New World Entrepreneur, Marc Sparks

As an entrepreneur, often the role models that we aspire to did really incredibly cold things to become who they are, but that is only the movie star version of what entrepreneurship is really. Small businesses account for more contributions to the tax base than any other group in America.

This means that entrepreneurs exist in all forms, and success is varied and assessed in vastly different ways. I thought that entrepreneurs were the glossy version, and I only sought those types out to inform and mentor me throughout my rise. Of course, these people only reinforced stereotypes.

I also found that many of these people had haphazardly made their fortunes, and they lost as much as they won. Because of this, this group of people was always changing, and so were their literal and figurative fortunes.

They chalked this tremendous ratio between people who lost their wealth and those that had retained their wealth to the way things simply were. They had a built-in belief that people simply made the wrong bet and lost vast fortunes when the real case was that their vast personalities had engineered these downfalls.

Because of this revelation, I started to seek out entrepreneurs that had other priorities besides conspicuous consumption. These people had social priorities that would better the world in which we live, and true to form, these responsible entrepreneurs retained their wealth almost completely as a group.

Their responsibility obviously permeated every part of their lives. I gained some real insight from this, and if I was not this naturally responsible, I could at least mimic their styles in order to gain the perspective that would make me an entrepreneur in the same mold as these people.

One of the responsible entrepreneurs that I mimic is Marc Sparks. Sparks is based in Dallas and mentors budding entrepreneurs, and specifically those with start up companies. It is at this phase that Sparks feels he can engage people with the most effect.

This information is invaluable as is an entrepreneur of Marc Sparks stature making themselves available for anyone and especially people who have not yet made their fortunes. I follow all of his ideals, and they are sound.

I have no problem telling budding entrepreneurs to study the way entrepreneurs like Sparks do things, but more importantly, to understand why he does things in the manner in which he does.