John Goullet And Keeping Up With The Trends In IT Staffing

John Goullet is the Executive Principal at Diversant LLC, one of the largest minority-owned business enterprises in the US, and the largest African American-owned IT staffing firms in the industry. Goullet told Ideamensch, a blog of independent business ideas that the IT industry has a lot of demand but a low number of graduates with the qualifications, and as Executive Principal of his company he’s looked to close that gap through supporting educational endeavors and pairing up clients with job seekers. He’s well versed in marketing trends and business developments, and has helped Diversant, LCC grow its office locations over the years.

Goullet began his career as an IT consultant doing the same things that many of Diversant’s job candidates do today. He’s from New York and got his bachelor’s degree at Ursinus College and did consulting throughout the 1980s for companies such as Computer Sciences Corporation, 3D Information Services, The Constell Group and other technology firms. As he progressed in his career, he began to feel he could do more to meet the demands of these companies and felt he needed to encourage more young people to enter the IT field. So in 1994 he founded his own IT staffing firm, Info Technologies.

He basically started Info Technologies without a whole lot of investor capital, but he was an effective marketer and through persistence was able to build up quite a large clientele. In just 5 years, Info Technologies became worth $30 million and it has been featured twice in Inc. Magazine’s list of fastest growing fortune 500 companies. Goullet decided he wanted to encourage young people from the inner cities and minority communities to join the IT field, and he found a man who had a similar vision in Gene Waddy, and in 2010 they combined their IT staffing companies to form Diversant, LLC. Diversant has donated to foundations that support future generations in the workforce, including the Marion P. Thomas charter school in New York.


Martin Lustgarten Has A Way With Business Deals

One of the most interesting types of banking in the banking industry is investment banking. There are many reasons why investment banking is interesting. One of the main reasons why is the structure that makes up investment banking. The structure of investment banking contains three different banking service parts. Each part has a particular purpose in the operations of an investment bank. In addition, each part contains a set of banking services that relate to the specific purpose of the banking service part.

However, every investment bank has the freedom to determine what banking services it will offer. As a result, the three parts that makeup the structure of an investment bank are not required in total. An investment bank can decide the part or parts of the investment banking service structure that it wants to offer to its clients.

Typically, smaller investment banks have limited financial and human resources, so smaller investment banks usually provide only one of the three available parts. Larger investment banks have more financial and human resources, so larger investment banks tend to offer more than one of the three available banking service parts to its clients.

Probably one of the most talked about and well known aspects of the investment bank is the investment banker. The role of the investment banker is layered. The investment banker is responsible for numerous tasks in an investment bank. The tasks cover a wide range of tasks that include handling aspects of banking operations such as acquiring new clients, managing client accounts, securing funds for business deals, handling mergers, and handling acquisitions.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been able to handle all the various tasks expected of an investment banker. He has the rare ability to effectively handle multiple tasks at the same time. Martin Lustgarten has demonstrated the ability to successfully handle client accounts.

With many years of experience in the banking industry, Martin Lustgarten has been able to go out on his own and start the investment banking firm Lustgarten Martin. As the founder of the firm, he has been able to show that he has the drive, skill, expertise, and determination to run a successful investment banking firm.