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The Wessex Institute of Technology is a higher education institute that is involved with scientific research. The institute attracts world-wide attention from a growing international audience. The institute is also involved with creating a place for professionals to exchange important knowledge on current news taking place in major scientific communities and industries. One way to create this exchange of information is through the journals that are published by the WIT Press at Wessex Institute of Technology.

The Wessex Journals

The Wessex Journals are highly appreciated by people across the world. They are currently involved with publishing several journals. A new journal is due to be released very soon and is a welcomed addition to the journal community at Wessex. Sample copies of the Wessex Journals are currently available to download via the WIT Press web page. Simply go to the page and fill out the form presented. Hit the submit button to download the selected journal.


Securus Technologies Releases Proof Of Global Tel Link Fraud

Dallas based Securus Technologies has announced that they will release weekly documents underscoring the wrongdoings of law enforcement telecommunications provider Global Tel Link (GTL).

According to a recent investigation launched by the Louisiana Public Service Commission, GTL has fraud claims that date as far back as 1998. The company has received thousands of complaints since the company began contracting with the Louisiana Department of Correction. “Most of the public complaints have fallen on deaf ears,” said a prison insider.

What GTL has done amounts to fraud, pure and simple. The company’s lack of integrity has launched a call to action by Securus. The goal is to shame the company into getting on the right track, said CEO Rick Smith. Many prison officials agree. “I love this industry, but to see it being dragged through the mud by greed and fraud makes my blood boil,” said Smith.

The list of infractions by GTL reads like a novel. The company has been accused of altering clock time in an effort to make it seem as though the caller was on the phone longer than they actually were. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Some of the more egregious claims include double billing clients, unfairly using add-on programs, artificially inflating call charges and times and bilking the citizens of the state of Louisiana.

“The sad part about the fraud is that it affects the segment of society that cannot afford it,” said the insider.

There definitely needs to be a rule change and some very severe punishments should be levied as a deterrent, according to prison officials. “People like GTL are robbing people blind,” said a customer. “I have lodged numerous complaints against them. So hopefully, something will happen.”

FreedomPop Has Cell Phone Service That’s Easy To Obtain And Easy To Pay For

It’s best for a person to know exactly what they’re looking for in a service provider before they make the switch from one phone company to another. The website has put out an article that’s very informative and can be used as a reference by those who want to switch phone companies. Although it’s not always a big gain when switching phone companies, many companies are offering benefits and extras for those who make the switch.

It’s possible to get lower charges on phone service, free phones, free service, or the phone company may even buy a person out of their current cell phone plan. Many phone companies have now made it easier to pay for a phone plan as well, and most people these days will pay for their cell phone bill via a debit or credit card, and a lot of people pay online. Some people pay for their wireless plan in a store, but this may cost them a service fee, so it’s always better to pay online.

Any company that makes it difficult for a person to pay their bill, or if the company only allows customers to pay their bill in a way that costs a service fee, then the company should be avoided. It’s a great idea for a company to have a lot of their services online, especially when it’s time for a person to make the payments. FreedomPop is a company that values its customers, and they understand the need for people to make quick and easy payments for their services free of charge.

There’s no reason for a person to pay a fee on top of paying for their services, so FreedomPop has been able to accommodate their customers in this way. FreedomPop takes the word “free” a step further, and they even have free cell phone service, Internet service, and data services for hotspots. Every service that FreedomPop offers has some type of free service attached to it, and it’s possible to gain access to the free service by simply signing up. Once the service allotment amount has been reached, then a person can simply add to the service, or they can get unlimited service if it’s a cell phone plan.