IDLife Makes Yet another Strategic Business Move under the Leadership of Logan Stout

IDLife is one of the leading health and wellness companies in the United States and has grown to popularity and customer base exponentially in the last few years. The company recently tied up with the leader in the wearable technology products and services, Garmin International Inc. IDLife recently announced that the customers of the company would soon be able to buy the products of Garmin Ltd from the website of IDLife.

Shortly the data of the Garmin wearable device data can be tracked and viewed from and the IDWellness mobile application. It would ensure that the customers can monitor their health and any milestones they have achieved with ease. The journey to better health and overall wellness becomes much easier with the collaboration of services offered by these two companies.

IDLife helps the people to lead a healthy, smart, and active life by providing a broad range of health supplements, customized vitamins, and various types of nutritional products. The company has a simple yet highly effective IDLife Health Program that it asks its members to follow to revive their health and lead an active lifestyle. The integration of the Garmin wellness products with that of the IDLife would help the end users to get equipped with the correct tools needed to manage their health and get back on track regarding a healthy lifestyle.

One of the underlying reasons why Garmin and IDLife collaborated is because both the company feels that just a number on the scale doesn’t mean healthy, but it’s the number of factors working together to indicate whether a person is leading a healthy lifestyle or not. One of the best examples of this is the product by Garmin named Index Smart Scale, which shows a variety of health indicators other than weight.

Logan Stout is the man behind IDLife and is the founder as well as the CEO of the company. Logan Stout is a multi-talented personality and does not only serve as the chief executive officer of IDLife, but is also a best-selling author, highly sought-after keynote speaker, a leadership coach, and a philanthropist. Over the years, Logan Stout has been able to generate billions of dollars in revenue through his various endeavors.