Parents Participate In Teachers Recruitment At Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education, a charter school network having 13 campuses, engages parents in the process of hiring teachers. In many other schools, parents wait for schools to open to meet their children’s teachers. The co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith, said that parent participation has been a pillar of the chain of schools. The school’s personalized and blended learning approach has always attracted national attention, Preston told Education Week. The school selects parents who undergo training to learn the basics of doing panel interviews. Sometimes the school arranges community meetings to give parents an opportunity to meet the finalists.

Rocketship Education operates on a strong belief that every student deserves the right to develop his or her unique potential. The school strives to help students to maximize their potential. The school’s first campus was established in 2007 in California. Its blended learning approach combines traditional teaching with online and computer-assisted instructions. Focusing on low-income communities, the school is determined to steer transformative change through a strategic public school model that allows children to succeed in all their endeavors. Rocketship Education has the most talented educators, who collaborate with parents to deliver success. Since its inception, Rocketship Education has established a reputation of innovation and excellence.

Rocketship Education offers personalized learning. Educators are deeply committed to the success of each student. They create personalized content, learning experience, instructions, and pace to maximize the potential of each student. The other pillar used by the institution is talent development. Students get an opportunity to grow and develop their talents, thus performing well in class and beyond. At Rocketship Education, parents are actively involved in the education of their children. They make follow ups with school leaders to ensure that the students perform excellently.

The elementary school’s model features four main content blocks; Humanities, Enrichment, Learning Lab and STEM. The daily routine with teachers who specialize in the above concepts improves student outcomes. In addition, teachers work closely to establish effective classroom management strategies, engage parents and create viable lesson plans. Educators help students to embrace the values of responsibility, empathy, persistence and respect. The school benefits from the visionary leadership provided by teachers, enrichment coordinators and the subordinate staff. These leaders work closely to ensure that the institution runs effectively.