Beneful Leads the Pet Food Market With Health Conscious Options for Pets

Beneful is one of the leading brands of pet food on the market today. They are owned by the Nestle Purina Corporation. Their pet food is known for their high quality ingredients and their focus on animal health. They are known for their unique tracking system that ensures that all raw ingredients are tracked from the moment they reach the Purina Store Beneful plant until the time it is packaged and out of the door. By 2014 Beneful had sold over 1.5 million meals. Beneful pet foods is produced in their plants in Arizona, Georgia and Iowa. All of their food meets FDA and USDA regulations. Beneful is a company that takes the added effort to test and analyze their food during the entire process to avoid toxins and diseases. Beneful is a proud member and proudly promotes the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This organization focuses on regulating laws to keep pet food safe. Recently premium dog food sales have soared. Their focus on health has helped them lead this industry. Companies like Beneful have adopted the “eat-like-your-owner” strategy. Fresh ingredients are now being introduced into their product line, which has now opened the door for refrigerated wet dog food. This industry has grown over 45 percent to just over $10 billion dollars. The idea behind fresh whole grains, fruits and vegetables appeals to a greater market, as they are more health-conscience for themselves and their pets. Pets are like family members and consumers want to have them around for a long time.