What Does Market America Offer You?

What does Market America offer you? Almost every Unfranchise owner talks about a sense of freedom with the Unfranshise option providing an income at your own schedule. What does that look like at, say, a view of your life with your feet on the ground?

Remember the grind? More accurately, that’s the grind, the grind, the grind. Oh, and the traffic, too.

It was, in fact, not nine to five, but seven to seven – 12 hour days and 12 hour nights, the length of day and night on the equator. In fact, you know you are straddling the planet’s midsection if the sun comes straight up out of the sea and dives back down like an Olympic diver doing a jack-knife dividing the day sharply in two.

For Allen this was the exact schedule he lived by – and he didn’t live anywhere near the equator. Allen, who wants his last name to be left out of this article, worked a grinding 12-hour shift five days a week at a print shop in a dingy-gray section of the city in a building that included a factory that produced upscale women’s gloves, and a business that nobody knew quite what it did. The name on the directory in the lobby said the third floor was occupied by “Tandem Brothers, Inc.” Nobody knew quite what that was.

The grind, the grind. Twelve hours in a print shop moving paper with a forklift, feeding ink into a dozen presses cranking out book covers, fliers, posters, menus, advertising, trade magazines, you name it. There goes your life. Yes, the pay was good, since half of the paycheck was overtime, but the maddening noise and the constant rush wore you down. When you caught a moment, you had to find something to do. No breathers allowed. In the car, staring at the car in front of you, your mind could never get past the idea that maybe there was something better out there.


Day after day after day, the grind. Then the traffic, which added a wasted hour to Allen’s day in the morning and another in the evening. This was life in the slow lane.

What does Market America offer a poor soul, like Allen?

Market America offers the Allen(s) of this world a schedule that is beyond the normal comprehension of the nine-to-five or seven-to-seven time slave. Complete freedom to set your own goals and your own schedule is so radical an idea to most people, they hardly can believe it even exists. The grind really does constrict your imagination to the point where imagining something better is like trying to name the formless shapes in an abstract painting – it’s hard to name something if it has no name or if it’s so far out of reach you can barely see it.

Unfranchise owners call this freedom. Wake when you want, sleep when you’re tired, nap at your leisure, declare next week an spontaneous vacation week … how does that sound?


No clearing all that with your supervisor, your boss – not with anyone. In fact, many people find it difficult to adjust to a complete day, week, year, in which you figure out your goals and your schedule by yourself. . But it’s one of those things: Once you get a taste of it, it’s hard to go back.

And then there’s the boss, the boss, the boss. It’s a whole line up of bosses if you work in a large company or a line up of bosses throughout your career if you move from company to company.

We could fill a book about horrible bosses. In fact, someone made a movie with that name – an a sequel, too. But here’s the thing a therapist psychoanalyst once told a patient of hers, “If you have a good boss, you’re very lucky. If you have a bad boss, there’s nothing you can do about it.”

For the most part, that’s true.

What can Market America do for you if you are in the latter category, enduring the passive-aggressive whims of a Napoleonic (not to say demonic) supervisor or company boss?

With the Unfranchise system, it is guaranteed you will love your boss. You will find them amusing, fair, supportive, honest and give you very clear instructions every time. When they need to manage, they manage, and they learn, learn, learn all the time. When they need to roll up their sleeves, they don’t hesitate in the slightest.

And, they will never take credit for what you do and they pay you exactly what you earn – down to the last penny.

Of course, that very supportive boss is you yourself. Want a raise? Don’t even bother to ask – you got it.

And then there’s the job security problem. What if your company folds up shop, goes bankrupt, moves out of the country?

All those problems are put to rest with Market America’s Unfranchise system. And because the solutions to those issues are built into the system, those problems can never even arise, ever.


With the Unfranchise system, everyone’s efforts benefit the entire team, the entire family of Market America. Nothing relies on one person – this is like a beehive. Everyone busy, c’mon team! You can’t go bankrupt in a company like that, because the work and the benefits are teamwork oriented. How’s that for job security?

Will Market America move out of the country? Well, guess what? It already has.

In fact, as SHOP.COM is on the Internet as the world’s 43rd largest Internet retailer, Market America has already gone global. Does it hurt you when the company does that? Just the opposite. Discounts continue, cash back offerings increase, profit margins rise, price scalability kicks in … what’s good for the goose is good for the gander here, folks. The system is meltdown proof.

Good-bye grind. Good-bye traffic. Good-bye schedule. Good-bye bosses. Can’t beat that, as they say, with a stick.