Anarchy Comes to Venezuela

The music and fiction world is filled with interesting and speculative presentations of societies thrown into anarchy. Punk rock music bands sing songs about anarchy. Science-fiction films such as Mad Max provide glimpses into the fall of society. In these presentations, things aren’t always so bad. The situation is presented is adventurous.
In Venezuela, the world can see the actual descent of society into anarchy. The images are not darkly romantic or wildly adventurous.

In real life, when society and civilization start to collapse, people suffer. Such is the case in Venezuela where food and essential household items are in incredibly short supply. The situation is not a positive one and, sadly, the youngest and weakest in the population seem to suffer the most. Again, the scenario reflects real life and not a science-fiction landscape.

Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa is suggesting there is anything wrong with bizarre fantasy worlds, but people do have to realize that certain infrastructures in society exist for a reason. When a country’s governmental infrastructure begins to collapse, things change for the dire.

If anything, the disaster in Venezuela should serve as a warning to those who do not see the danger in allowing an incompetent government to have a free reign to make bad decisions. Voters like Velasquez Figueroa have to be informed and make proper choices when those running the proverbial show are running it into the ground. Of course, real life does always allow for making the right steps easy to accomplish.