Herbalife Nutrition Facts

Herbalife Nutrition is a worldwide organization that is objective is to maintain good health to people by providing them with the proper nutrition.Herbalife Nutrition focuses on proper personal care products which are well balanced with nutrition and some that are backed to embrace the lifestyle.

Herbalife is focused on maintaining the health of the athletes and teams globally as it operates in more than 190 countries across the world.it have been in the position of employing many people to encourage good health care.

Herbalife nutrition has collaborated with the American red cross to allow blood donation and has been in the run for decades of years whereby Herbalife Nutrition through its ability to produce balanced nutrition are appreciated by this organization to support more to contribute to donate blood as they are given advice and Herbalife24 sports products.

Herbalife nutrition has been in the position to produce products that are widely used by the victims that donate blood called protein Deluxe Bars that replaces the blood they have donated as it has balanced diet as they are balanced in vitamin B2 and B6 that enable the quick building of red blood cells. The program has made it possible for saving many peoples lives that are approximated to be 25000 per year.

Herbalife has made it possible to encourage blood donation even through social media sectors where it tries to capture the benefits and importance of blood sharing to others.

On becoming a member of Herbalife nutrition company you earn and invest anywhere as a distributor and offered other discounts of their products online.

American Red Cross principles have made this success of the two teams to collaborate and interact deeply as their principles are matching with those ones of Herbalife nutrition.

Herbalife nutrition has made it possible to mobilize suppling of support and personal needs to the needed victims and creating them shelters, clothing’s food, and clean water through the Herbalife family foundation.

Herbalife has been able to participate in different platforms such as the Missing Types Campaign that have made it possible to save many lives of patients who have been hospitalized are in needy that was participated on July 2018. Herbalife nutrition has made it possible by providing free training to the donors drawing attention to a large group of people globally trying to show sympathy to the affected victims as the American Red Cross says in every 2 seconds there is the need for blood donation.



Sussex Healthcare

Recently, a Medical Daily Times article praised the award winning Sussex Healthcare organization on their stellar 25 years in the healthcare business. Primarily a privately run residential living home for elder care, Sussex Healthcare also cares for adults with special cognitive, physical and neurological needs at several southern coast of England living care facilities. With 20 healthcare facilities now under the large umbrella platform of Sussex Healthcare, this healthcare provider remains true to their initial calling to provide exemplary care to those individuals entrusted to their care. This large healthcare network still manages to deliver highly personalized care and other services to their many valued clients.

Sussex Healthcare is excited to celebrate their 25th anniversary of providing elder and disabled adult care in this beautiful region. Many of the gorgeous buildings that house these famed residential living homes are well known historical buildings in this spectacular area along this part of England’s sensational coastal region. Some of these facilities have wonderful gardens that provide a stunning backdrop for these charming homes. The interiors have been decorated to convey a warm homey atmosphere that many visitors are surprised by. This healthcare organization remains determined to continue its long history of offering the best healthcare that is available with old-fashioned customer service.

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This longstanding healthcare provider of 25 years of amazing service is currently hiring at many of it’s residential and community based facilities and outreach programs. This is an exciting time to be employed in the healthcare sector, and Sussex Healthcare offers an impressive competitive salary rate, fantastic pension benefits, continued employee education and so much more. The organization needs trained direct care employees as well as others skilled in this institution’s many supportive staff position duties. These open job positions include nursing staff, laundry services, qualified nutritionists, multiple therapist positions, housekeeping workers, computer experts, administrative positions and more.

For an up-to-date review of all of these rewarding job positions, interested individuals can browse the company’s easy-to-navigate website. Sussex Healthcare continues to ensure that the persons under their care are able to live their lives fully. The supportive staff enable residents to stay involved in hobbies and pursuits that the residents have previously enjoyed. In addition, lively group activities gives every resident the choice to learn new skills like cookery, music enjoyment, art classes, crafts and fun games. Take time to see for yourself what Sussex Healthcare has to offer.

Waiakea Water: Great Tasting Valconic Water

The average American drinks 21 gallons of bottled water a year. It is astonishing to think about. Most of us have perfectly drinkable water coming out of our taps at home; we even use it to brush our teeth, but if you ask us to drink it… We would rather drink out of a plastic bottle; our hopes are that the companies selling the water are not lying when they say how filtered and safe their water is.

Hawaii Volcanic Water

A company named Waikae in Hawaii sells Hawaii Volcanic Water. The water is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock. Volcanic rock filters water so well that it the volcanic water is considered the cleanest and purest water in the world.

The water is packed with minerals:

  • Magnesium
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Silica

The volcanic water benefits from these minerals are all perfect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Magnesium alone is crucial for maintaining a healthy heart and strong blood vessels.

Who Is Waiakea?

Waiakea was founded in 2012 and was one of the first volcanic water suppliers in Hawaii. In 2015 Waiakea was the most awarded beverage in North America. Their mission is not only to supply great tasting, healthy water but also to help keep the environment healthy as well.

Environmental Friendly

Recycling is becoming more and more popular these days. Everyone knows that plastic has been a big issue when it comes to the health of our beautiful planet. A plastic water bottle can take an average of 450 years and can even take up to 1,000 years to degrade. Meaning that one water bottle that flew out of your truck while you were driving, or you accidentally let blow away in the wind will be around for centuries. Waiakea has created a bottle that they will fully start using in 2018; this plastic bottle will degrade in just 15 years and to top it off the bottle is made from 100 percent recycled plastic.


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up with Others to Provide Prostate Screenings

Prostate cancer is something that affects one in every seven men, and there are groups out there that are looking to protect men from cancer and all that it brings with it. The National Football League Alumni Association has teamed up with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well as LabCorp Team to help men get screened. These organizations have come together to help men get screened. They would like to find cancer before it becomes a big issue, and they are offering free screenings to two thousand men.

These organizations would like to help those who would not get screened without their help.The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great organization that is supporting those who are faced with cancer. This organization is there for people throughout the whole process of dealing with cancer, and it is supportive in a way that sets it apart from some of the other cancer organizations out there.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America knows that each individual fights cancer in their own way and they work with the individual to make sure that they have the personalized help that they need to move past cancer.There are a number of side effects that go along with cancer and the treatments that are used to deal with it. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working hard to help those individuals who are faced with cancer to deal with the side effects. This organization is trying to bring about solutions to the various side effects that such people face.

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Jim Tananbaum: Going From Physical to Mental Health

The study of mental or cognitive function has always been a subjective pursuit, unlike other medical sciences which rely on irrefutable facts. This is a problem for those who are studying mental or cognitive illnesses. Until now. Mind strong Health, a startup which focusses on mental health issues, is proceeding with an innovative technology which tracks cognitive function of patients based on the way they use their smart phones. The company has raised $14 million in the process. The technology takes into account various parameters such as the way the person using the smartphone types and scrolls on the device. In short, this technology will allow researchers to study mental illnesses objectively.

Needless to say, this is huge news for the mental health world. For those who are skeptical about this method, Mindstrong Health has said that they will release data regarding their research they have done so far. Mental health issues is a worldwide phenomenon. Smartphones are available everywhere. That means the potential to do research and diagnosis is virtually unlimited. The Fund raising was led by Foresite Capital, ARCH Venture Partners, Berggruen Holdings, Optum Ventures, and One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund. Mindstrong is based in Palo Alto, California.

Jim Tananbaum is the founder and CEO of Foresite Capital and has been in the health care investment world for nearly 25 years. His company has $1.1 billion in assets under his management. Even before he started Forsite Capital he co-founded two healthcare investment and two biopharmaceutical companies. While finishing medical school at Harvard, he started a pharmaceutical company called GelTex, which developed two drugs that went on to do over $1 billion dollars’ worth of business. GelTEx was later sold for $ 1.6 billion. Check out Crunchbase for more details.

Other major Investments Jim Tananbaum has been involved in include Amira Pharmaceuticals, Healtheon, Amerigroup, and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. Along with his medical degree from Harvard Jim holds a B.S and B.S.E.E degree from Yale, M.S degree from MIT and an M.B.A from Harvard Business School. Forbes has named Mr. Jim Tananbaum among 100 best venture investors for three years in a row now.

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New Nobilis Trade Call and Company Expansion Announced

Pinky Swear Grows On December 11, 2014, 9-year-old Mitch Chepokas withdrew his entire $6000 savings from the bank and gave it to help fellow patients in the pediatric oncology floor of his hospital, the University of Minnesota Children’s Hospital. The 9 yr. old’s goal goal was to spread as much holiday cheer as possible to children like him who were making the fight of their lives. Knowing that he would probably not survive to see the next December 11, Mitch influenced his dad “pinky swear” to keep helping kids with cancer. That formed the Pinky Swear Foundation and now, after 10 years, Mitch’s father and associates have been raising money to keep up the giving In December 2015, Nobilis decided they would become a part of the helping group, too. They are now the corporate partner of the Pinky Swear Foundation. New Name New Expansion This year, Northstar Healthcare Inc. (NHC) changed its exchange name to Nobilis Health Corp. Harry Fleming, President, announced, “We are happy to introduce our patients, physician-partners, and investors to Nobilis Health Corp.” The change is a red tape one, since the company will be expanding into American business markets, and by changing their name to Nobilis, the company avoids confusion with entities using the Northstar name on American stockhouse exchanges. The Nobilis registration statement is pending with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Nobilis seeks a dual listing on a notable United States exchange in early 2015. Nobilis will continue to trade on the TSX as ‘NHC.’ The company will begin trading on the TSX under the new name ‘Nobilis Health Corp.’ in the next trading days pending the final TSX clearance.

Mission Purpose of Nobilis

The health care company partners with physicians in ownership/management of ambulatory and acute care facilities and many healthcare services. . Additionally they own one acute care hospital in Houston and own and manage interests in two imaging centers and one urgent care clinic also in Houston. The business move is a prudent and timely one as health care interests within the industry are all doing well and experiencing growth and expansions. Harry Fleming will remain as President of Nobilis Health Corporation and vanguard its innovations and expansion interests. .