Forex Algorithm Developer Jordan Lindsey

There are several adjectives used to describe Jordan Lindsey, entrepreneur, innovator, and investor, just to name a few. If you’re not already familiar with Jordan Linsey, he is the Founder of JCL Capital, a Forex exchange company. The impetus behind JCL Capital, according to Lindsey, is to give everyday investors the opportunity to leverage the power of foreign exchange trading to generate monthly income.

Founded in 2004, JCL Capital prides themselves on their ability to simplify rules and methods, making it possible for nearly anyone to thrive in forex markets. For example, JCL Capital routinely hosts live online chats, which enables investors to confer with one another and to receive real-time help from other investors as well as Lindsey himself.

As an innovator, Jordan Lindsey regularly has his sights set on investment strategies, which explains his involvement with bitcoin, a cryptocurrency/worldwide payment system. According, Lindsey created an algorithm designed to trade bitcoin on the forex platform. This algorithm, which was a first of its kind in the cryptocurrency space, proved to be very successful and further lends credence to the overall mission of JCL Capital, which is to streamline the investing process for all investors.

As far as Lindsey’s background is concerned, he is a businessman who has a penchant for working in the financial sector, specifically with regard to asset management, blockchain technologies, and equities. Lindsey began his career in 1999 when he joined Maximum Capital Management, a global real estate and equity investment holding and concierge services advisory firm, serving as Vice President.

Needless to say, Jordan Lindsey, at his core, is an entrepreneur; therefore, it wouldn’t be long before he would set out to become the founder of his own company, leading to JCL Capital, in 2004. While still involved in the day to day operations with JCL Capital Lindsey also serves as an advisor for Energia Global, a company committed to ensuring that everyone has access to reliable, sustainable, and, most importantly, affordable energy. Lastly, Lindsey took on the role of CEO with Prive Information Services, in 2012, and to this day, he continues to juggle all of these various endeavors fastidiously.

Greg Secker the Trading Expert


Greg Secker is a notable businessman and author. He was born on 18th February 1975. Greg attended the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences. His success is seen by the authorship of different works like Trading Your Way to Success and Financial Freedom through Forex among others. Greg’s success is also recognized by the various companies that he has found. The organizations include Learn to trade, Capital Index, Smartcharts Software, and FX Capital. The making and selling of computers are what drove Greg into a different career from what he was studying. He also learned to code while in university.

These are some of Greg’s insights in his day to day life and activities. With almost over seventeen companies and different endeavors including philanthropic ventures, Greg is quite influential. This makes him passionate about all his dealings. Greg has had the opportunity to address a lot of people due to his passion. He says sharing knowledge is essential because information is life changing. Information is what differentiates successful and unsuccessful people. Greg’s different books are about particular things. Financial Freedom through Forex, for instance, strategizes on how to begin a career in currency markets.

Greg previously worked at the virtual trading desk. This was to be the beginning of his success story. He could see the profits that were being made while working there. Greg challenged himself and saw an opportunity. This opportunity made £60,000 from the £5,000 that he had borrowed. This was made possible by the extensive knowledge that Greg had acquired in coding while still in university.

Greg’s philosophy is never to say no. Even when he is not sure about what anyone wants him to do, he says yes. He then goes on to figure out what’s needed of him. Greg is now planning on building a program to help the Philippines. While delivering speeches in this country, he has felt that the people there lack self-esteem. This could be attributed to past happenings.

In 2010, Greg received a prize as a finalist for London Excellence Awards. His company, Learn to Trade has also received different accolades.