Talkspace: the Therapy App

Talkspace is an innovative a new app that allows users to connect with mental health professionals and receive counseling and therapy through their smartphones. Founded by Frank Oren in 2012, as of November 2017 Talkspace had around 500,000 active users.

Talkspace recently made a deal with Magellan Health, a massive medical insurance provider. This means that soon everyone covered under a Magellan Health healthcare plan will be able to access therapy through the app.

Talkspace is changing the way people view therapy by allowing users to interact with therapists in new ways. Different plans through Talkspace offer different options, and users can contact therapists daily through text messages, phone calls, or video chats. Another benefit of the remote therapy method employed by Talkspace is that users can talk to a therapist any time and can be contacted by a therapist at any time. Frequent short therapy sessions are especially valuable to busy people who cannot find time to visit a therapist’s office.

Talkspace is also making therapy accessible to more people. The company refers to a study that offered nearly 100,000 veterans the chance to access therapy online. The results of the study showed that this reduced the number of mental health incidents and hospitalizations by about 25 percent.

Talkspace founder and CEO Frank Oren hopes that the widespread access to mental health professionals will also reduce, or eliminate entirely, the stigma associated with seeking mental help.