Workville Brings Shared Office Space To NYC

The Inspiration of Co-Working Spaces

There’s a new trend in the world today that’s all about sharing. We have ride-sharing though Uber and Lyft and we also are seeing a growing trend towards shared work spaces. The shared workspace often works through memberships, in which a freelance worker or a team of workers pay a set amount every month that enables them to use an office space that is shared with other workers. This setup can be great for workers financially, as it gives them a “neutral” workspace away from home without having the cost of signing a lease and furnishing a space. Yet a new study is also showing that there is even more benefit to this concept than previously known.

Working and Thriving

Researchers are now finding that workers who share a space report their feeling of “thriving” to be higher than average, at about a 6 or 7 on a ten point scale of measurement. The big question is why.

One of the big bonuses in the shared work environment seems to be that workers there have a feeling that their work is meaningful to them. In this kind of shared space, a person working on their own project is not in any kind of competition with the other people in the space. This alleviates work stress and can also give the worker more pride in their own individual work.

Co-working spaces also offer opportunities for workers to lend a hand to others in their space, which also promotes pride and good feeling. Over 1700 co-working spaces in the US have signed an online document called the “Co-working Manifesto,” which outlines a mission of being part of a supportive work environment.

One of the places currently seeing success as a co-working space is Workville in New York. Workville offers to rent Manhattan offices for the community located near Times Square in New York City. It offers a clean, bright “sun-drenched” workspace that is available in various tiers, at various prices.

Workville is really catching on for motivated freelance workers in New York. It offers three work terraces, a coffee bar, and a place to work hard at the hours the worker sets. All of this is available at a working person’s price level and budget.

There’s no doubt the shared community idea is catching on, with a mission to help people work and get along beautifully in the process.