Brian Bonar Is A Highly Successful Entrepreneur

Brian Bonar is well-known in the world of finance. This is because he is The Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is its Chief Executive Officer too.

Brian Bonar has always had a passion for the entire designing process. He is able to pay attention to detail. This is something that can fuel his approach. Brian Bonar has rich experience in the site as well as building design. He has a passion for design development. He is involved in procurement, as well as contract administration.

He has a reputation of being a leader. He aims at helping his clients. In addition, he wants to help his team members along with project partners too in reaching their goals. He realizes that the goals of everyone are interlinked. Hence one cannot move ahead without the help and support of another.

Brian Bonar has an extensive portfolio that includes retail and commercial and aviation, along with family housing. He is involved in a number of education projects too. Brian Bonar has the requisite experience and skills that can make him an asset on any project. He is invaluable to teams as he plays a major part in establishing client relationships too.

In the field of finance, Brian Bonar was named as The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive of The Year. Do note that this is a big honor, as it is given to only two males and females from each discipline. The selection committee makes its choice based on the accomplishments and leadership abilities of the person. The academic achievements also play a role here.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has over thirty years of professional experience in the financial sector in senior management positions. In Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar is responsible for various employee as well as employer benefits along with aftermarket products. This is because Dalrada Financial Corporation in engaged in giving clients a unique variety of programs for employees that can help to increase their efficiency and hence impact business in a positive way.

These programs would include employee benefits, besides risk management insurance. Next are the business management services. In addition, Bonar is The Chairman as well as the Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc. He also holds the position of President, Allegiant Professional Business Service.

Brian holds the post of The Chief Executive Officer. This is at Imaging Technologies Corporation. It is into developing of software dealing with color management. The company is also involved with hardware related to digital imaging. The target market for this company ranges from small businesses to the medium sized ones.

The acquisition of the Source One Group is something that Brian Bonar is quite excited about. This is an employer organization that aims towards helping small as well as medium-sized businesses with activities like payroll, assistance with human resource and so on.