Southridge Capital, providing you with innovative financial solutions

Southridge Capital offers public companies with structured finance and advisory. It is committed to assisting to different clients satisfy their needs by providing a wide range of creative financial solutions. Southridge Capital has an executive team with deep insight of the marketplace who are experts at curating and are dedicated to financial plan execution for clients. Since 1996, it has invested $1.8 billion directly into growth companies worldwide.


With its extensive experience in financing over 250 companies and highly-trained staff who advise on most corporate concerns, Southridge Capital is knowledgeable of issues that each growing company faces. It offers many services such as Financial Analysis in which it designs intricate projected financial statements that adhere to operational and accounting assumptions. The firm provides Balance Sheet Optimization which aims at supporting companies in maintaining the right capital structure and give them access to systems that will realize desired results.


Southridge Capital’s service of Mergers and Acquisitions procedures involve providing firms with access to business models that align well with an existing portfolio of a client. With regards to Restructuring Analysis helps businesses to achieve best restructuring outcomes by adhering to the most appropriate actions. Bankruptcy Advice service comprises of negotiating and structuring to enable companies to overcome bankruptcy. Legal Settlement Services aims at settling legal actions by defining all legal requirements and reducing the expenses and time spent by their clients. Southridge also offers Securitization, Financial Solutions, Credit Enhancing an Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA). Check out their website



Southridge Capital recognizes its need to be socially responsible and therefore engages in charitable acts formally and informally. It promotes voluntary work, community leadership, and charity because the company believes these to be the foundation of strengthening their organization and making a positive impact on the communities and general society. Stephen Hicks, the CEO and Founder of Southridge Capital, and his wife, Mary started the Daystar Foundation which supports various charitable organizations with the focus of making a direct impact and change to the lives of the less fortunate. To them supporting noble causes is not just their mission, but also their social and corporate responsibility.



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Peter Briger: Bringing Fortress Investment Group And Wall Street Together On Bitcoin

Back in 2013, a major meeting took place that would forever change the trajectory of Bitcoin. Wells Fargo executives sat down with the Fortress Investment Group to assess the chances of coming together to create the very first nationally regulated Bitcoin exchange.This project may have been controversial at the time but when Peter Briger delivered his pitch, all of these feelings began to melt away. He explained the appeal of Bitcoin to all of the present parties and provided them with a road map to the future.Bitcoin essentially functions as a form of digital gold that allows purchases to take place all over the world. He attempted to steer Wells Fargo in this direction but they pulled back from their potential partnership with Fortress Investment Group in the wake of a momentary Bitcoin crisis.

This meeting served as a precursor to Wall Street’s involvement with the cryptocurrency. Briger’s interest began back in 2013 and only continued to grow from there. In his mind, this technology simply made too much sense not to implement. Once American government officials decided to pledge their support to the new technology, Briger’s road became even easier. After the hearings took place, the same Wells Fargo officials that were once reticent to consider the possibilities when it came to Bitcoin had changed their tune completely. They were ready to consider all of the benefits that the cryptocurrency had to offer. This development also paved the way for a greater level of Wall Street involvement. After Wells Fargo decided that they were ready to work with Fortress Investment Group, this is what set the stage for what was to come.

While Wells Fargo eventually decided to pull out of this involvement after a Bitcoin executive was arrested for money laundering, the process that would culminate in Wall Street’s involvement had already begun.Briger’s actions allowed the negotiation process to begin and this is considered to be an instrumental moment in Bitcoin’s journey. This cryptocurrency that was once thought to be the exclusive domain of Silk Road drug peddlers has since become a legitimate form of currency. Fortress Investment Group is at least partially responsible for this shift and Peter Briger led the charge. The negotiation process may have taken a few years to be completed but thanks to the efforts of Briger, Wall Street was able to take the time that that they needed to investigate and now their venture into Bitcoin is stronger than ever before.

Popular Online Bank Expands Their Services And Features

There is a great online bank that is based in Dallas, Texas and PRN News has dubbed them one of the largest financial institutions in the industry. NexBank is spearheaded by president and CEO, John Holt. He recently spoke at a financial convention and promoted the idea of hiring new leadership professionals to his team. They are backed by $40 million dollars in assets to ensure that your money is always protected. NexBank is also FDIC insured and has a strong commitment to three core banking practices. They focus on industrial, investment, and business banking for their customers.

NexBank Features


– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA account

– Free online bill pay

– Anytime access

– Transfer money between accounts

and more….

You no longer have to worry about the direction of your hard earned money. Experience the benefits of knowing that your money can earn 1.9% interests in a secure interest bearing savings account. There is a friendly 24/7 customer service professional standing by to answer your questions or concerns when and where you need it. Relax knowing that your money is in good hands and you have access to your account at any time.

NexBank offers their customers and their parents over 1,600+ college savings opportunities. They have merged with New Jersey based College Savings Bank to ensure that their customers can save on college tuition and other expenses. The rising cost of college doesn’t have to leave your in massive student loan debit. Customers can also get a lower interest rate and mortgage monthly payments with a first time homeowner program through their mortgage accounts at NexBank. They have partnered with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity to make local residents dreams of owning a home a reality.

You’re invited to become a NexBank customer today by visiting their exclusive online website.