Jeremy Goldstein Works with Fountain House Again

There are a lot of prominent business professionals getting into philanthropy for many reasons. The most selfish reason is that people like working with companies that do charity work. Some people realize that if they donate a small portion of their time to charity, it makes it seem like they really care about something other than money and success.


Jeremy Goldstein is not one of those people. He equally splits his time between work and local nonprofits that actually accomplish things. At his law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, he’s dealt a lot with executive compensation and corporate governance.


Mr. Goldstein also dedicates a lot of his time to upholding the high standards set by the American Bar Association. He even sits as their chair of the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee – Business Section. He also works with several law journals, often talking about executive compensation and corporate governance.


When he’s not working on a big case or transaction, he’s donating his time to local nonprofits. He’s very passionate about the work Fountain House accomplishes. Fountain House is a New York-based organization that focuses on the recovery of patients who have a mental illness.


One of the things Jeremy Goldstein started doing to raise money and awareness for Fountain House’s mission is hosting high-profile wine dinners. Initially, he planned on hosting one dinner and spreading the message of awareness, but guests enjoyed themselves so much; he had to host a second dinner.


Currently, he’s working with Fountain House to prepare for their Eleventh Annual Fountain House Fall Fete. Last year, they honored George Petrides, a banker struggling with Bipolar II condition for much of his life. Petrides “came out” and decided to work with Fountain House.


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The new online referral service is a breakthrough for New York lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein

The new online referral service is a breakthrough for New York lawyers like Jeremy.

Finding the appropriate lawyer to handle a case has always been an uphill task for the people of New York. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association and its branch Referral and Information Service (LRIS), the process is not going to be a hustle anymore as an online portal for persons looking for a lawyer has been launched. Individuals that are in need of a lawyer can access or use the telephone support service that has been put in place by the LRIS. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

This service of lawyer referrals and information will ease the pressure of those looking for a lawyer and also expand the practices of the attorneys in New York. It is important to note that any individual looking for a lawyer will be matched with a sound lawyer that had been evaluated by the New York State bar association.

LRIS is a service combining the efforts of and the New York Bar Association with a united stand to ensure that lawyers can be able to provide extensive legal services reaching to a more significant number of people. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Also, LRIS aims at creating an online trusted stop point where one seeking to find a lawyer can be pointed in the right direction and matched with the appropriate person.

The online service is a straightforward one with the individual looking for a lawyer logging in the portal and having to fill out a series of questionnaires that try to find out the legal aspect of the issue the individual has and their location.

After that, the survey will be reviewed, and the individual will be matched with the appropriate attorney by the State Bar Staff. Also, if the individual resides in other counties that have a service for a lawyer referral, the State Bar will convey the request to the appropriate Bar Association of the county.

The references that are forwarded by the State Bar Association are not charged but a fee of $35 is paid after the first half hour of talking to the lawyer one was linked to. Exceptions are made in the cases where one has suffered injury, matters of malpractice in medicine, unemployment and military law.

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in New York who focuses on giving insights to committees dealing with compensation and also on the matters concerning the corporate leadership. Jeremy Goldstein is among the principal partners of Jeremy L Goldstein & Associates a firm that he founded.

All About Ricardo Tosto’s Law 13,254

Ricardo Tosto Carvalho, the founding partner of Leite, Barros and Tosto law firm, is positive that law 13,254 which was dated on 13th January 2016 will create a pathway for technical exchanges between Brazilian lawyers and foreign lawyers. Gil Vente Gama agrees with Ricardo and says that technical partnerships can hasten procedures between two or more countries as in the case of the asset regularization project abroad which involve Brazil and the resource host country. This project of repatriation of resources took long before it was approved by the Congress. Ricardo Tosto remembers that at first the income tax and fine was 17.5% each which was to be levied on the current exchange rate. However, both income tax rate and fine reduced to 15% after discussions.

Ricardo Tosto also in his law 13254 highlighted the possibility of clearing crimes such as tax evasion, misconduct and money laundering. He says that amnesty will not be granted to serious crimes cases like corruption, drug trafficking. The partnership between Brazilian and foreign lawyers will homogenize laws and depict those who intend to keep resources hidden. Ricardo Tosto Tosto denotes in this project that it’s unlawful to keep resources abroad without the consent of the Brazilian tax authorities and so this project will ensure regulation of such cases. He adds that the close ties between these advocate professionals in multiple countries will ensure resources do not divert unlawfully outside Brazil.

Ricardo Tosto studies bachelor in law Mackenzie University of Presbyterian and has extended Business Administration from the AAPF. He is among the greatest entrepreneurs and strategists of law in Brazil. He has defended people and companies in which some cases have had a national effect. He is a quality lawyer who clearly knows limits that he should not pass while working. He is experienced since he has advocated for governments, transnational groups, for politicians and pro- bono for non-governmental organizations.

Ricardo Tosto through Leite, Tosto e Barros has made a very significant contribution in Brazil as a certain client who works in a certain company says that it’s the first on their list when they are taking a legal action since it increases the value of their strategies.

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Ross Abelow: An Attorney and Philanthropist

Misunderstandings often fuel the vicious cycles of homelessness, starvation, and neglect so prominently seen in today’s world. It is not common knowledge to know just how many animals are without food, water, and adequate shelter each day, and few platforms exist that allow others to get the word out. However, those with a strong sense of compassion brainstorm ideas in an attempt to benefit the population of the voiceless by allowing them to be heard, and the final idea is often to take to social media.

Newspapers are seemingly a thing of the past, and the population mostly takes to social media as a means to learn the world’s current happenings., for example, is a website designed for people to accept charitable donations from complete strangers across the globe. Medical bills, weddings, and travel opportunities have been made possible with the platform, but few use it to help the homeless animal population. Ross Abelow, however, is a New York attorney intent on getting help for the skyrocketing population of homeless animals. Taking to the well-known website for assistance, Abelow has set a goal of five thousand dollars. These funds will go directly to shelters across the state in order to abate the costs of food, vaccines, electricity, and medical care for animals.

Launched on January 13, 2016, the campaign illustrated the problems associated with animals across the city being hungry and outside in the cold. Shelters in the city have over fifty thousand stray animals to take care of each day, and the costs of doing so are truly astronomical. Though the financial aspects of reducing the stray population are important, raising awareness is the most effective means to completely abolish the homeless animal population.

The attorney specializes in entertainment, matrimonial, and family law, so there is no denying his compassionate soul nor the understanding that animals are family if welcomed as such. Well-educated, experienced, and savvy to social media, Abelow works tirelessly as a philanthropist when he is not in the courtroom. Combining modern capabilities with ancient world problems, the lawyer is engrossed in his cause to help animals. Hoping to meet and even exceed the five thousand dollar goal, Ross will not soon give up fighting for such an important cause.

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