Marian’s Corner: Showcasing Photographer Jon Urbana

The well known Denver businessperson Jon Urbana is a popular figure in many areas of life, ranging from the photography world to business and sports. As the Head of Business for Ellipse Technologies, a Denmark-based laser technology company, Jon Urbana has become a respected figure in the development of the Laser and pulsed light therapy industry, which is growing as a great way of removing hair and skin blemishes. Urbana has a long history of developing new business opportunities, and is known for the good eye he has developed for Facebook communication and the latest in impressive business ventures and incredible photography work.

Alongside the work Jon Urbana has completed in photography and with Ellipse Technologies, he has also become a respected figure for all those who are looking to become high quality individuals and lacrosse standouts. Urbana himself made his name as a Villanova lacrosse player where his defensive skills saw him achieve much within the respected program. After his playing days were completed Jon Urbana decided the time had come to give something back to the game, and established his own Next Level Lacrosse Camp. This annual summer camp is designed to aid the development of lacrosse players while helping form better citizens amongst the lacrosse playing community.

The sports coaching and development work of Jon Urbana is not his only area of interest outside of business. Instead, the Villanova alum is well known for the recent development of his artistic work, which includes both music and photography. In terms of his music style, Urbana has been looking to stretch himself by developing his work as an electronic musician. Although he has been known as a guitarist amongst friends and fmaily members, Jon Urbana has now made a splash remixing songs and creating his own compositions.

Urbana’s interests in food and the outdoors are largely reflected in his photography work which is influenced by world famous fashion photographers.