The Brown Agency takes over the industry!

The Brown Agency has become one the hottest agencies coming straight out of Austin, Texas! They are known for their fashion, print, tv, film, voiceovers, commercials, advertising, catalogue and runway models.

Wilhelmina first launched The Brown agency in 2010 and moved to Austin, Texas. There it had become a well-known modeling agency in Austin Texas. The Brown Agency was then known for finding talent in the modeling industry. Check out their website to know more.

A little while after, Heyman Talent-South and the Brown Agency decided to take the world by storm and team up to create an even bigger impact on the entertainment industry. Heyman Talent-South was a well-known successful acting agency.

After teaming up with Heyman Talent-South it was destined that things were going to start changing for the good! The Brown Agency grew into more than just modeling but took on the world of entertainment. It became the only full-service agency in Austin Texas. It wasn’t long after the relaunch that it began to succeed! Heyman Talent-South founder, Michael B. Bonnee became the voice of the acting, and theatrical part of the company and it continued to help grow the agency!

The Brown Agency has continued to set the standard and carry out many goals throughout the years. They have became the staple for finding raw and real talent. They also are known to get great work for their clients. Their clients experience working with companies like Louis Vuitton, L’Oreal Dell and many other top-notch, high-end companies.

The President, Justin Brown, started out his career by modeling and working at a modeling agency in his college years. He had moved to Austin and it became his home and where he could follow his dreams and talents. He then went on to do to more behind the scenes work. Justin Brown began training models to perform at their best and get big successful gigs. Then later he would began to become the president and CEO of The Brown Agency.

Since becoming a full-service agency, thanks to the joining of Heyman Talent-South, it has succeeded in the growth of the company. It has helped expand further than just modeling and they have successfully reached more than just the fashion industry but the entire entertainment industry of the world!

Fabletics Review-Centric Marketing Strategy Pays Off

With the growth in the information age, more and more businesses are leaning towards the reviews made by their customers to improve on their brands. It is also true that behavior in purchases changes with the response from the crowd. Therefore, positive reviews act as a magnet to potential buyers while negative reviews repulse them. As a result of these trends, companies have shifted their marketing strategies and adapted a more review-centric approach. It is evident that the plan works as Fabletics has grown to a revenue of over $235 million in four years. In a statement, the corporate marketing officer to Fabletics parent company said that the brand’s success is attributed to review-centric marketing approach.


Positive customer review directly reflects on an increased purchase, brand loyalty among customers, and customer retention. With the current digital exposure, a significant number of potential clients will research on a company’s product before purchase. As a result, the online reviews become an essential part of the decision. A recent study conducted by BrightLocal Study showed that 84 percent of people take online reviews with as much weight as a recommendation from someone. More than half the respondents revealed that they do business research at least once a month. It was an increase of 23% over a period of one year. Additionally, half of the customers read reviews regularly. 60 percent would not buy products from a poorly reviewed business.


The bottom line is that with authentic and genuine reviews, the business stands to register expansion in sales. The inclusion of customer reviews as a customer service build loyalty among them. Additionally, it increases their customer acquisition investment. Studies conducted by Moz and The Local SEO Guide indicates that positive online reviews improve the brand’s search ranking. Consequently, the brand stands to appear on the top page on an organic, local search result. It is evident that reviews drive revenue. BrightLocal findings showed that 74 percent of the people would pursue purchase after landing reviews on the landing page. According to a Yelp report, a one-star increases revenue by 5 percent while half a star rating leads to a 19 percent increase in restaurant sell out. TechStyle addresses and incorporate customer reviews into their products as a way of increasing repeat customers. Fabletics goes further to respond, manage and collect thousands of customer reviews. They boast of an 8.2 TrustScore. Today, the truth lies not only in what a brand says it is but also in what the customers say about it. TechStyle and Fabletics have adopted the review-centric strategy which has pushed their revenue to the top.


During Fabletics inception, Kate Hudson was heavily involved despite lacking the business background as a backing. She participated in reviewing budgets and picking social media strategy. Kate continues to engage herself in the design process actively. Her contributions ensure that the products are fresh and trendy. Additionally, she monitors the sales and keeps tab of the selling rate. Fabletics takes customers data which enables them to provide a client with products matching their needs. Filling the company’s LifeStyle Quiz will allow them to serve you better. Register with Fabletics, take the quiz and watch as they serve you with the best products that meet your needs.

Kate Hudson Is Promoting Fabletics

Kate Hudson and pop star Demi Lovato launched the first collaboration of Fabletics which garnered a lot of attention.


After all, this had to happen as Fabletics is always being appreciated and getting attention from all quarters. Demi finds its clothes cute. She also appreciates the fact that this company is always focused on inspiring women and empowering them. It is trying to make women better than what they are. This applies to all women and irrespective of their age or size. It simply wants women to become strong. This brand empowers women, and this is exactly what Demi loves about this company.


This Fabletics brand was founded in 2013. It is a fashion-oriented brand that provides workout wear. In such a short time, Kate Hudson and her team have turned it into a $250 million company. This is quite extraordinary as Kate is just an actress with no business background behind her.


The founders of this brand are the same who founded TechStyle Fashion Group. Namely, these are Don Ressler besides Adam Goldenberg. When they decided to launch a workout wear in 2013, they realized the absence of any quality and stylish workout wear brand which was also priced reasonably. Only workout wear that was available was in black and gray color for women. Besides, it was grossly overpriced too.


Both of them wanted to change this. They required a partner at this time and Kate Hudson was the first person who came to their mind. This is because she was the true representation of whatever the brand Fabletics stood for. She is a warm and approachable person. Besides, she is known for her active lifestyle too.


She has become deeply involved in the brand from the beginning itself. She has become a part of all the aspects of this brand. This includes reviewing of budgets, selecting the appropriate social media strategy, and much more. She has involved herself in the designing process She makes sure that the styles always remain fresh. Kate keeps a close look at the sales figures too. Besides, she also knows which clothes are selling and which are not.


There are several celebrities who are endorsing the products but not using them. This does not apply to Kate Hudson. This is because she loves to wear as well as flaunt her Fabletics gear. This also indicates that she believes in this brand.


In spite of all this, success has not been easy for Fabletics. There were several hurdles to be crossed before reaching this position.


This company is providing the best products at a highly affordable price. They even trashed their first order due to its poor quality. This even led to a delay in their launch by nearly six months. This is a clear indication of how seriously they consider the quality of their products. This is a brand that is quite fanatical about its quality.


Kate Hudson has made communication a priority at Fabletics. Hence the company has upgraded its customer service. Besides, it has implemented a new data system too.

Fabletics: Exceeding the Impossible

Starting a business is an incredibly difficult task. Each industry has its own degree of difficulty, but fashion seems to be the hardest. Unlike other industries, fashion is a fast-moving and ever-changing environment. What’s popular one day is old and played out the next day. On top of that, there are countless designers and brands trying to make a name for themselves.

If starting a fashion line wasn’t hard before, now that Amazon controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market, it’s nearly impossible to succeed. Success may to nearly impossible, but it’s not completely impossible. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not only succeeding, it’s challenged Amazon for the number one spot.

Fabletics specializes in customer experience. The company was founded with common people in mind. Everything Fabletics does is for the benefit of members. That’s what makes Fabletics such a high-value brand. Not only does it have good prices and good quality products, but it’s focused on brand recognition and last-mile service.

It’s no wonder that members have even taken to Fabletic’s physical stores. Likening themselves to companies like Apple, branching into the real world is paying off. Currently, Fabletics has 16 stores and plans on opening more by the end of next year.

Unlike other stores, which are getting killed by offline browsing – online shopping, Fabletics discovered a way to bypass that pitfall. Everyone shops online these days, meaning they’re not shopping in stores; only looking around. That’s why using the pop-up store strategy only works if the company’s got a few extra millions lying around.

Fabletics hosts events and other activities to bring customers in. Each store learns about the local markets and figures out which items are selling and which aren’t. That’s why nearly one-fourth of new shoppers become members in store.

According to a non-sponsored reviewer, Fabletics is an amazing brand. She never expected the quality to be as high as it was. For the price, she expected a plain pair of leggings. Fortunately for her, the leggings had great compression, held their shape, and still haven’t faded. Fabletics also has an endless variety of styles for every trend. She dares anyone to not be able to find something they like on Fabletics.

If anyone is curious about Fabletics, take their lifestyle quiz and find out.

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How to Become a Model in Print or Press

Becoming a fashion model is the dream of many. However, not many people suit the profile to become models. The most prevalent way of becoming a model is to be discovered by a modeling scout whom fashion houses have all over the globe. If you have the looks, the body, and all the attributes, you will get noticed sooner or later. Not everyone is that lucky. One has to be very careful in ascertaining the authenticity of the scout and modeling agency.

You can decide to be proactive and send your pictures to a modeling agency. Most of the top agencies have websites, and you can find their contact information on there. You can send a few simple but elegant pictures of yourself, and if you get a positive response, you can start developing your portfolio. You may also put a website with well-taken pictures of you, and you may get discovered online. If the modeling agency contacts you and is interested in acquiring your services, you are on your way.

A print or press model does not necessarily mean a fashion model. It means your photos will be published in the endorsement of a particular product. You may have to move to the city where the agency headquarters are located, but a model’s life is a life of travel. Though difficult at first, once you get your first contract agreeing to model for a certain product e.g. hair product, you will be a print model.

Brown Modelling Agency

Brown Agency was formed in October of 2015 when Wilhelmina Austin bought Heyman Talent-South. The two companies merged to form a full-service agency to become one of the biggest agencies in Texas. The Brown Agency is headquartered in Austin and has models that work for some of the largest corporate brands in the world. Such brands include Toyota, Dell, Louis Vuitton and L’Oreal. The combination of the two companies has allowed models with developed portfolios be able to gain a lot of exposure with much larger firms. The Brown Agency is now able to acquire talent on a much greater scale.

Models of Brown Modelling Agency now grace some of the best runways in the business including Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week to name a few. The transformation of latent to fully fledged professional models is a massive undertaking that the agency has taken on with much success.

Brown Modelling Agency is the forerunner in acquiring modeling talent in the state of Texas. They have experienced staff that knows the industry very well. They have extremely high standards since they know how competitive the market is. Brown is a company set to make big waves in the modeling industry’s future. For more info, visit the Brown Agency’s social media pages on CrunchBase or Twitter.