My Tummy Tuck Was Performed By Dr. Jennifer Walden

I’m ashamed of how I’ve gained so much weight over the years, but even after losing some weight, my stomach always stayed very big in size. My stomach has always been my biggest obstacle to becoming a thin person, and I don’t understand why that is. All the women that are in my family have always had big abdominal areas, and I don’t know of one person in my family that has a flat stomach. I got sick and tired of the bloated feeling, and I hate having to get bigger sized pants because my stomach is too big. I chose to go and get a tummy tuck.

I lost enough weight in the past year to finally be slimmer, but my stomach was still extended to far. I decided that a tummy tuck would be the best choice for me, and I wanted the best doctor to do it. Dr. Jennifer Walden is who I chose for my tummy tuck surgery, and it’s because I was terrified of getting anyone who wasn’t professional enough. I did all the research necessary before choosing to work with Dr. Jennifer Walden, and I know I made the right choice. Dr. Walden is an amazing surgeon in every field she works in.

I went into Dr. Walden’s office and had a consultation with her personally. Dr. Walden told me everything that the tummy tuck would consist of, the recovery time, the possibility of pain, and the medicines I would be on after the surgery. I was listening to everything she was saying, but in my mind, I was just thinking about being thin at the end of it all. I scheduled my surgery for a month in the future, so I would be able to get all of my affairs in order.

Although I was terrified of going into surgery, I relaxed after I talked to the doctor again, and I had the surgery performed after that. I did have some pain after the surgery, but I was excited when it was time to go back in for a checkup to see how things were going. I definitely saw the difference in the size of my stomach, and I was told that extra exercise should be able to bring my stomach down even more. I never thought having a flat abdominal area was possible until Dr. Jennifer Walden gave me a tummy tuck, and I’m thankful for it.