Barbara Stokes Talks About Her Company’s New Facility In Cullman, Alabama

Stokes Development, LLC, is the parent company of Green Structure Homes Delivered. This company announced in January 2018 that they would be opening a new manufacturing plant in the city of Cullman, Alabama. This manufacturing plant will be used to build green homes which will be used to house people in areas that have been declared as natural disasters. When it first opens it will hire 80 people who live in and around Cullman. Once this manufacturing plant is completely up to speed, which will take three years, upwards of 300 people could be working at it. Follow Barbara Stokes on

The chief executive officer Green Structures Homes Delivered, Barbara Stokes, said that she and her husband love Cullman and the work ethic that people there exhibit. While her company is headquartered in Huntsville they knew that once they were going to build a new manufacturing plant they would place it in Cullman. Barbara Stokes husband is Scott Stokes and he is the chief operating officer of Green Structures Homes Delivered. She said that the money to start this plant came from the Alabama Center for Foreign Investments. Among the investors were some from South Korea and China.


The building they chose for this plant is located in the Cullman Industrial Complex. It had been a building used by the city and county and they sold it to Stokes Development in late 2017. It has 99,000 square feet of space which will mostly be used to assemble homes.

Barbara Stokes says that they plant build somewhere between 500 to 600 homes a year in Cullman. These will be Katrina-style homes built of light-gauge steel. The homes are designed to be resistant to things such as vermin, mold, and mildew. They can resistant hurricane-force winds. Because these homes are built of steel there are also fire resistant. Each one can be built inside of two days.

As for where the materials they are using are being sourced from, Barbara Stokes said that it would all come from either local places in Cullman or the would come from Birmingham and/or Decatur. Altogether the homes will contain 60% recycled materials.

At the present time their homes are smaller cottage style homes. They are presently in the design stage for larger buildings. These will be buildings that can be as tall as four stories high. Barbara Stokes said that they could be used as either condos or hotels. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Desiree Perez; The Power Woman Behind Shawn Carter’s Business Empire

Desiree Perez is among the most influential women in the music entertainment industry. She has worked hard to reach the pinnacle of management at Roc Nation, an entertainment enterprise owned by Shawn Carter, popularly known as Jay-Z. Desiree is also a key member of Jay-Z’s other entertainment entities like Tidal. Tidal is a music streaming service with a catalog of over 48 million songs. Customers can access the music through subscribing on the company’s website. Desiree Perez work ethics, determination, and Jay-Z’s influence has enabled Tidal launch albums of various internationally recognized artists like Kanye West, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and T.I. Desiree has been a close business associate and friend of Jay-Z for over a decade and has seen him transform from been a rapper to becoming an entertainment mogul, and

Desiree achievements in the industry are attributed to her unique negotiating skills. Over the years, Desiree has been able to lead various successful negotiation meetings for Roc Nation and Jay-Z’s other franchises. She was among a team that led negotiations between Sprint and Tidal and at the end a $200 million investment contract was signed. Desiree also sealed a $25 million contract deal with Samsung to fund Rihanna’s anti-tour. This tour was instrumental in exposing Rihanna to the world and allowing her to take her place in the music scene. Mrs. Perez was actively involved in a $250 million deal between Roc Nation and Live Nation to support Jay-Z’s tour in celebrating Roc Nation’s Decade in the industry, and

Apart from being a music executive, Desiree is also a talent manager and a music producer. Her husband, Juan Perez is the president of Roc Nation Sports. A sports management firm owned By Jay-Z. Both are members of the Hova Circle of influencers, a group of decision-makers and team leaders in Jay-Z’s empire. They have overseen the rise and growth of Tidal, Roc Nation, and Roc Nation Sports among other companies under Jay-Z’s business portfolio, and more information click here.

Lime Crime, A Unique cruelty free and certified vegan makeup brand

LimeCrime is a cruelty free and certified vegan makeup brand. The creator of this brand, Doe Deere, has a love for all creatures. Her products are not tested on animals, and animal ingredients and byproducts are not used in her makeup. The mascot of this brand is a unicorn. Doe Deere chose a unicorn to represent creativity and equality for all creatures.

Doe Deere took her love for makeup and fairytales and combined them to create something magical. People almost immediately fell in love with her unique products, and Lime Crime has evolved tremendously since it first launched in 2008. Now, Limecrime is Insta famous and has millions of followers on Instagram.

Their website has a new deal in which when you refer friends to their website, they will receive $5 off of their first purchase, and if they purchase something you will receive $10, which is a great offer!

LimeCrime has several different products to choose from. All in which are unique and take you straight to your childhood when you watched movies about princesses and goblins. This makeup brand is probably one of the most unique to ever be created. You can see the creativity, and Doe’s love for fairytales as you gaze through the names of each of the products. She wanted to create makeup that would make her customers feel happy and confident. She takes her work seriously, and before she launches any of her products she tries them on first, and if she wouldn’t wear them, then she won’t launch them.

Limecrime features eye shadow pallets, loose pigments, illuminating highlighter, unicorn lipstick, metallic lipstick, matte lipstick, diamond crushers glittery lip products, plushies soft lipstick, sparkly makeup brushes, and more. Lime Crime also has a brand new XL Venus eye shadow pallet which has 18 different colors. They also now have a semi permanent unicorn hair dye line with several different fun colors to choose from.


It could have been a simple meeting to exchange work related ideas between friends, but it has lead to tremendous relief for people dealing with treatment resistant depression. When Ara Chackerian, together with his long time business partner discussed ways of helping people dealing with depressive disorder, they found the scarcity in its awareness startling. With outstanding experience in building health care companies, they met Dr. Richard Bermudas, a preeminent leader in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) who explained to them the structural impediment to provide treatment. They formed a partnership and set out to employ their experience to at least bring about change. You can visit his

Ara Chackerian employed the expertise of Josh Heitler in designing unique facilities that wouldn’t appeal to patients and even physicians as typical hospitals or rehabilitation centers. Instead, they are unique 3000 square feet facilities containing consultation rooms as well as TMS treatment rooms. In these, a patient gets the feel of serenity and relaxation as they undergo treatment, in the process ensuring positive outcomes for them and the physicians. Since the formation of this partnership, Ara Chackerian and his partners have built seven such facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento.

Entering clinical psychiatry, they first dealt with physician education under TMS Health Education concept. This was kicked off by a three day educational symposium that oversaw training of the physicians. This eventually led to the business enjoying the recruitment of the best physicians and hence the success and good reputation for the brand.

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur, a philanthropist and also regarded as an angel investor who is based in San Francisco. He is a co-founder and General partner at TMS Health Solutions, and current Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings. He serves as board member for a number of early stage healthcare companies in San Francisco, and has over two decades of experience in the building of these facilities.

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Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI Food Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Food Group. He has experience and background in the banking and finance industries. Sheldon Lavin is an intelligent and competant individual who has led OSI Food Group to earning over $6 million in revenue annually. He is a financial genius and his expertise will continue to help OSI Food Group grow.

Lavin always knew that he wanted to work in the global food industry, and after graduating with a degree in finance, he began this career as a banking investor and financial consultant. His vision was to help businesses in the global food industry secure the funds they needed to thrive. His journey with OSI began with him securing the capital needed to expand back when OSI was just a small, family business known as Otto & Sons. Because Otto & Sons became so successful from that expansion, some would say that Otto & Sons was lucky to have worked with Sheldon Lavin. Lavin sees it the opposite way. He believes that he was the lucky one, and that Otto & Sons was his big break. As the company continued to grow, Lavin became a partner in the company. When his partner retired, he took over as CEO. Lavin helped OSI become a global phenomenon in the food processing and distribution industry. In 2017, the company was ranked #58 on Forbes’ list of the Top 100 Private American companies. Lavin has won several awards for his exemplary performance. One of awards was the Global Visionary Award by India’s Vision World Academy in 2016.

Among all other things, Sheldon Lavin is a philanthropist. He supports many charitable organizations, including The Ronald McDonald House. This charity provides support to families that have children coping with mental illness. He is also President and Director of The Sheba Foundation, a family charitable foundation that supports Ethiopan Jewish communities in Israel. Lavin continues to be one of the most successful CEOs in America.

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Popular Online Bank Expands Their Services And Features

There is a great online bank that is based in Dallas, Texas and PRN News has dubbed them one of the largest financial institutions in the industry. NexBank is spearheaded by president and CEO, John Holt. He recently spoke at a financial convention and promoted the idea of hiring new leadership professionals to his team. They are backed by $40 million dollars in assets to ensure that your money is always protected. NexBank is also FDIC insured and has a strong commitment to three core banking practices. They focus on industrial, investment, and business banking for their customers.

NexBank Features


– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Mortgage accounts

– IRA account

– Free online bill pay

– Anytime access

– Transfer money between accounts

and more….

You no longer have to worry about the direction of your hard earned money. Experience the benefits of knowing that your money can earn 1.9% interests in a secure interest bearing savings account. There is a friendly 24/7 customer service professional standing by to answer your questions or concerns when and where you need it. Relax knowing that your money is in good hands and you have access to your account at any time.

NexBank offers their customers and their parents over 1,600+ college savings opportunities. They have merged with New Jersey based College Savings Bank to ensure that their customers can save on college tuition and other expenses. The rising cost of college doesn’t have to leave your in massive student loan debit. Customers can also get a lower interest rate and mortgage monthly payments with a first time homeowner program through their mortgage accounts at NexBank. They have partnered with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity to make local residents dreams of owning a home a reality.

You’re invited to become a NexBank customer today by visiting their exclusive online website.

Your Loan Needs

When you are looking for a loan, you may think you can only choose from a few banks. The truth is there are a ton of banks that are able to help you, but Nextbank may be just the one you need.

How Applying for a Loan Works

When you apply for a loan with a bank, the process will look very much the same across the board. You will need a few things in order to get approved for your loan. That is the first step, getting everything together for the bank to look at. This will include your income, credit score, debt to income ratio, and your work history. This will give them an idea of if you can pay your loan and if you are going to be trouble when it comes to your loans.

Why Nextbank?

Nextbank is a great place to look because they don’t just look at the credit factors, they look at you as a person. This can help if you don’t have the best credit, but have a good work history. They will look at each thing and decide what will suit you in the end. They may even be able to give you a loan that works with your unique needs.

What Can You Expect at Nextbank?

You can expect people who care about you and your situation. They want you to get the home of your dreams and will work hard to help you get it. They also will help you to find the right credit solution for you and not push you into something that isn’t going to work. All you need to do is work with them and be ready to give them the information they need to help you.

There are a lot of banks that offer credit for buying homes, but few of them can offer you the personal touch that Nextbank can. You should take your time and research everything you need and how you want your loan to look before choosing a bank, but Nextbank is a great option for getting that home of your dreams and helping your credit. What are you waiting for? Call Nextbank today.

A look at the pardoning of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

When United states judge Bolton found sheriff Joe Arpaio guilty of violating a court order it marked the height to which the sheriff had his pushed his defiant ways. The sheriff’s department had earlier on been found guilty by U.S. District Judge G. Murray Snow of systematic and endemic racial profiling.

The judge guided by the facts brought forward in the case had identified some measures that needed to be implemented in order to mend the gap that existed. To this end, he appointed a monitor who would be responsible for overseeing the implementation of the said changes and report back to court on the progress of the reforms.

The sheriff since his election and over the course of his six consecutive terms had turned his department into a racial profiling agency.

This would see them target the large Hispanic community that lives in Maricopa County being a border state. The sheriff ran jails that were meant to hold anyone arrested for the same and due to overcrowding problem in the county the sheriff had come up with a tented camp jail system. The system was meant to address one issue but would end up creating more problems than those that it was expected to overcome.

The tented jails were known for their brutality against inmates who were sent there as they suffered beatings for the slightest of defiances. Women who were expectant were often handcuffed to their beds as they gave birth and all this took place in a center that would get to a hundred and thirty-five degrees during summer.

The atrocities were all conducted under the watchful eyes of the sheriff as he grew his brand of America’s toughest sheriff. The sheriff engaged in the politics of race accusing the minorities or simply those that did not look like him for all the problems that faced the community. Read more: Jim Larkin | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin |

The Phoenix new times a newspaper that was previously owned by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was one of the most vocal critics of the sheriff. The paper focused a lot of effort on laying bare the antics of the sheriff and ensured that America saw the real picture of what it looked like from the eyes of those who suffered this injustice.

The sheriff would be irked by this persistent reports regardless of how accurate they were.The sheriff made the publication and all those that worked for it enemies. He would routinely threaten journalist linked to the paper before he eventually banned all its reporters from attending his press conferences. Learn more about James Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He would, later on, arrest Jim and Micheal for publication of various material related to an overreaching subpoena. This would lead to a case that saw the sheriff, and his office sued for the illegal arrest and detention of the two.

In the end, the ninth US district court of appeals found that indeed there rights were violated and this would lead to a three thousand seven hundred and fifty million dollar settlement. The money was dedicated by Larkin and lacey to the start of the Frontera fund one of the most vocal defenders of the Hispanic rights in America.

Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

On October 18th, 2007, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey were hurled into unmarked vehicles with foreign license plates and carried off to two different detention facilities. They were arrested in such an unfair, unlawful way that public outcries led to their release.

For a bunch of years, they made a court case out of what had happened to them that night. The county that had wronged them—Maricopa County, ended up having to give them millions of dollars in “I’m sorry” money in 2013.

The two men had been harassed because they were the owners of a local publication called The Phoenix New Times. This publication passionately criticized the outrageous comings and goings of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Sheriff Arpaio

While all of this drama was unfolding for Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, Sheriff Arpaio was experiencing a lot of problems. His problems were stemming from the fact that he had screwed with other people in unjust ways.

Joe Arpaio took a hardliner stance against undocumented immigration. As a result, he made it a point to spot out potential illegal aliens, catch them and deport them if they were really illegal. Since there is an inescapable racial component to the topic of undocumented immigration, he was accused of unfairly seeking out people with Hispanic appearances.

In December of 2011, a U.S. District Court Judge by the name of Judge G. Murray Snow ordered Sheriff Arpaio to stop bothering Latino drivers on the basis of being Latino. For the next eighteen months or more, Sheriff Arpaio and his officers resumed the racial profiling. Read more: Jim Larkin | and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

In May of 2013, Judge Snow took notice of this and officially ruled that the Sheriff had engaged in racial profiling. Arpaio and his officers admitted that they had gone against the judge’s orders, though they claimed that they didn’t understand the orders.

Susan Bolton, a federal district judge, convicted Arpaio of criminal contempt. She accused him of purposely not following the orders that he was given to stop racially profiling minorities.

In the summer of 2017, Sheriff Arpaio was about to hear his sentence for criminal contempt when President Donald Trump swooped in and pardoned him. Arpaio was pretty lucky to have evaded jail time because he is a very old man. At age 85, any number of years in prison is a long time

What This Means

The Sheriff Arpaio case represents a huge split in interests in American society. Each side has a pretty good argument.

For example, the people who look up to what Arpaio did believe that he was protecting the safety and integrity of the country. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

This is not an uneducated viewpoint, considering the fact that illegal immigration is tied in with a whole world of violence, drugs and human trafficking. Also, how fair is it, really, if Americans have to work hard and follow the laws while illegal immigrants are given a hand and don’t pay taxes?

On the other side of the coin, illegal immigrants are just trying to have better lives, and a lot of them are good people.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin:

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

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Todd Lubar: Solving Client Problems

While there are many important aspects of running a successful business, one of the most important is solving problems of customers and clients. No matter how big or small the problem may be, being able to satisfy customers is often the most crucial aspect of determining if a business succeeds or fails. For entrepreneurs such as Arthur Becker, this has been an important part of his businesses. Whether working with customers through his high-tech optics company, macadamia nut farm, or various real estate investments, Arthur has made it his mission to ensure all of his customers are completely satisfied. And for those who have read a recent interview, it’s clear fellow entrepreneur Todd Lubar embraces the same philosophy.

Having run a wide variety of businesses over the past two decades, Todd Lubar knows all too well the obstacles many entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. From keeping customers happy to working with vendors and others to ensure bills are paid and products are in stock, Todd realizes it takes a special type of person to succeed as a business owner. Because of this, he constantly updates himself on the latest skills and issues related to business ownership, which enables him to stay well ahead of the competition. For more details visit LinkedIn.

According to Patch, in his current role as President and CEO of TDL Ventures, Todd uses his background in real estate and finance to help clients who have dreams of owning a home or business, but have difficulty obtaining the financing needed to turn these dreams into reality. Using the experience and contacts he gained while working at Crestar Mortgage and Legacy Financial, Todd has been able to help one client after another gain the money they needed through alternative forms of financing. In doing so, he has used the experience gained from his involvement in more than 7,000 real estate transactions to work with clients from all walks of life, helping make their dreams come true.

Never a person to back down from a challenge, Todd Lubar knows that to continue staying ahead of his competitors, solving client problems must always be his top priority.

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