Deirdre Baggot: Building a Career in the Healthcare Sector

Deirdre Baggot is a business strategist and the foremost expert on bundled payment in the health sector. In an interview with George Baker of, she explains her path to success and what motivates her. She currently works as a consultant on health care systems after working in Academic Healthcare for 10 years.

When she was growing up she worked in her dad’s office after school to make money for the summer camp. Baggot began her career in the medical profession as a nurse at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She went on to get a masters degree in leadership which propelled her to a leadership role and later on got a PhD. It is after this that her CEO encouraged her to go into consulting. . Find out more about Baggot at Beckers Hospital Review

She finds the fact that her job as a consultant allows her to provide solutions to her client’s problems fulfilling. The healthcare expert enjoys dealing with the challenge of helping them rethink their business models. Deirdre finds technology such as the Fitbit very exciting and sees it as an effective way to make people more health conscious.

Political changes are a major challenge for any business according to Deirdre Baggot who stays productive by setting goals. She ensures that she sets daily goals and since she loves her job she has no problem being motivated to work on those goals. Every entrepreneur has experienced failure and Deirdre says that it has been in those moments of disappointment when things didn’t go as planned that she learned the most.

About Deirdre Baggot

Baggot started her career at in 1997 at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital where she worked as a nurse and resource coordinator. She has held positions at different institutions including University of Michigan Health System and SCL Health in Colorado. She is married with two kids.

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Why Organo Gold Coffee Can Help You Live Even Better

For many people, coffee is intimidating. What brand, what flavor, and how much to drink are just a variety of questions floating around. However, one company, Organo, formerly Organo Gold has given us the best reasons, that are not intimidating at all, for enjoying coffee. It’s one of the healthiest beverages around.

Ten years ago, the founder or Organo, Bernardo Chua, stepped out of the comfort zone and blended drink that promotes better health. If increasing longevity isn’t reason enough to drink coffee everyday, how about a beverage that contains ingredients that are an effective tonic for just about everything. Shop now at

Researchers have already confirmed that three to five cups of coffee a day helps you live longer, but Organo Gold includes a pure medicinal mushroom that is a star in Asia. Ganoderma Lucidum, also known as the Reishi mushroom, grows mainly on deciduous trees, and used for centuries to treat everything from liver disease, allergies, and inflammation, to heart disease, blood disorders, and everything in-between. In fact, it has shown to be so effective that researchers are using this fungi in a variety of trials around the world. One of the known, standout healing effects of Reishi is counteracting histamine release, hence, protecting against allergies. It’s become one of the best-studied medicinal mushrooms in the world, and Organo already blends this in their coffee. Other ingredients that compliment the coffee include Green Tea, and Grapeseed Oil.

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Overall reviews on the product are somewhere around four point five stars, and any significant issues really are focused on jitters that caffeine can cause. However, jitters are a common issue with any beverage that contains caffeine, especially for people who are casual coffee drinkers.

More recently, Organo distributors applauded the launch of their new mobile app. Featured on Google Play, the independent distributors can make quick changes to their personal profiles, as well as keeping up with new, upcoming features and product information. The Organo app will also cut down on paperwork, and administrative phone calls since the app can provide sales and commission information. Watch this video on Youtube.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up with Others to Provide Prostate Screenings

Prostate cancer is something that affects one in every seven men, and there are groups out there that are looking to protect men from cancer and all that it brings with it. The National Football League Alumni Association has teamed up with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America as well as LabCorp Team to help men get screened. These organizations have come together to help men get screened. They would like to find cancer before it becomes a big issue, and they are offering free screenings to two thousand men.

These organizations would like to help those who would not get screened without their help.The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great organization that is supporting those who are faced with cancer. This organization is there for people throughout the whole process of dealing with cancer, and it is supportive in a way that sets it apart from some of the other cancer organizations out there.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America knows that each individual fights cancer in their own way and they work with the individual to make sure that they have the personalized help that they need to move past cancer.There are a number of side effects that go along with cancer and the treatments that are used to deal with it. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is working hard to help those individuals who are faced with cancer to deal with the side effects. This organization is trying to bring about solutions to the various side effects that such people face.

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IDLife Makes Yet another Strategic Business Move under the Leadership of Logan Stout

IDLife is one of the leading health and wellness companies in the United States and has grown to popularity and customer base exponentially in the last few years. The company recently tied up with the leader in the wearable technology products and services, Garmin International Inc. IDLife recently announced that the customers of the company would soon be able to buy the products of Garmin Ltd from the website of IDLife.

Shortly the data of the Garmin wearable device data can be tracked and viewed from and the IDWellness mobile application. It would ensure that the customers can monitor their health and any milestones they have achieved with ease. The journey to better health and overall wellness becomes much easier with the collaboration of services offered by these two companies.

IDLife helps the people to lead a healthy, smart, and active life by providing a broad range of health supplements, customized vitamins, and various types of nutritional products. The company has a simple yet highly effective IDLife Health Program that it asks its members to follow to revive their health and lead an active lifestyle. The integration of the Garmin wellness products with that of the IDLife would help the end users to get equipped with the correct tools needed to manage their health and get back on track regarding a healthy lifestyle.

One of the underlying reasons why Garmin and IDLife collaborated is because both the company feels that just a number on the scale doesn’t mean healthy, but it’s the number of factors working together to indicate whether a person is leading a healthy lifestyle or not. One of the best examples of this is the product by Garmin named Index Smart Scale, which shows a variety of health indicators other than weight.

Logan Stout is the man behind IDLife and is the founder as well as the CEO of the company. Logan Stout is a multi-talented personality and does not only serve as the chief executive officer of IDLife, but is also a best-selling author, highly sought-after keynote speaker, a leadership coach, and a philanthropist. Over the years, Logan Stout has been able to generate billions of dollars in revenue through his various endeavors.