Jason Hope- impact of Internet of Things on businesses

We are living in an Internet of Things Era. This is an era that is being driven by new technological innovations that are popping up every other day. Technological innovations that have been created by the concept of the Internet of Things are coming in thick and fast. It is also creating a revolution in the manner in which business is carried out. New business ideas and business models are taking shape every other day. So, with this biggest technological advancement taking place, how is the business sector supposed to benefit. To help discuss this issue, we will look at the arguments of passionate tech futurist, Jason Hope and more information click here.


Jason Hope has been predicting the trends in technology for some time now. As a commentator on the Internet of Things concept, Jason feels that the business sector will be the biggest beneficiary of its implementation. For example, he cites a case where the IoT is used to monitor and control temperatures in food factories. It means that a business that has invested in this type of IoT technology will have saved a lot of money since it is very unlikely that they will suffer unexpected losses. In the same case, customers get to enjoy quality food that is not stale or foods that are almost going bad.


Jason Hope continues to say that, the application of IoT is not only limited to temperatures control. It is a technology that can be applied to almost every single task that human beings carry out. From making coffee to switching lights to opening gates and learn more about Jason Hope.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope a futurist, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist. Out of these four, he is known for being a passionate technology enthusiast and a generous philanthropist. Jason was born in Scottsdale and grew up in Tempe. He has a bachelor’s degree in Finance and masters in business administration from the Arizona State University. It is therefore clear that he is well endowed regarding business skills. His educational background has enabled him to invest in startups that have great potential of growing into big companies and Jason’s lacrosse camp.


Jason started his journey in entrepreneurship by creating a mobile telecommunication company. He later moved on to his current businesses in philanthropy, startups investment and biotechnology.in his free time, Jason goes around schools in Scottsdale mentoring student. He also develops business management programs to help startups entrepreneurs manage their businesses effectively and follow his Twitter.


Besides his entrepreneurship and philanthropic life, Jason Hope has interests in the local politics in Arizona and https://medium.com/@jasonhope.

2016 Wessex Institute Programme

2016 has been a big year for the Wessex Institute Conferences. The cause of international knowledge transfer has been advanced a great deal by these events.

Whether the topic is Big Data, Sustainability, Waste Management, or Defence, these issues impact us all in one way or another. Held in locations around Europe, including Greece, Spain, and Italy, these conferences bring scholars from around the world together.

For example, the Comprail 2016 Conference was co-chaired by Dr Norio Tomii of Chiba Institute of Technology, Japan; Prof Bin Ning of Beijing Jiaotong University, China; and Dr Panos Tzieropoulos of the Polytechnique of Lausanne, Switzerland. This diversity of backgrounds and opinions allows for the true exchange and advancement of new ideas.