Reputations Lost But One Company Restores Their Own

A former executive at Status Labs did something that reflected badly on the company, even though it was not directly about anything to do with the company. Ironically, Status Labs’ founder and President, Darius Fisher, was forced to apply the process the use to restore clients’ reputations to their own company’s reputation crisis; to combat the negative press received. The person’s actions became a loss of reputation for Status Labs when it became a new story across the world.

It was Status Labs’ own employees that called for the resignation of the offending executive. This was the first step in recovering the company’s reputation. The open letter the employees sent to the executive was given to the media by their Public Relations people. As part of this press release, a group photograph of all the employees standing together was included. This brought a human face to the drama.

This was very important to gain favor against vicious rumor and innuendo. The photo itself may have helped change public opinion to focus on the offending individual, instead of associating his comments and actions with the company as a whole. Status Labs has applied this same winning formula to help thousands of individuals and company clients resolve PR crises and recover reputations. They have been in business for four years now.

Along with these efforts, the company became more involved in their local community of Austin, Texas. They reached out to organizations like the Blood & Tissue Center of Central Texas and Dress for Success. They also contributed to local charities, such as the Capital Food Bank of Texas, Urban Roots, and Caritas. This not only cast the company in a better light, it also raised employee morale, which had been sagging.

When a big PR problem crops up, Darius Fisher has a tried and true step-wise plan to remedy the situation. He says the critical and very first step to recovering your reputation is to simply not give in to panic. Do not panic. With Status Labs, Fisher has not only regained a good reputation for thousands of others, he has also had to unexpectedly do the same for his own company.

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