What Makes Jason Halpern Special?

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur
Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern is the founder of JMH Development. JMH Development is a company that provides their clients with help in multiple aspects of developing in commercial and residential properties. JMH helps during the design phase all the way through the marketing needs of their clients. His company works in different areas of the country but has their primary headquarters in New York. JMH Development is a hugely successful company under the guidance of Jason Halpern.

Jason's Friend
Jason’s Friend

Jason Halpern comes from a line of real estate workers. As a third-generation developer, he has the upper-hand of having knowledge of the industry that can take a normal person years to gain. His experience in the industry could have something to do with his success, but it could also be his take on developing that attributes to his company’s expansion. Jason Halpern is a developer who respects the areas that he works in. He commonly works in historic districts and honors what that building and neighborhood is known for. His dedication to respecting the places that he works in is something that many people and customers appreciate.


With his success comes his desire to give back to those who are not as fortunate as he is. For every contract that gets signed at his Miami branch, he donates $20,000 to an organization that brings clean water to several countries. His outrageous generosity is something that does not go unnoticed. Beyond his giving through his company he also gives his own personal money and time to another charitable cause. Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center helps many people in need. This trauma center is known for helping heart patients, burn victims, pregnant woman, as well as many other people in need of emergency help. Jason Halpern is passionate about giving back to people in need all over the globe.

Jason Halpern: with Production
Jason Halpern: with Production

Jason Halpern is a real estate developer and philanthropist. His company, JHM Development, has reached high levels of success and has allowed him to give to people who are in dire need. Jason Halpern’s desire to help is a tell of his character as a person and something that sets him apart from other people in his industry.

Luxury Real Estate Agency, TOWN Residential, Rises to the Top of NYC Industry

Luxury real estate offices and brokerages have to have a special knowledge and strategic business sense in order to efficiently assist their group of clients. In less than seven years, TOWN Residential and Commercial has become one of New York City’s finest luxury real estate agencies. Their experience is in renting, leasing and purchasing all types of luxury properties.


Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential in 2010 to service NYC. Focusing mainly on Manhattan and Brooklyn, but also reaching into other areas, he began to acquire a team that had experience in the city, but who also had expertise in real estate. TOWN is designed for high-end investments both in residential properties and commercial. Heiberger developed his team and created an exquisite niche in the NYC industry by raising the standards of the everyday reality to a higher level.


My Town, Our Neighborhood, Your Home” is the slogan that the representative’s embrace for the client. There are 11 TOWN offices across the city and the most recent office is located in the popular meatpacking district, where office space rents for $90 a sq. ft. During this same time, TOWN opened two other offices in high-profile locations including Union Square, which is the new headquarters, and in Greenwich Village.


It’s no wonder that TOWN is accelerating to the top of the NYC real estate market so quickly. They offer an exquisite niche in luxury real estate that emphasizes remarkable services for their clients and creatively-styled and staged properties. Hand-selected professional team members with talent and extensive knowledge of the city contribute to their growth.


TOWN Team Professionals


The TOWN team is the foundation for the success of the agency. Andrew Heiberger has strategically placed his team members in the positions where they excel instead of simply adding real estate agents to the staff. There are six different categories of the staff; Corporate and Creative has five members; Commercial, has two specialty members; Marketing and Leasing has two; Leasing, two; New Development, eight; and Sales is the largest group with ten. Andrew Heiberger and Jacqueline Pestana together are the Executive Leaders.


A team constructed in this way shows that TOWN has established expertise in every area of the agency. This is how they are able to meet the needs of their exclusive clientele, quickly and efficiently. Each TOWN representative focuses on their area of professionalism but is still available when the client requires a service. Customer service is the supreme at TOWN; they place the client before anything else.


The proof of their success is evident in the number of clients they have connected to amazing condos, homes, and townhouses. Pleased customers are always the best advertisement, but TOWN has also been awarded recognition within NYC. They were voted “ Best Firm to Work For” and “One of the 50 Best Places to Work in New York City,” which actually reflects both on the leadership skills and proficiency in the real estate market of founder and Executive Director Heiberger.