Beverly Hills Auto Group- Used BMWs At Great Prices

Who says a BMW has to be brand new in order for you to experience the luxury of it? Beverly Hills Auto Group in Woodside, NY specializes in giving you the used BMW of your dreams, without breaking your bank account!


The most obvious advantage is that buying a used BMW saves you money! Unlike a new BMW, the repairs on older models cost a lot less. Also, older vehicles give you the freedom to negotiate the price with the seller. Here is a list of the best recommended models to buy:


2009 BMW X3- For its reliability

2011 BMW 3 Series- For its drivetrain warranty

2012 BMW 5 Series- For its larger space and comfort

2013 BMW 1-Series- For its safety features


You never have to worry about a hassling buying process from Beverly Hills Auto Group! Simply pick out your vehicle, trade in cash offer (if applicable), schedule a test drive, and then get approved. Beverly Hills Auto Group offers you the peace of mind with their 5 star rated vehicles. If you don’t trust used cars, then no problem! Beverly Hills Auto Group will provide a detailed car fax to ease your concerns. In addition, they also offer extended warranty packages on their vehicles. You can’t lose buying a used BMW from Beverly Hills Auto Group!