfield, Michigan, he has become part of the greatest entrepreneurs in the USA. With his determination and resilience not forgetting the urge to make the society a better place, he became part of Tempus and Eric on Facebook.


Tempus, which is an organization that has come up with an operating system to fight cancer, is an organization that has positively impacted a lot of lives. It is an avenue where doctors or rather physicians can interact with cancer patients on interactive detailed and machine learning platform that has been created and Eric’s lacrosse camp.


Him as the CEO, became part of this organization to ensure that ways of treating cancer are made known by research. The motivation for this idea stemmed from watching a family member undergoing treatment for this horrible disease. Therefore, his agenda became to bring new and innovative technology to the physicians who are on the front lines treating and tending to these patients and more information click here.


Asides from his association with Tempus, he has a good heart in the sense that he does well for his community. For instance, he is a trustee in other companies like the Lurie’s Children’s Hospital of Chicago. This initiative helps a lot of children in Chicago especially, those who are not very financially okay.


Entrepreneurs are persons that command respect. This is because of a lot of innovations that are responsible for a lot of changes especially, in this day and era. For instance, there’s so much that Eric Lefkofsky has done for people be it by Tempus or other charitable institutions, it is clear that he is a man who is better off in this society and what Eric knows.

Reviewing The Role Of Clay Siegall In Cancer Research

Research is the pillar of the many discoveries people enjoy today and there is massive effort to get better ways of dealing with the problems people across the world face. Cancer is one of the problems that human beings have to work against and it is only through research and new methods of treatment that one can get solutions to the menace. Finding new solutions takes the effort of professionals in different capacities, who draft measures to alleviate the complex issues that have been surrounding the disease.


One of the research institutes that have made strides in this area is Seattle Genetics, an established biotechnology company that has been in the industry since 1998. Founded and led by Clay Siegall, Seattle Genetics has made effort to ensure that the research that is conducted towards curing cancer bears fruits.


Success in cancer research

The company has worked with many professionals over the years to bring to light the development of ADCETRIS, a drug that has proved to be effective in the treatment of cancer across more than 60 countries. Its approval across many countries and getting the support of professionals in high offices has allowed the company to advance its methods of coming up with new treatment for ailments.


Clay Siegall has been able to engage many experts in the industry, who also approved the drug and cited it as an effective solution that allows the treatment of cancer without necessarily using methods that require radiation. This is not the only success Clay Siegall has achieved in his career. There are several drug pipelines his company Seattle Genetics launched, all directed to solving the cancer menace and bringing to rest the problem that has been eating the lives of millions.


With the support he also received from companies like GlaxoSmithKline, Clay Siegall has managed to venture deeper into getting solutions that help in the development of better alternatives to traditional methods of dealing with complex diseases. He is a leader in the industry and he shares his knowledge through journals and articles addressing the pressing issues that have been barring the progress of the healthcare sector across the world.