Desiree Perez; The Power Woman Behind Shawn Carter’s Business Empire

Desiree Perez is among the most influential women in the music entertainment industry. She has worked hard to reach the pinnacle of management at Roc Nation, an entertainment enterprise owned by Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z. Desiree is also a key member of Jay-Z’s other entertainment entities like Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service with a catalog of over 48 million songs. Customers can access the music through subscribing on the company’s website. Desiree Perez work ethics, determination, and Jay-Z’s influence has enabled Tidal launch albums of various internationally recognized artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and T.I. Desiree has been a close business associate and friend of Jay-Z for over a decade and has seen him transform from been a rapper to becoming an entertainment mogul, and

Desiree achievements in the industry are attributed to her unique negotiating skills. Over the years, Desiree has been able to lead various successful negotiation meetings for Roc Nation and Jay-Z’s other franchises. She was among a team that led negotiations between Sprint and Tidal and at the end a $200 million investment contract was signed. Desiree also sealed a $25 million contract deal with Samsung to fund Rihanna’s anti-tour. This tour was instrumental in exposing Rihanna to the world and allowing her to take her place in the music scene. Mrs. Perez was actively involved in a $250 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation to support Jay-Z’s tour in celebrating Roc Nation’s Decade in the industry, and

Apart from being a music executive, Desiree is also a talent manager and a music producer. Her husband, Juan Perez is the president of Roc Nation Sports. A sports management firm owned By Jay-Z. Both are members of the Hova Circle of influencers, a group of decision-makers and team leaders in Jay-Z’s empire. They have overseen the rise and growth of Tidal, Roc Nation, and Roc Nation Sports among other companies under Jay-Z’s business portfolio, and more information click here.

The Wonders of the Youtube World

Everyone has heard of youtube and most likely has an account. For anyone who hasn’t, youtube is a website where one can view music videos. Although music videos started out as the main thing youtube was about, it has drastically changed since its debut. Now you can find videos on anything from makeup tutorials to video game reviews and that is how youtube stars come about. Youtube stars can range from comedy to life hacks and it gives youtube a more diverse feel. Not only can someone watch their favorite music video, but if they need a visual on how to do something they could easily find it.

Youtube star, Wengie, is a youtube and instagram star who focuses on makeup tutorials and the latest fashion trends. She started her page four years ago and loves it. Her focuses, right now, are on more natural looks and using the least amount of makeup as possible. Wengie’s page consists of many makeup tutorials and fashion trends. She says that she gets her inspiration from everyday things and people which shows that she is down to earth. Wengie believes that natural beauty starts from the inside out, which explains her diet. Her diet consists of skin healthy foods such as salmon and tomatoes.

Wengie, born Wendy Huang is from Australia and did not always have that fashionista mindset. She says that her mother was not into makeup at all and was fine with what she had. Wengie got her interest from reading fashion magazines and reading up on the most recent trends and that is how she became so interested in the world of fashion. Wengie has a large following of Asian and Korean fans because it is different for them than it is for Americans and Australians.

Youtube stars are humans just like the rest of the population and in Wengie’s case, she takes great pride in providing people with tips and advice. She is just as down to Earth as anyone and it shows in her videos.