Jeffry Schneider, investors should look into alternative investments

With over two years of experience in the finance world, Jeffry Schneider has become an expert in real estate, alternative investments, private companies, estate planning, and debt strategies. Subsequently, Jeffry Schneider established Ascendant Capital LLC, to provide financial services and asset management to high net worth individuals and organizations all over the globe. As the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry Schneider is at the heart of the firm’s business and his exemplary leadership has enabled the asset management firm to grow in leaps and bounds, to become a premier destination for investors and managers.

Jeffry’s firm has become the go-to company for asset managers and brokers, who are looking to diversify their client’s investments by using alternative strategies. Most investors and brokers who have utilized Jeffry Schneider’s strategies have reported increased returns in their investment portfolios. According to Jeffry, most people are now moving away from traditional investments and are finding value in new ways of investing. This is a growing trend that Jeffry says he is pumped up about because they promise better and steady returns as opposed to the traditional investing strategies such as stock& bonds.

More about Jeffry Schneider

Other than his roles at Ascendant Capital LLC, Jeffry is also actively involved in philanthropic activities that aim to improve the lives of the people of Austin Community. Together with his team at the firm, Jeffry has dedicated more than 400 hours to community service every year. Their main aim is to help the economically deprived members of the Austin Community. Jeffry also donates generously to other noble foundations such as Cherokee Home for Children, Wonders and Worries, Austin Pets Alive and the Gazelle Foundation.

Before he founded Ascendant Capital, Jeffry Schneider worked for Smith Barney, Alex Brown, and Merrill Lynch. Jeffry currently lives in Austin, Texas, which is where his firm has its headquarters.

The Formation of Stansberry Research and Its Growth through the Years

Stanberry research is a renowned privately-owned publishing company based in America. Its headquarters are in Baltimore, Maryland, it also has branches in California, Oregon, and Florida. The incredible firm provides information services on investment research along with releasing bi-monthly or monthly advisory newsletters which are written by various global financial editors.

The topics of the newsletters released by the company include Power, Oil, natural resources, healthcare issues, biotechnology as well as mining ventures. Corporate bond, value, and alternative investment opportunities are as well featured in the newsletters. The company has subscribers on the newsletters from more than one hundred countries globally.

The History of Stansberry Research

Stansberry Research is a company that was established as sole owned investments Research Company in 1999. Apart from the editorial services offered by the company, Frank Porter, the company founder, also writes various opinion pieces in financial matters, along with other controversial and diverse issues such as the auto bailout and the European financial Panic.

Some of the other Stansberry research company’s public information efforts include “The End of America”, and “The Project to Restore America”. This was an endeavor that was formed in 2012 with an aim to restructure the American Governance system. The CEO, Frank Porter Stansberry, was the first ever America editor to draft the first old-English Newsletter.

The Stansberry Research Business

The firm’s business is guided by two principles which are:

• Its effort to provide the customers with the most outstanding information possible

• Publishing of analysts whose strategies and advice they would want their own families to follow or read

The company also takes pride in its ability to provide a wide range of opinions to its clients. Through the experienced analysts, who have their unique philosophies and investment strategies, the company is able to lead its franchise brands to the desired level. Therefore, Stansberry promotes a unified view of any market, but it instead publishes a mosaic of recommendations, opinions as well as strategies. The Multi-franchise approach has since given the Stansberry Research a greater breadth hence creating extra diverse opportunities for its esteemed subscribers.

Tax incentives are very beneficial for firms, says Flavio Maluf

Flavio Maluf, the President of Eucatex, advises that the Fiscal Incentive Laws are meant to promote societal and economic growth.

For quite some years, entrepreneurs in Brazil have found it challenging to keep their businesses growing due to the high tax rates. With tax incentives, Flavio Maluf asserts that firms can evade such problems. Through Fiscal Tax Incentive Laws, a company can be in a position to avoid paying the taxes directly from the government. This can be done by using the money used on taxes to carry out developments or projects aimed at uplifting societal and economic growth. Visit on his twitter for updates.

The whole idea is to use the money allocated for taxes in meaningful ways allowed by the law. However, this does not mean that the tax money that a company pays will reduce. These laws are very beneficial for the growth of firms. By conducting projects that can help people, a company will be in a position to create a good name for itself. Therefore, the whole idea is to promote corporate social responsibility by using the tax money.

Flavio Maluf also advises firms to take advantage of the regional tax incentives. These tax benefits are usually awarded to companies located in specific areas. An example is the Manaus Free Zone. In some places, tax incentives are offered by the public administration. These incentives can come in different ways such as tax exemption or compensation. They are instrumental as they enable companies to grow in various ways as well as contribute towards the economy. To align with such laws, a company must adhere to the terms such as being taxed on the real profit.

Having led Eucatex as the CEO from 1997, Flavio Maluf has a lot of information regarding entrepreneurship. He says that even though a person is the leader of the company, they must not rest. Instead, they should be fully committed to seeing it grow. He also says that dreams should be pursued regardless of whether a person has the money or not. It is the passion and dedication that drives one into becoming successful.

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Bright Future for Nick Vertucci

Entrepreneurs who are focused on finding and securing a career that provides a flexible schedule and residual income are encouraged to look into real estate. There are many different branches of expertise when it comes to real estate so it can be a challenge to know where to start for beginners. Nick Vertucci started Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is a real estate professional who inspires people to try their hand in the vast real estate industry.

Nick Vertucci wasn’t born into a luxurious life and he’s certainly experienced loss at an early age. Nick decided to start his own tech company in order to make a name for himself before reaching his twenty’s. Through trial and error, Nick realized that real estate and investing could be just what he needed to create the life that he wanted.

Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy opened its doors in 2014 and has gained much popularity ever since. Nick advises his ambitious students to create a portfolio early on in their career in order to build credibility. Nick was able to do just that by purchasing homes that have been foreclosed and then selling them. Students have the opportunity to learn information from respected professionals in the industry which is absolutely priceless. This hands on education helps students gain the tools to success.

Nick Vertucci uderstands the meaning of hard work and dedication, but he takes the time to enjoy a bit of recreation as well. Students enrolled in his academy are taken on an exciting VIP Bus Tour with other real estate professionals for many exciting events in the industry. All those who are interested in learning the ins and outs of real estate and investing are encouraged to visit the school’s website at their earliest convenience.

It is $42 Million for Marc Beer’s Renovia

When Renovia Inc. announced that they had raised $42 million to finance their upcoming projects, analysts could hardly believe it. It is because the Boston-based women startup did it in a very short duration. Just the other day, the company seemed at crossroads when it came to funding. It was almost sure that they would take longer to raise that amount. However, according to the CEO, they had followed a strategy that saw them get the money faster than expected and so; they can go ahead with the programs that will help them achieve their goals of helping women with various health problems.

The Longwood Fund investment

One of the reasons Renovia was successful in collecting these funds is because The Longwood Fund had earlier invested in their organization. This one is a healthcare-focused company that decided to be part of the new startup. It is this company that joined series B from where the chunk of the money was collected. Indeed, it has demonstrated that their decision to become part of this company was a beneficial one, and they are going to play a significant role in shaping their future based on the financial decisions that they make.

Focus on pelvic floor disorders

Renovia focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor disorders. They say that a lot of women are suffering from this problem with a majority of them unable to get help. In addition to that, their records show that those who seek help do not get comprehensive care because of a lack of enough resources. It is on this basis that the company was formed with a focus of helping hundreds of thousands of women who need to find urgent care to control the effects of the disease.

The new version of Leva

The CEOP announced that after getting enough funds, they would be focusing on developing a range of new equipment that will be used to treat various forms of pelvic floor disorders. Four main products have been identified including the development of a new version of the Leva. This is equipment that has been used for many years to treat various forms of the condition, but the company says that it can be made better by developing a new version that has better features and more efficiency.

About Marc Beer

Marc studied at the University of Miami in Florida. He has been directly involved in the development of biotechnological and pharmaceutical products aimed at solving some of the most critical problems facing human beings. At Renovia Inc., he because the CEO and chairman after he co-founded the company together with other professionals. His leadership has seen the startup hit the road running and the future looks bright or them. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital Loved by Many

The M and A has stated that a Chicago international investment bank entity, Madison Street Capital, as a winner of its thirteenth yearly Turnaround Awards award.


The Madison Street Cap. group was given the award “Distress M and A Deal of the Year” (well beyond $25MM ranging to $50MM) for their acts that served as intensive adviser to Sachs Capital Group on their take-home of RMG Networking. Virgo Capital put it all their money with Sachs Cap. Group and also Merion Inv Partners given the amount owed financed in linkage with the closings of this going. Senior Management Director, who is known as Barry Petersen, paved the way for the Madison Street Cap group.


Madison Street Cap is loving to be able to be known for their efforts on this purchase and wants to be able to give appreciation to all the group participants that were intertwined with their workings of a serious level. This was said by the Madison Street Cap creator and also the chief executive officer, Charles Botchway. This type of an award will put another light of notice on their organizations capabilities to be able to assist their investors thorough navigation and be able to seal non-simple purchases.


Madison Street Cap is a world-wide investing bank organization that is dedicated to wholeness, prestigious doings, leading, and products that deliver corporate finance adviser merchandise and services, merging and acquiring knowledge, finance opinions, and also valued servicing to public and also to private owner business entities.


These products allow them to position their peoples to be able to succeed in a world-wide place of commerce. In undergoing every new type of project and management, the customer’s objectives and goals become theirs, and range from finance advisory and completing capital gains to M and A sales and purchases to transmogrification of different owners. Madison Street Cap looks at merging marketplaces as the base segment that drives the world-wide growth of different customers and that will proceedings to be able to center their attention on certain assets of different kinds of markets.


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Herbalife Nutrition Facts

Herbalife Nutrition is a worldwide organization that is objective is to maintain good health to people by providing them with the proper nutrition.Herbalife Nutrition focuses on proper personal care products which are well balanced with nutrition and some that are backed to embrace the lifestyle.

Herbalife is focused on maintaining the health of the athletes and teams globally as it operates in more than 190 countries across the have been in the position of employing many people to encourage good health care.

Herbalife nutrition has collaborated with the American red cross to allow blood donation and has been in the run for decades of years whereby Herbalife Nutrition through its ability to produce balanced nutrition are appreciated by this organization to support more to contribute to donate blood as they are given advice and Herbalife24 sports products.

Herbalife nutrition has been in the position to produce products that are widely used by the victims that donate blood called protein Deluxe Bars that replaces the blood they have donated as it has balanced diet as they are balanced in vitamin B2 and B6 that enable the quick building of red blood cells. The program has made it possible for saving many peoples lives that are approximated to be 25000 per year.

Herbalife has made it possible to encourage blood donation even through social media sectors where it tries to capture the benefits and importance of blood sharing to others.

On becoming a member of Herbalife nutrition company you earn and invest anywhere as a distributor and offered other discounts of their products online.

American Red Cross principles have made this success of the two teams to collaborate and interact deeply as their principles are matching with those ones of Herbalife nutrition.

Herbalife nutrition has made it possible to mobilize suppling of support and personal needs to the needed victims and creating them shelters, clothing’s food, and clean water through the Herbalife family foundation.

Herbalife has been able to participate in different platforms such as the Missing Types Campaign that have made it possible to save many lives of patients who have been hospitalized are in needy that was participated on July 2018. Herbalife nutrition has made it possible by providing free training to the donors drawing attention to a large group of people globally trying to show sympathy to the affected victims as the American Red Cross says in every 2 seconds there is the need for blood donation.

Wes Edens Charitable Acts

Wes Edens has more than $920 million as his wealth; he is an American citizen who has earned all his wealth through hard work as an entrepreneur and investor. Having attained B.S in Finance from Oregon States University, Mr. Edens can manage various businesses and investment projects. He has partnered with prominent people such as Marc Lasry to help him achieve his goals. Wes Robert Edens and Marc Lasry joined resources to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks previously owned by Herb Kohl. The purchase was worth $550 million in 2014. Mallory Edens daughter became the team’s designated representative of the new company.

Wes Edens is also a co-owner of Aston Villa football club in England which has participated in many games emerging at the top. This club earns him fame and recognition across the globe. Since an early age, Robert Edens played many games at Montana. He enrolled in horse jumping, ski racing, and mountain climbing. He has climbed various mountains across the world including Mount Kilimanjaro, Grand Teton, and Matterhorn. Through these games, he can be entertained and relieve stress. More about of Wes Edens at Bloomberg.

In 1998, Robert Edens together with other potential partners founded Fortress Investment company which has helped many affiliates by managing more than $40.4 billion assets. The company has also established other projects to enhance transport, communication, entertainment, energy supply among others. Wes Edens is the principal to Fortress investment company hence he oversees the completion and success of various projects. He contributed to Fortress Investment with headquarters in New York to be an Independent business under the ownership of Soft Bank. Besides, Wes Edens established New Fortress Energy which is responsible for the supply and provision of clean and renewable energy.

Besides his career, Wes Edens has extended his charitable acts by helping various health institutions. He funds many projects that aim at establishing new treatment methods or purchasing treatment equipment hence providing conducive centers for the patients. Robert Edens also launched The Edens Family Fund to fund research for various climate changes conducted at Princeton University. Robert Edens has also supported other healthcare institutions including cancer research centers.

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Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Senior care is one of the most important fields in modern-day society. Taking good care of our seniors should always be a priority, and there are a number of senior-care organizations that specialize in this subject. Located in the United Kingdom is one of the very best senior-care organizations in the world. This particular organization hosts state-of-the-art facilities, including the senior care homes of Forrest Lodge, Upper Mead, Beechcroft Care Centre, The Laurels, Longfield Manner and Horncastle Care Centre. Of course, these are just a few of the care homes that fall under Sussex Healthcare, and there are up to 20 in total.

Sussex Healthcare is moving forward by making progress. This organization is always looking to better itself by improving on its services. This organization provides a clear channel of communication for its customers, residents and clients. This approach has led to more proficiency among the medical personnel. The upper management team does a phenomenal job of handling day-to-day operations, and the trained staff provides medical attention for 24 hours a day. “We’re proud of the progress that we’ve been making because we’ve corrected many issues,” said Steve Whittingham, chief operating officer. The staff members who work closely with the residents aren’t the only gamechangers here. The IT staff takes good care of all the electronical elements of the organization by making sure they’re up and running on all cylinders.

The IT team also looks after all of the PCs, desk phones, laptops and mobile phones. This organization has also updated its help-desk center. As of 2019, Sussex Healthcare can respond to issues in real-time, and that can truly make a world of difference. Team collaboration, knowledge sharing and company news are all being updated for future use.

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Shervin Pishevar Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished investment analyst. Although he was born in Iran, he moved to the United States at an early age with his family. His parents encouraged him to attend college. Shervin wanted to start a company, but he decided to go to college to appease his parents. After graduation, Shervin started working at an investment firm.

During his career, he helped hundreds of clients with their finances. He left the industry to pursue venture capital opportunities. He invested in Uber when the company was relatively unknown. That individual investment made Shervin Pishevar millions of dollars.


Shervin recently tweeted numerous predictions about the upcoming year. He is nervous about the future of the United States. He thinks that the economy is going to collapse. He also predicts that the stock market will crash this year.

Stock Market

The stock market is the most common ways for people to save for retirement. Since the stock market crash of 2008, the market has drastically increased in value. Anyone who invested money in stocks made a nice profit. However, Shervin is warning people to pull their money out of stocks. Instead of investing in the stock market, he recommends that people purchase gold and other safe assets.


Shervin Pishevar is also worried about debt levels in the United States. The government owes trillions of dollars, and the average person is also deeply in debt. Shervin recommends that people start saving more cash to prepare for emergencies.

Other Thoughts

Shervin Pishevar is one of the leading experts on the technology industry in the United States. Although many technology companies are earning record profits, Shervin Pishevar believes that these companies will continue struggling to hire employees. Many of the best technology employees look for overseas opportunities for work. Not only do these opportunities pay more, but overseas positions are a great experience.