Emily McClure’s Experiment with Wen by Chaz


Wen by Chaz is a type of hair care product that is reported to have the “magical touch”. In February 2016, Emily McClure reported that the put the product to the test on herself. She reported that on her first day of using WEN, she felt as if her hair had become thicker and that less strands were falling out. However, when she woke up the next day, her hair was greasy. 

On the third day, her hair was still greasy but not quite as much so. She was sure to wash the product completely out before using the blowdryer.  She attempted to alleviate the greasiness by using a lot of the shampoos and conditioners at the salon that she worked at. Nothing worked and she was counting down the hours until she could shower again. 

On the fifth day, McClure curled her hair after washing and drying it. She reported that her waves fell very quickly but that her hair was supersoft from WEN. 

On the sixth day, McClure finally made it a point to shower in the morning and stated that she prefers to do so at night. She was out with friends that night and reported that they gave her numerous compliments on her hair.

On the seventh and last day, McClure posted on facebook and reported that she experienced the same phenomenon as on the fifth day. That her curls fell faster than she would have liked but that her hair was very soft. 

The Wen hair cleansing products were founded by Chaz Dean, who started out as a photographer. After taking several photography courses and moving to Los Angeles, he was inspired to enroll in cosmetology school. This led to his profession in cutting, coloring and styling hair.

The Wen products are sold on Amazon and designed to produce the clean, shiny hair look without the sulfates. They are also designed to be simultaneously anti-frizz, hydrating and nourishing. However, as McClure points out, it’s only recommended to make Wen your go-to product if you shower in the morning and every day.