George Soros is a man who is loved and hated in both quarters. However, for a man of his worth and influence, the love outweighs the hate. George has left a mark of impact in every sphere of life he has been involved in. He is one of the greatest hedge fund managers, philanthropists, and civil rights activists of our time. To understand this man better let us delve deeply into the tiny aspect of his life and learn more about George Soros.


Mr. George Soros was born and brought up in Hungary. After experiencing the Nazi war first hand, Mr. Soros fled his country for greener pastures abroad. His quest for education saw him go through Economics degree at the London School of Economics where he would single handily finance his education and stay by working a waiter and railway porter. Both Soros’ experience and dedication saw him commit to his education and excel and read full article.


After excelling in his Economics degree, Mr. Soros was employed as a merchant in a local bank. Despite this job being better than the previous one, George was still not contented and wanted to do more. His pursuit for career advancement would see him relocate to New York City where he started working on the famous Wall Street. It didn’t take Mr. Soros long to establish himself as an elite Wall Street investor a fact that saw him start his hedge fund of $12 million in 1969. The fund that was later renamed to Quantum Fund was a great success helping Soros earn the reputation he commands in the industry and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

Political involvement

George Soros is a man after civil liberation. Having lived through the Nazi era, Mr. Soros has seen the first account of how political infringement can affect the social and economic well-being of the society. It is for this reason that Mr. Soros has dedicated his time and efforts in helping champion political causes he deems fit. Up to date funds political movements that seek to give freedom to oppressed societal class. Despite some of the causes he champions being seen as controversial George Soros and forever remained sober-minded in the causes he picks and what George Soros knows.

Philanthropic works

When it comes to philanthropy, George Soros leads the pack at the front. Through his Open Society Foundation which he established in 1984 George has been giving back to the society and empowering them in the best way he knows possible. Open Society Foundation is founded on the principle of fair representation of people’s voices. Some of the most common and impactful activities the Soros organization has undertaken is giving a scholarship to South African students during the apartheid period of the 1980s. The society has also facilitated exchange programs in the Soviet society thus empowering them and more information click here.

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