Reputation Management Tips management is a critical aspect of marketing in this world of the Internet. Reputation means online reputation, and there are tools and methods used for the purpose of managing an online reputation. To learn more, read Steven B. Scheck. “Effective Ways to Manage Your Business’s Online Reputation.”, 23 August 2016.

In his article, Scheck describes six Online Reputation Management Tips that are proven effective in online reputation management. First, Scheck says Claim Your Name Brand. It would seem obvious that the owner of any recognized product brand would make efforts to protect that brand, but in the new world of social media, that seems less true. The risk, Scheck says, is that someon may jump out into social media to begin misrepresenting the brand, and the brand holder needs to guard against this by taking steps to represent the brand positively.

Next is Monitor Your Brands Reputation, and that almost goes without saying. Monitoring the reputation is a precursor to maximizing it, and efforts must be made to do so.

Next is Respond to Criticism. This is an important aspect of communication with customers and potential customers who have crticized the brand, and the various aspects of social media lend well to this effort.
Register in Reputable Local Business Directories, Scheck says, although this is surely easier said than done. Find the reputable directories first, of which there are probably several, and then choose the one or two that can most effectively build online reputation.
Finally, Scheck recommends that a brand manager Publish Quality Content. This is especially useful when registering with local directories. Informative and relevant content also helps with Google rankings and is a very effective search engine optimization tool. Customers seek good content online when choosing a brand and base buying decisions on the content they find.