Eric Lefkofsky Is Using Technology To Aid In Cancer Treatment

People are stricken with cancer each year all around the world, and in recent reports, there are more than 15 million individuals in the United States that are diagnosed with cancer today. It is thanks to the work of individuals like Eric Lefkofsky, co-founder of Tempus, that technology advancements are coming to the medical industry and a much faster rate than ever. Tempus is a tech company that uses software to analyze and collect data to help fight cancer in the future.

Tempus is a platform that is going to change the way doctors are able to operate on their patients. For the longest time, patients and clinical data has been widely disorganized, and even the data that is organized is hard to use in any effective manner. This is especially true when considering that each individual is different and must be handled differently when it comes to their treatment. But there is no structure to notes that have been made on subjects and certainly no effective way to find and use that data. Tempus is fixing this problem by creating a structure for all data specific to each patient, which could potentially be life-saving for people all over the world.

Thanks to the impressive success of Tempus thus far, the sequencing process of molecular and genomic data has continued to decrease in cost. This allows it to be available to many more people, which is a great thing as everyone is entitled to live a healthy life free of harm.

Ever since graduating from college in Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky has been driven to not only change the world but improve it. Eric has found many successes in his life through his business efforts, but whats more important than what he has achieved is what he does with it. Not only did Eric and his wife start up the Lefkofsky foundation, but they regularly donate to organizations and various charities working to make the world a better place. They have donated millions over the past decade, and they even plan to donate upwards of 50 percent of everything they gain to help people all over the world.

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Make Gains, Get Ripped, Burn Fat, and Outperform Everyone with Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced Athlete is the number one most successful human optimization and athletic performance enhancer on the market today. Through their massive range of amazing nutritional performance enhancing products, Enhanced Athlete is able to take your body to a level that you never dreamed was possible. Their all natural products can help your body create all the testosterone that it needs to make huge gains and stay massive, workout after workout. If you tend to run out of steam during training, then try some of Enhanced Athlete’s energy boosting products to help you stay going strong throughout any athletic or performance related tasks. If your sexual performance and sexual stamina seem to be a bit lacking, then try out Enhanced Athlete’s sexual performance boosting products. Enhanced Athlete literally has something for everyone, regardless of your need. Enhanced Athlete is the premier human performance enhancer out there, hands down.


Founded two decades ago and headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Enhanced Athlete has built a literal sports nutrition product empire through sweat, blood, and tears. It wasn’t an easy road to becoming the top sports nutritional product retailer and producer in the world, it took years of meticulously and tirelessly focusing on making the very best products available in the industry. What has given Enhanced Athlete the unrelenting motivation and drive to becoming so successful is that the company founders themselves were seeking ways to take their own physical performance to the next level, as most of them are athletes and trainers. Once the founders figured out how to create nutritional products that worked for them, they simply passed on the wealth of knowledge to individuals around the world by way of their fantastic products.


Once Enhanced Athlete became a global powerhouse in sports nutrition formulas, the company’s founders decided to expand their business model into other areas related to sports. These areas include video fitness coaching and exercise apparel design. Through Enhanced Athlete’s two new offshoot companies, Enhanced Gear and Enhanced Coaching, the company was able to continue offering world class products within the athletic and fitness arena. If you need online coaching for any of your dietary, nutrition, and exercise planning needs, then absolutely look no further than Enhanced Coaching, the number one online coaching product on the web today. If you want to look super sharp and be extra comfortable during your athletic and training routines, then get your booty on over to Enhanced Gear, the premier workout apparel superstore online. There you can buy tank tops, fabulous t-shirts, stretch pants, leg warmers, fitness and gym bags, EA branded merchandise, sweatpants, and a whole lot more.

PSI Pay Explains How Digital Wallets Work In Europe

Some people wonder what the purpose of a digital wallet is. As PSI Pay explains it, their purpose is to be an updated version of a physical wallet without the downsides like being lost or stolen. Inside a digital wallet a person can have quick access to things such as their credit cards, debit cards, and store loyalty cards. They are more secure than a physical wallet can be and make things more convenient by not having to carry all of these cards around plus cash as well. Consumers around the world have different practices when it comes to digital wallets, though.

In Europe it is common for people to have cash balances inside their digital wallets. They are able to have a number of different currencies in these wallets, most commonly the Euro and the British Pound. They link their debit cards to their digital wallets and this allows them to get money from ATMs but most people skip this step and instead just use their digital wallets to pay for things in stores.

One thing that PSI Pay cautions about is that people should keep a conventional bank account and not rely entirely on their digital wallets to pay for things. Some places don’t accept mobile payments, for example, so a regular debit card or cash is needed if you want to buy anything from them. PSI Pay also says that people shouldn’t carry big balances in their digital wallets because it’s not insured by the government in most cases. Additionally, money in a digital wallet doesn’t accrue interest.

PSI Pay, a United Kingdom company in the fintech industry, recently partnered with a startup tech company called Kerv. Kerv created a device that is worn on the wrist. They can wave their wrist close to a sensor in order to pay for things and the money comes out of their digital wallet at PSI Pay. The managing director of PSI-Pay, Phil Davies, said that Kerv is a really innovative company and he was proud to partner with them. He said their device was unique, durable, convenient, and secure.


Sheldon Lavin – Award Winning CEO of the OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin Before OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin attended both the University of Illinois and Northwestern University. He received his Bachelor of Science in Business from Roosevelt University in Illinois. After college Lavin began his entrepreneurial business in finance consulting by creating his own company, Sheldon Levin and Associates, Inc. located Chicago. He later joined the Otto & Sons, Inc. before his current position.

Sheldon Lavin’s life as CEO of the OSI Group, LLC.

Currently, Lavin is amongst the innovative leaders holding the reigns at the OSI Group, LLC. His is the current Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He oversees the OSI International Inc., OSI Industries LLC and OSI International Foods LLC. He is responsible for OSI’s international investments, which includes an investment portfolio in India.

Under Lavin’s innovative genius, OSI has become a meg billion dollar global food conglomerate. OSI services over 15 countries with deliciously ready made meals to consumers. Lavin’s leadership seems to have no bounds in Europe and Asia, the corporation is consistently showing promising profits. Sheldon Lavin truly believes in quality standards, maintaining a great report with the employees, expanding and diversity; when it comes to the company’s growth financially and internationally. Not only does he believe in OSI, he is also a charitable giver and long-time supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Sheldon Lavin the Award Winner

Because of Lavin’s innovative accomplishments, he was honored in 2016 with the Global Visionary Award from India’s Vision World Academy. He was noted as being an exemplary member of OSI’s executive team for his commitment to the company and his strong leadership abilities. Lavin is the driving force behind OSI’s international growth in Europe and Asia. Lavin plans to expand even further, making OSI not only internationally renown but globally.

During Lavin’s tenure the OSI Group has received a multitude of environmental and sustainability awards. Lavin hope to encourage and inspire the new leaders coming up after him. He plans to infuse his innovative ideas along with theirs and take OSI to higher heights. He also wants to inspire the current employees in career growth as well as community responsibility.

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Attributes of a Great Investor with Jose Hawilla

The only way to appear in the Forbes magazine seems to be becoming a successful investor. How do the people who are constantly making it as the most named entrepreneurs do differently from people who keep trying many businesses and fail in all of them? By interviewing the majority of the successful investors, their characteristics that have been established to be common among them. Here are a few of the common traits;


Creativity and Innovation in Business


Sometimes things that need to be handled are not written down. Sometimes logic can’t solve some emergencies that the firm experience. It is critical that as an entrepreneur you stay open-minded and think outside the box.






Self-disciplined is mandatory to success in investment. There are times that you feel tired and do not have the energy to perform your normal duties. It is the discipline to act in such moments that make the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful in the business world.

You are obliged to attend to your duties regardless of what you feel. It is about self-loyalty.


They are Not Afraid of Making Mistakes


Successful investors are not afraid of making mistakes. They understand that making mistakes is a part of the entrepreneurship process. There is no experience without miscalculated events and mistakes.


It is important to embrace the mistakes that we make in our journey and learn from them instead of lamenting about them. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Choose Your Circle Carefully


Being careful about who you bring in your life is essential. The adage ‘’ show me your friend, I tell you your character applies to business as well. You are only as good as people you hang out with daily. Choose people who are better than you are in your field. People who challenge you to go to the next level of your business.


Jose Hawilla is a renowned business person in Brazil. Jose Hawilla is the owner of the famous marketing company: The Traffic Group.


They began with little funds. They were only able to advertise their business in the bus station in the beginning. With determination and the above attributes, he has managed to make the Traffic Group a global company.



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Louis Chenevert Provides Insight and Advice on Business

As an entrepreneur and businessman, Louis Chenevert has worked in industries like, aircraft manufacturing, assembly line production, and formally served on the board of Cargill Inc. Louis Chenevert was educated at the University of Montreal, where he earned a bachelor of business administration. He is also the recipient of awards like the Honor Award, which was given to him by the National Building Museum. Aviation Week & Space Technology named Louis Chenvert Person of the Year in 2011.

Now retired, Chenevert shared his methods of success in an interview, which was conducted in February of 2018. He decided to let loose of some of his business methods, secrets, and tips.

During the interview, Louis Chenevert explained where United Technologies got its ideas from and how these ideas were carried out. Using small groups instead, UTC and Louis Chenevert was able to understand customer needs and display passion in the their industry. “That approach would drive profound change combined with making acquisitions that would strengthen the portfolio,” Chenevert said.

“It’s difficult to name one,” Chenevert said, after he was asked about a productive habit. Chenevert argues that being productive is all about having all the necessary qualities needed to get things done. Passion, optimism, and pushing your agenda are just a few of the examples Chenevert provided to the interviewer.

The interviewer proceeded to ask about the worst job Chenevert ever held. “My first job as GM as a first line supervisor in an assembly plant on 2nd shift,” Chenevert responded. Even though this job was extremely difficult, Chenevert cites it as the reason for his willingness to listen to low level employees. During his time working the assembly line, he heard a variety of great ideas, but management would never listen to mere assembly line workers.

Louis Chenevert concluded the interview by explaining that in order to be successful you need to make sure the risk is worth the reward.

Peter Briger: Bringing Fortress Investment Group And Wall Street Together On Bitcoin

Back in 2013, a major meeting took place that would forever change the trajectory of Bitcoin. Wells Fargo executives sat down with the Fortress Investment Group to assess the chances of coming together to create the very first nationally regulated Bitcoin exchange.This project may have been controversial at the time but when Peter Briger delivered his pitch, all of these feelings began to melt away. He explained the appeal of Bitcoin to all of the present parties and provided them with a road map to the future.Bitcoin essentially functions as a form of digital gold that allows purchases to take place all over the world. He attempted to steer Wells Fargo in this direction but they pulled back from their potential partnership with Fortress Investment Group in the wake of a momentary Bitcoin crisis.

This meeting served as a precursor to Wall Street’s involvement with the cryptocurrency. Briger’s interest began back in 2013 and only continued to grow from there. In his mind, this technology simply made too much sense not to implement. Once American government officials decided to pledge their support to the new technology, Briger’s road became even easier. After the hearings took place, the same Wells Fargo officials that were once reticent to consider the possibilities when it came to Bitcoin had changed their tune completely. They were ready to consider all of the benefits that the cryptocurrency had to offer. This development also paved the way for a greater level of Wall Street involvement. After Wells Fargo decided that they were ready to work with Fortress Investment Group, this is what set the stage for what was to come.

While Wells Fargo eventually decided to pull out of this involvement after a Bitcoin executive was arrested for money laundering, the process that would culminate in Wall Street’s involvement had already begun.Briger’s actions allowed the negotiation process to begin and this is considered to be an instrumental moment in Bitcoin’s journey. This cryptocurrency that was once thought to be the exclusive domain of Silk Road drug peddlers has since become a legitimate form of currency. Fortress Investment Group is at least partially responsible for this shift and Peter Briger led the charge. The negotiation process may have taken a few years to be completed but thanks to the efforts of Briger, Wall Street was able to take the time that that they needed to investigate and now their venture into Bitcoin is stronger than ever before.

Paul Mampilly: Notable Investor and Author

Paul Mampilly became part of Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. He serves as the senior editor and is focused on helping American investors to find wealth opportunities in technology, small-capital stocks, and other profitable investments.

Mr. Mampilly began his work at Wall Street in 1991. He worked as an assistant portfolio manager in a company called Bankers Trust. After this, he advanced to more notable positions at companies Deutsche Bank and ING, where he was assigned to manage several multi-million dollar portfolios. During 2006, the owners of Kinetics Asset Management hired him as a manager of their hedge funds. The said company was worth $6 billion in net worth. Under Mr. Mampilly’s administration, Kinetics Asset Management became valued at $25 billion, which allowed the company to be considered one of the ‘World’s Best’ hedge fund owners. Their profits have soared to a 26% in annual returns during Mr. Mampilly’s influence in the company. Read this article at

Additionally, Paul Mampilly was invited to be a part of the investment competition hosted by Templeton Foundation. With an initial investment of $50 million, Mr. Mampilly was able to provide returns in one year, which had an overall turnout of $88 million. It was more notable that he achieved this gain during the 2008 to 2009 economic crisis.

During his tenure, Paul Mampilly served his clients well, and most of the Wall Street companies he had worked for only had good things to say about him. He decided to retire and spend more time with his family but kept his position as an investor of his own assets.

At present, Paul Mampilly shifted his focus from helping rich companies become richer, into giving more opportunities to the everyday American. He started his well-known newsletter called Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes, which will be having its brand-new research project called True Momentum.

In one of his recent interviews, Paul Mampilly shared his insights about work, life and his ventures as an investor. Follow Paul on Medium.

Throughout his years of working at Wall Street, he came to a realization that he wanted to help ordinary people get out of the rat race, and help them to pave their way to financial freedom. With the constant battle of the everyday American who is living from paycheck to paycheck, he saw the need and felt compassion for those who wanted to succeed.

Paul Mampilly built his company through extensive research, recognizing patterns and understanding the trends of the investment world. He hopes to provide value and knowledge to people who want to start investing. His goal is for every American to be an investor, no matter what background they may come from.


Sussex Healthcare

Recently, a Medical Daily Times article praised the award winning Sussex Healthcare organization on their stellar 25 years in the healthcare business. Primarily a privately run residential living home for elder care, Sussex Healthcare also cares for adults with special cognitive, physical and neurological needs at several southern coast of England living care facilities. With 20 healthcare facilities now under the large umbrella platform of Sussex Healthcare, this healthcare provider remains true to their initial calling to provide exemplary care to those individuals entrusted to their care. This large healthcare network still manages to deliver highly personalized care and other services to their many valued clients.

Sussex Healthcare is excited to celebrate their 25th anniversary of providing elder and disabled adult care in this beautiful region. Many of the gorgeous buildings that house these famed residential living homes are well known historical buildings in this spectacular area along this part of England’s sensational coastal region. Some of these facilities have wonderful gardens that provide a stunning backdrop for these charming homes. The interiors have been decorated to convey a warm homey atmosphere that many visitors are surprised by. This healthcare organization remains determined to continue its long history of offering the best healthcare that is available with old-fashioned customer service.

Read more: Choosing the Services That Sussex Healthcare Provides – How Specialists Can Help Residents

This longstanding healthcare provider of 25 years of amazing service is currently hiring at many of it’s residential and community based facilities and outreach programs. This is an exciting time to be employed in the healthcare sector, and Sussex Healthcare offers an impressive competitive salary rate, fantastic pension benefits, continued employee education and so much more. The organization needs trained direct care employees as well as others skilled in this institution’s many supportive staff position duties. These open job positions include nursing staff, laundry services, qualified nutritionists, multiple therapist positions, housekeeping workers, computer experts, administrative positions and more.

For an up-to-date review of all of these rewarding job positions, interested individuals can browse the company’s easy-to-navigate website. Sussex Healthcare continues to ensure that the persons under their care are able to live their lives fully. The supportive staff enable residents to stay involved in hobbies and pursuits that the residents have previously enjoyed. In addition, lively group activities gives every resident the choice to learn new skills like cookery, music enjoyment, art classes, crafts and fun games. Take time to see for yourself what Sussex Healthcare has to offer.