The Unique Creation of Organo Gold

About the Founders

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Chua who is proficient in network marketing needed someone to supervise the company. Thus, he was assisted by Shane Morand who helped him co-found Organo Gold.

The chief medical consultant for Organo Gold is Dr. Irma, and there also is a Scientific Advisory Board that is assists the company’s practice. Since Oregano Gold’s open in 2008, a partner company called the Biology Research Center has opened in Fujian, China. This facility is used to certify the components of Organo Gold’s coffee and the president of the Biology Research Center is Dr. Li Xiaoyu.

As Organo Gold continues to grow in popularity, facilities in China, Canada, and the United States have opened.

The Product’s Contents

Bernardo Chua wanted to create a gourmet coffee product that would be unique in its approach of pleasing consumers. So, instead of just using gourmet coffee beans, Chua mixes ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom known as reishi, and the combination produces a unique Asian Herb.

By doing this Chua has created a product that not only has great ant-viral properties, but Organo Gold claims the ganoderma is able to assist in managing cholesterol. The one of a kind composition of this coffee makes it a product that stands far above any of its competitors seen in coffee shops, stores, and malls.

Due to the coffee success, Organo Gold has also begun to make other ganoderma products.

The New Products include:

• Ganoderma Supplements

• A Latte Blend with Ganoderma

• A Unique Hot Chocolate with Ganoderma

• A Green Tea Blended with Ganoderma

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