Accomplishments of Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in Tulle, France in 1953. He moved to South Africa at the age of 14. In college he changed his course of study in his second year from engineering to computer science and mathematics. Then in his third year he took courses through UNISA, but never completed his degree due to not wanting to retake courses he had already passed. Serge received training in Washington DC in linear and non-linear programming to run COBRA system for the RSA military. Following this Serge was awarded analyst of the year in 1982.

Serge Belamant was head hunted to join SASWITCH and it was at this time he developed his first patent. He is a developer whose first patent dates back to October 1989. This development called NET1 was the reason for his move to the USA. His business move was mainly in part to NET1 growing mainly outside of South Africa. NET1 reached more than the 2 billion USD mark. In 1995 Serge Belamant entered into an agreement with Visa to develop the chip. Many of the patents developed by him were for betterment of financial operations. There are a total of 6 developments that mainly deals with finances. There are two patents showing NET1 as being the applicant and the inventor is Serge Belamant. Of the 6 developments 2 of them have patents.

The first patent dated May 22, 2001 was created for the memory of a smart card in order to save information for gaming operations. This patent called Method and apparatus for controlling a gaming operation. This patent is used in hotels and other locations with secure and non-secure betting and allocation of winnings. The other patent dated July 1, 2014 was created for financial facilities to verify the identity of the transactor and the account the transactor has with the financial facility. All information is operated by an independent verifier. The identity and account of the transactor are stored and held by the financial facility. In order for the information to be provided the transactor must input his/her identifier when subscribing to the service.

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The Unique Creation of Organo Gold

About the Founders

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua. Chua who is proficient in network marketing needed someone to supervise the company. Thus, he was assisted by Shane Morand who helped him co-found Organo Gold.

The chief medical consultant for Organo Gold is Dr. Irma, and there also is a Scientific Advisory Board that is assists the company’s practice. Since Oregano Gold’s open in 2008, a partner company called the Biology Research Center has opened in Fujian, China. This facility is used to certify the components of Organo Gold’s coffee and the president of the Biology Research Center is Dr. Li Xiaoyu.

As Organo Gold continues to grow in popularity, facilities in China, Canada, and the United States have opened.

The Product’s Contents

Bernardo Chua wanted to create a gourmet coffee product that would be unique in its approach of pleasing consumers. So, instead of just using gourmet coffee beans, Chua mixes ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma is a type of mushroom known as reishi, and the combination produces a unique Asian Herb.

By doing this Chua has created a product that not only has great ant-viral properties, but Organo Gold claims the ganoderma is able to assist in managing cholesterol. The one of a kind composition of this coffee makes it a product that stands far above any of its competitors seen in coffee shops, stores, and malls.

Due to the coffee success, Organo Gold has also begun to make other ganoderma products.

The New Products include:

• Ganoderma Supplements

• A Latte Blend with Ganoderma

• A Unique Hot Chocolate with Ganoderma

• A Green Tea Blended with Ganoderma

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Steve Ritchie Executes His Plan of Diversity

When Steve Ritchie became CEO of Papa John’s in January 2018, one of his top priorities was to make diversity, equity, and inclusion at Papa John’s the company’s cardinal value. Accordingly, members of Papa John’s management team recently received “unconscious bias training” and Steve Ritchie said that the training program will be implemented nationally soon. Currently, an independent audit into Papa John’s culture, diversity and inclusion practices is underway, followed by necessary actionable recommendations. Relatively recently, CEO Steve Ritchie and some of the most senior members of Papa John’s management team completed a listening tour, in which they made visits to Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Detroit for the purpose of acquiring feedback from some of their franchisees and team members on how the pizza chain can better serve its customers and improve overall as a diverse, equitable, and inclusive company.

CEO Steve Ritchie also announced that plans are underway to assemble a very special advisory group comprised of some of the country’s most respected experts on how a company can best incorporate the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into their company. In addition, Steve Ritchie said that Papa John’s will be implementing two long-term initiatives that are consistent with the company’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The company will create a franchise expansion and development program specifically for minorities and women to provide women and minorities with a greater opportunity to obtain a Papa John’s franchise. The pizza chain will also establish a new foundation to effectuate a positive impact in the communities where their employees reside and work. The new foundation will furnish support to organizations whose existential purpose is to eradicate the biases that tend to divide us and to support and celebrate those that tend to bring people together. The company also has created a new position, Chief of Diversity and Inclusion, which will be held by Victoria Russell.

Hard Work and Passion are the Combination for Clayton Hutson’s Success

Clayton Hutson is yet another example of success in the music industry that was boosted in the roots of Nashville, Tennessee. Clay’s story is just a little bit different, though. This music lover established himself in the industry through his passion of audio engineering, management, and production.

Hutson received one of his early breaks traveling with the band Garbage in a world tour in 2005 called “Bleed Like Me,” as the band’s monitor engineer. He has similarly begun his own company specifically directed to the production of concerts, where he and his staff design the overall look and feel of the concert, along with managing and producing them. Hutson explains how each of his previous jobs were stepping stones to developing the necessary skills to bring him to where he is today, the owner of his own firm.

Clayton believes in the importance of hard work. In fact, he rarely begins a day after 7 a.m. In his recent work as a stage manager for the household name Kid Rock, Hutson is most often the first one on the scene of any of the musician’s venues. A typical work day on a job such as this begins with Clay exploring the venue building before some alone time spent reviewing the schedule for the day, along with the tasks that must be completed. The next step is tackling storage issues for the many pieces of equipment needed for such a high-caliber performance.

During the concert, you won’t see Clay or his staff simply enjoying the show. The musician’s gear and the decorations for the show are set up in such a way that they can be easily packed up after the performance. While the concert is taking place, staff is already preparing for the moves they’ll be making when the show is over. Efficiency is key, as Clay directs each member of his crew to what they will be doing the second the musical performance ends.

As Clayton Hutson has stated before, genuine talent is truly developed when a person is passionate about his or her career. It’s easy to see how a diehard belief in this notion has led to great success for this individual.

Lime Crime and Poppy Angeloff: The Brainchildren of Doe Deere

Being an entrepreneur with success and noteriety comes from first having good ideas. Doe Deere is one of those entrepreneurs who is blessed with having repetitive good business ideas. Doe Deere recently sold one of her successful entrepreneur ideas to Tengram Capital. Tengram Capital happily bought her brainchild Lime Crime makeup company. They wanted to expand the brand to more store sales and to incorporate new product ideas. Doe Deere is still a consultant to the brand.

Doe Deere’s other entrepreneur brain child that has met some success already, even though it’s only in its early stages, is her jewelry line. Poppy Angeloff is the new brain child of Doe Deere. She has been trying to make headway with her new jewelry line right after she just recently went through the birth of her very first child. Her child has been both taking up a significant amount of her time and has inspired her immensely. She has been able to create and to love and nurture her new baby all at once.

Where did Doe Deere gain her entrepreneur spirit and mind from? Doe Deere originally was born in Russia. She emigrated to the United States with her family in the hopes to pursue their dreams in a country that they admired. It was difficult going, but over time and a lot of struggle the family finally achieved what they set out to do. They were able to achieve their own American dreams. They were able pursue their careers with schooling they would not have otherwise been able to have where they lived before. The entire family are examples of achieving the American dream. Doe Deere was able to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur that were created from her desire to make it in America and her own personal creative passions. Once the family got a little help from Sanctuary for Families she was able to attend school at the university of fashion in New York. Attending there also helped her develop her entrepreneur mindset.

Lime Crime makeup is sold by select beauty product sellers and online on their official web store. The company has a lot of fantastic products for the holidays and from their birthday collection. Poppy Angeloff products are currently only available on their official web store. The main products from Poppy Angeloff right now are their Pansy rings and their Soulmates rings.

Alex Pall’s Djing Passion and the Reality It Became through the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have carved out their niche in the entertainment industry. With hits that include “Closer,” “Don’t let me down” and “Roses,” it is clear that the dynamic duo is going to greater heights. Of the two friends and partners, Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, Alex Pall story talks of how passion can pay.

Alex was a DJ when growing up in Westchester. It was his hobby. He moved to New York to kick-start his career. For many, Alex included, having your hobby as a full-time job is often frowned upon. So most people will end up looking for a 9 to 5 job to convince themselves they are doing life right. This is the direction Alex took. His DJing became his part-time job as he worked in Manhattan at a gallery by day. He was good and Adam Alpert, his manager, was not about to let his talent go to waste.

Adam introduced Alex to Drew, and they started working together. Andrew Taggart, Drew, met Alex when he was in college and he too had taken an interest in DJing. Both had a passion for dance music as is evident in their tracks. The success of their partnership was pegged on their commitment to their music careers. So Alex quit his job, moved to Maine and together they worked on what is today The Chainsmokers.

9 to 5 jobs have worked for many, but for others, they have stifled their talents and passions. It is clear as with Alex’s story that passion can pay your bills. Moreover, your talent or passion can accord you the life you always dreamt of. All you need to do is take the bold step to believe in yourself, put in the work and live life.

The journey through life was not meant to be a footnote. Instead, it was meant to a book detailing your journey one chapter after the next. Such is the path taken by The Chainsmokers, and it is one you too can take. Find the right partners, dare to dream and most importantly, put in the work to make your passions a reality.

Jeunesse’s Commitment To Offering Products Based On Scientific Principals

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis launched Jeunesse in 2009 to share their youth enhancement products, which they would market via direct selling. A half a million distributors across the world enjoy the financial rewards of selling exclusive products that promote youth and vitality.

The ZEN line of weight loss products compliments the rest of the line. There is ZEN Prime for total body cleansing and ZEN Shape for jump-starting weight loss with an appetite suppressant. Staying on the plan is easier with protein-rich ZEN Fuze protein shakes and ZEN Fit fruit punch with amino acids.

Popular celebrity fitness and nutrition guru, Mark Macdonald endorses ZEN Project 8, an eight-week program divided into three phases. The first phase is a week of detox to stop bloating. The second phase is called Ignite; products encourage fat to melt away. The final phase is Thrive; participants learn about healthy meals to maintain their weight for life.

Jeunesse’s Luminesce uses stem cells, which may generate new collagen. Dr. Nathan Newman, a Beverly Hills dermatologist uses stem cells in some of his procedures and he devised an at-home topical treatment for Jeunesse that can offer the same results. The Luminesce line features cellular rejuvenation serum, daily moisturizing complex with SPF 30 and an advanced night repair cream. Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum is the line’s best seller.

Before using Jeunesse’s Luminesce products, the company suggests that you take a selfie. In two weeks, notice that your skin looks more radiant than it did before and in four weeks, your skin should appear younger-looking.

Besides Dr. Newman, Jeunesse’s Scientific Advisory Board has a board-certified plastic reconstructive surgeon, a stem cell researcher, a teacher from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing and a specialist in anti-aging medicine. There are others, however, this sample shows that Jeunesse is serious about promoting safe, effective products.

Working In Healthcare Payments With Deirdre Baggot

When going to the doctor you can be sure to expect that big bill to come shortly after. Did you know that there are people who have to draw up these bills, and work on payment options? Deirdre Baggot is one of these people. After completing years of schooling and receiving a nursing degree, Deirdre Baggot worked hard through her career to make it to where she is today. Visit to know more about Baggot

During her career, Deirdre Bhas worked many different jobs. She has tons of experience in many different roles, and was able to do this after experiencing years of college education. When she was working she always made sure to take on the most complex roles she possibly could. Shortly after getting out of college, Deirdre accepted her first job as a resource coordinator. During this job she also worked as a staff nurse. She would fully listen to any problems and concerns her patients and employees would have, and then she would address these problems with whomever she needed to make sure that they got fixed. She worked this job for a little over six years before moving on to her next job experience.

Her next job was where she jumped into the business analyst world. Not only working as a business analyst, she was also working as a administration manager during this time. Her role in this job included improving efficiency, safety, and quality control. She was not in the job long when she jumped to her next job. In this job she worked supervising over 450 employees. During this job she had a lot of tasks including overseeing payment contracting.

Deirdre Baggot soon became well known throughout the healthcare world to even the biggest of companies. So many big companies became aware of her, and soon she was offered and yet again accepted a new job. This job made her in charge of healthcare payment systems. She was in charge of making the systems easier to use and even created a new payment organization. This organization created over 7 million dollars in revenue.

Deirdre Baggot had a lot of roles during her career. She worked hard to make sure things in the healthcare payment world got easier for her companies and for patients. She wanted to make things convenient. Deirdre is a hardworking and driven individual who has excelled at her career, and will continue to build her name as the years go by.

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